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Best Organic Shampoo

Shower Love on Your Tresses With These Natural Shampoos

Imagine you’re on a date or talking to a close friend, and they notice white dots all over your shoulders! Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, having a dry flaky scalp due to artificial dandruff shampoo is a common problem most women face. While many brands claim to be chemical and sulfate-free, it is hard to pin down the best brands these days. 

Best Shampoo

But worry no more! In this Femica blog, let’s examine which shampoo is best for hair because you deserve nothing less!

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Why Should You Go Chemical-Free With Your Shampoo Choice?

Natural Hair Care

Pollution, stress, bad diet, and wrong hair care products can cause dull, lifeless hair that removes your radiance. It is easy to choose the faulty product, especially in the regular humdrum of our routines where we don’t read the label or ingredients properly.

However, check your shampoo bottle next time to know more about what you’re using on your skin and hair! Some of the common chemicals that Femica recommends you need to look out for include:

  • Sulfates: As a common surfactant, this extremely common chemical can cause skin irritation and even affect the respiratory system.
  • Foam boosters like DEA, MEA, and TEA: When coming into contact with the eyes or skin, they can cause irritation for some people and easily get accumulated in the brain and body through skin absorption. 
  • Parabens: As an extremely common ingredient in herbal shampoo, this chemical can cause hormone imbalance. It appears in the forms of methyl, propyl, and so on. 

Say Hello to Luscious, Healthy Hair that Shines Oh-So-Well with these Sulphate-Free Shampoos!

Hair Care routine

If you want to have effortless, frizz-free hair days, this checklist of organic shampoos will give you the best, most authentic, and aromatic hair care experience. Keep reading to find out more about what to shop from our Femica hair care product list. 

Natural shampoos do not have any sulfates or artificial fragrances that can cause long-term hair damage. Moreover, natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, onions, tea tree oil and grandmother’s secret recipes for gentle cleansing and nourishing. 

1. Shop this Authentic Shampoo from Khadi Veda to Rejuvenate Your Hair

Are you afraid of running a comb through your hair because of hair fall? Everyday pollution and stress can cause rapid hair loss, and you can combat this by using the Khadi Veda Onion Hair Shampoo. This shampoo has naturally occurring ingredients like onions to give you the best antibacterial and antifungal treatment. 

This shampoo is enriched with Vitamin E to avoid dryness and flaky scalp and boost hair growth. Packed with Keratin for smoothness and shine, this Khadi Veda shampoo is definitely a Femica customer favourite.

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2. Choose Eco-friendly and Soothing Khadi Veda Amla Bhringraj Shampoo

Cleanse and massage your scalp with this authentic Khadi Veda Amla Bhrigraj Shampoo. This shampoo has Vitamin C which improves collagen and stimulates hair growth. Bhrigraj has anti-microbial properties which help you get rid of dandruff. 

It gives you clean and soft hair after every wash. Shop Khadi Veda’s entire range of Femica hair care products and shower love on your tresses.

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3. Give your Hair Gentle Love with this WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

Wow Hair Care

After the first use, this Wow shampoo will truly wow your mind! Packed with the goodness of natural ingredients selected with care, this WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo will nourish and condition your scalp.  

Apple cider vinegar is rich in acetic acid that maintains the pH level of the scalp. This keeps the scalp free of dandruff and sebum and provides hydration. It also contains argan oil and sweet almond oil to boost blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.     

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4. Love Earth, Organic Aloe Vera Hair Cleanser

Love Earth Aloe Vera Hair cleanser contains almond oil to provide nourishment to your roots. It has the benefits of moisturizing and maintaining water balance. Aloe vera is known for cooling and cleansing the hair follicles which accumulate dirt in today’s pollution. 

The natural aloe vera and almond oil extracts strengthen your hair and give s a natural shine. The paraben-free shampoo has other essential oils and vitamins to make your hair fragrant and frizz-free. 

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5. Ash: the Best Organic Shampoo for Your Natural Hair

Best Shampoo

BA-NA-NAS: We all go bananas for this fun, fruity Natural Wash Banana Shampoo that erases every girl’s dry hair concerns. Say goodbye to frizzy and unmanageable hair with this soft, nourishing shampoo. Add life to your hair and revitalise it with pizzazz!

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With the best ingredients like shea butter, banana, argan oil, and more, your hair will be thirst-quenched, moisturised, and thriving from the first use of this Femica- recommended nourishing shampoo.

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1. Why are natural shampoos better?

We all deserve loving, caring ingredients that do not cause long-term damage like cancer or infertility. Unforyuamlty, most chemical shampoos are toxic to our scalp and skin. With natural shampoos, you can confidently use them since they are free of sulfates, parabens, and other toxic ingredients.

2. Can natural shampoos cause allergic reactions?

Since most natural ingredients are non-problematic, it is better to do a patch test before use. However, natural shampoos are gentle, nourishing and usually kid-friendly, so you do not have to worry too much!  

3. How do I know which Femica hair care product is best suited for me?

Trial and error is a good method to figure out which product best works for you. However, please go through our well-curated categories for dry hair problems or frizziness or anti-dandruff section to customize your choice. You can choose the shampoo according to your hair type and concerns and even smell preferences.

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