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Men’s Fragrances That Should Top Your Valentine’s Gift Checklist

Valentine’s Day – the day when love is in the air and roses are in every couple’s gifting repertoire. But who said February 14th should only be defined by roses and lilies? 

Perhaps this is the ideal day to serve your man a helping of spices, cut grass, musk, and wood? Yes! One of the timeless Valentine’s Day gift ideas (one that you can’t go wrong with) is to gift your beloved colognes he would love to wear. 

fragrance for men

And who knows; an irresistible perfume is all your man needs for an effective self-audit for the year ahead? Keep reading to know about the top fragrances for men this season. 

For Those Having Second Thoughts 

But, is perfume really the key to his heart this Valentine’s Day? As you break yourself free from the stereotypes of men’s gift ideas, you’ll find that this present works more than awakens his olfactory senses. 

valentines day gift ideas

Whether it’s their 30th lap with their Valentine, every man wants to look, act, and smell his best. That being said, not every man is a perfumista. But if self-grooming is a priority, best believe that he will never dismiss your gift choice. 

Plus, when it’s coming from the woman he wishes to impress the most, should this even be a question? So away with those second thoughts! 

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Best Men’s Fragrances to Gift Your Valentine This Year 

Every man is unique and while some side with aqua whiffs, others lean more towards spicier notes. Only you are the best judge of which fragrance gift sets would please your man. Moreover, refrain from sticking to a humble one – win his favour by stepping up your numbers game! 

Wondering which fragrances would do the trick? Femica fragrance brings you a whole range of men-friendly colognes. This Valentine’s, we have decided to go with warm, spicy, inviting, and sensual perfumes that leave an alluring and aromatic trail. 

1. Teleport to Sultry Evenings in Oriental Tanjore 

Do you believe that flowers only belong to a woman’s Eau De Parfum collection? Then think again! The blessed union of flowers like orchid and jasmine with earthy notes like patchouli and cedarwood can drive any man crazy for more. 

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This men’s fragrance is highly concentrated for an intense experience of nature. It is also more long-lasting than other perfumes (up to 12 hours). Sophisticated and wholesome, this cologne can teleport anyone to the mystical Twilight moments in the city of silk sarees and golden paintings – Tanjore! 

2. Relish the Caramel-Infused Sweet Aroma 

Fragrance for men

Perhaps your man likes to step outside the box, preferring sweet over musky notes. Even if he doesn’t, it never hurts to step outside his comfort zone. Among other Femica fragrances for men, the Starry Blossom is the ideal balance between sweet and sour. 

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The top note of this perfume is red berry while the middle note is rose and the base notes are caramel and creme brulee. This should give a clear idea of the deliciousness that will exude from anyone who has it on!

3. Embrace the Masculine and Sensual Blend of Floral and Spices 

Fragrance gift sets

Ah! Who doesn’t like when their senses are tortured in a good way? The Veleno should be on the top of your Femica fragrance gift sets, which is a tantalizing blend of vanilla, jasmine, and cardamom. 

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This perfume is most suitable for days when your man needs that extra nudge to hustle and take on the world. Its woody notes reek of manliness and adventure. Powerful as the fragrance is, this perfume is extremely long-lasting. So bring it on! 

4. Grab a Solid Perfume That Signifies Happy Times 

fragrance for men

On a scale of ‘Very’ to ‘Not Really,’ how important is it to always choose liquid perfumes? Not really, at least with the Joie solid perfume that Femica brings you! 

This solid perfume is a complete 180 from the previous sweet and sophisticated notes discussed on this list. With hints of citrus flavours like apple and grapefruit beautifully blended with musk and amber, this perfume will bring out your man’s inner playfulness. 

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No wonder it’s a whole separate category of perfume for men

5. Dive into Oceanic Whiffs of Premium Luxury 

Valentine gift ideas

Can intense and bold go well with delicate and floral? Well, Femica brings you The Man Company’s Ocean perfume which is a beautiful paradox in itself. 

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As you relish the first whiff, get lost in a world of bergamot and jasmine supremacy. And as time passes, embrace the masculine base notes of sandal and vetiver. This is undoubtedly the most versatile men’s fragrance on this list. 

Gift Your Man Fragrances to Remember with Femica India! 

 best mens fragrances

The Femica fragrance range for men will surely tick mark every gifting need on your Valentine’s checklist. No matter your man’s preference or temperament, present him with a cologne that best represents his personality. 

You can even choose more than one to suit his changing moods. To go along with his Eau De Parfum, grab other exciting Femica beauty products for men like face wash, beard care kit, and more. Show him your love; baby light up his world this Valentine’s!

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1. How long does perfume last?

The longevity of the perfume differs among brands. While some perfumes last for only three to six hours, others stand by their claim of eight to 12 hours. As for the shelf life, most perfumes last for three to six years. 

2. What are some gifts that go well with perfume on Valentine’s?

While women thrive best on flowers, chocolates, and cakes, men don’t. They’re from Mars, remember? Other good Valentine’s Day gifts for him include beard care products, a personalised wallet, a whisky infusion kit, or training joggers (if he’s a gym junkie!). 

3. Can women use men’s perfumes?

Perfumeries design both unisex fragrances and those exclusively for each gender, but that doesn’t mean women cannot indulge in perfume for men! Go ahead and surprise him with one of his colognes and best believe it’ll come as a pleasant surprise. 

“Good manners and good cologne is what transforms a man into a gentleman!”

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