Current Date:November 29, 2023

Love Your Cycle The Clean Way Period

The Woman’s Company (TWC) is an initiative started by Anika Parashar & Roopam Gupta to develop and offer safe, intimate health and hygiene solutions for today’s women, tailored to the different phases of their bodies while remaining conscious of the ecosystem’s degradation.

For TWC, it all started with a question: Do existing market solutions meet every demand of a female’s entire lifespan?

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As per their research, the answer was simply no. They discovered that every firm sold standard things to women, whether they were adolescent girls or middle-aged women. As a result, they began to wonder where to begin and finally decided to specialise in the intimate hygiene category. And it led them to the shocking finding that the majority of drugstore feminine hygiene products are filled with chemicals that cause more harm to women’s health and the environment than they do to deliver women the convenience and functionality they desire. Since most of these products are composed of synthetic, non-biodegradable materials that will be stored in landfills for generations, these one-time-use items cause significant environmental damage.


TWC recognized that dialogue regarding women’s health and wellness lacked in various aspects and that credible sources of information about feminine hygiene were hardly accessible to women of different ages. Thus, TWC has been created in a way that makes it more than a consumer goods brand; it serves as a health and wellness platform that enables women to connect and interact freely and have access to resources and data that can improve their lives. Every TWC product comes with a one-of-a-kind feature meant to make every woman’s life easier and more enjoyable.

Femica decided to associate and partner with TWC as the two brands share the same vision of empowering and enabling women, which is the need of the hour. Just like TWC, Femica ambassadors actively work towards the purpose of advocating for organic, vegan and cruelty-free products in order to preserve the environment for future generations. Femica Ambassadors leverage their entrepreneurial abilities towards building emerging brands in the country that promote a sustainable lifestyle. [wp-shopify-product id=”6603639587013″]

Femica Ambassadors play a vital role in raising awareness about the need for clean and organic female hygiene products in their hyper-local communities. Despite female hygiene being a ‘hush-hush’ conversation in most societies, Femica ambassadors function as the true ambassadors and assist TWC in establishing a much-needed presence in the community.

The movement of sustainability and conscious living is an arduous journey however, brands like TWC help in accelerating this movement in an exponential manner. Together, we aspire to create a more sustainable world for future generations by prioritising women’s health more than ever.

To explore the wide range of organic female hygiene products offered by TWC, which are available at a flat 20% discount, visit Femica.

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