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Alia Bhatt skincare routine

7 Affordable Skincare Products Alternative from Alia Bhatt’s Vanity

If there is one thing the gorgeous Alia Bhatt is renowned for (besides her playful personality and solid on-screen presence), it’s the actress’ flawless and glowing skin! She is among those rare beauties who radiate like dew on the morning grass, and her many ‘no-filter’ social media posts had fans desperate to know which skincare products she swears by.

Alia Bhatt


Thankfully, the Alia Bhatt skincare routine video was not too far-fetched. This routine holds the secret to looking radiant and flawless despite daily makeup. So, which products make for Alia Bhatt’s skincare routine, and what are their affordable alternatives? Femica India brings you the answers in this blog.

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1.   A Smart, Gentle, and Moisturising Cleanser

Face Wash

Now that is the classic Alia way to personify a facial cleanser! The actress is correct when she says that a ‘squeaky clean’ face is not a signifier of a properly cleansed one.

Among natural skincare products, it is important to choose a facial cleanser that is gentle and suitable for your skin type. It is best to opt for a cleanser that also maintains the skin’s pH balance, especially if yours is sensitive skin that needs special care.

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Besides removing impurities from the skin, Femica vouches that a good cleanser must also help retain natural moisture for supple and smooth skin.

 2. A Stubborn Toner That Scrapes off the Last Traces of Dirt

Face Toner

The second step in Alia Bhatt’s skincare routine involves a toner (a facial mist). Yes, Alia prefers to use the Byoma face mist as a toner to remove the minuscule dirt particles and impurities.

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While the mist is highly effective, acting as a natural barrier to impurities, it is not affordable for skincare. Since the product is not available in India, Femica recommends either a solid skin refiner or a deeply nourishing and hydrating toner, which work as good as Alia’s Byoma face mist. 

3. The Goodness of Peptides

Peptides in skincare

Before we elaborate on this, let’s answer the question – what are peptides in skincare? Peptides are considered to be amino acids that act as building blocks for proteins like elastin and collagen – two essential components of plump, radiant, and tight skin.

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While Alia swears by Hailey Bieber’s revolutionary Rhode peptide-enriched glazing fluid, you can always opt for affordable skincare in the form of a multi-peptide serum. The latter will equally enrich your skin with the goodness of peptides.

4. A Barrier-Building Moisturiser Ideal for Skin Slugging

alia skincare

Fourth on the list of Alia Bhatt skincare routine is an effective moisturiser that is not only lightweight but also deeply hydrating and calming on the skin. But what is slugging in skincare?

It is a renowned skin moisturising technique in which a product (preferably a moisturiser) is slathered all over the face to leave behind a sheen and glow. The aim of this technique is to create a barrier that seals moisture (most ideal for normal to dry skin).

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A suitable moisturiser is among the most essential skincare products you can take from Alia Bhatt’s beauty repertoire.

 5. A Non-Greasy Sunscreen That Also Acts as a Good Makeup Base


The sisters, Pooja Bhatt and Alia Bhatt stress the importance of a good SPF 50 sunscreen that leaves no white cast. The actress also recommends opting for a sunscreen that is non-comedogenic and won’t block the skin’s pores.

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Besides protecting the skin against sunburns and cancer, this affordable skincare product is absolutely crucial to preventing premature ageing.

 6. A Much-Needed Lip Treatment

alia Bhatt Skincare

While the above-mentioned skincare products are the go-to in Alia Bhatt’s skincare repertoire, this is an added step to enhance the beauty of the lips (an important feature in one’s overall look). The actress’ ideal lip treatment would again include peptides, moisturising the lips and making them appear softer and plumper.

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Femica suggests that an ideal lip balm would include emollient agents like seed butter and occlusives that prevent moisture loss.

7.  The Classic Quick-fix to Untimely Acne

Healthy Skin

This is more like a bonus step to ensure your skin always looks ready and on point to take the world by storm. To deal with uninvited acne spots or pimples that pop up from time to time, the actress recommends hydrocolloid patches or more commonly known as pimple patches.

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These simple natural skincare products come in extremely handy in dealing with untimely acne caused due to skin inflammation.

 Femica India Provides You with All the Alternatives You Need!

Fascinated with Alia Bhatt’s skincare routine but don’t really know where to start? Making an informed choice can seem daunting in a sea of options. But fret not since Femica India features an exclusive range of affordable skincare that will match Alia’s beauty essentials.

Choose among natural skin care products that go gentle on the skin and offer it all the nourishment it needs. Now is your time to shine like the stunning Alia Bhatt, quite literally! So, what’s the wait for?

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1.  Are peptides in skincare worth it?

This is a common question among people new to the peptide-enriched skincare trend. Peptides are generally considered to be safe for the skin, vouched for causing fewer breakouts and making the skin firmer and more youthful. However, more research is due to their efficacy. The best way to use these amino acids is in the form of a serum.

 2. Does diet play a role in skincare?

Yes! Dietary and lifestyle choices affect the skin (for better or for worse). It is essential to make exercise or meditation a part of everyday routine. Equally important is to consume skin-friendly foods like cold-pressed oils, fruits, dark chocolate, flaxseeds, pomegranates, eggs, and leafy greens, among others.

 3. Which is the correct day and night-time skincare routine order?

 The morning skincare routine involves cleansing, toning, serum, eye cream, moisturising, and sunscreen in the correct order. As for the evening, the routine should look somewhat like cleansing oil, followed by cleanser, toning, serum, eye cream, moisturising, and facial oiling. In all this, it is important to choose natural skincare products.

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