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10 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Long-Distance Lovers

Absence makes the heart grow fonder – But absence also makes you want to pull back your beloved from yonder. They say true love does not care about the scale unless its veracity is tried on the scales of time and distance (that’s the real test!).

Gift ideas for her

Whether it’s only 100 miles apart or 1000, the distance becomes even more painful during that time of the year when the world is adorned in reds, pinks, and whites. Are you spending this Valentine’s Day as a long-distance lover?

Then it can seem like all around you has gone grey when without the laugh of your other half. But fret not! Femica India has Valentine’s Day ideas that will help you stay connected on V-Day despite the physical distance.

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Keep reading to know the 10 best Valentine’s Day gifts for her that will light up your loved one’s world from afar.

1. Old is Gold, Not Cliché!

Valentine’s Day ideas

In case you felt like you can ditch the old-school flowers and chocolates, this is your cue not to! Women may not be as simple and easy to figure out as men, but they sure are predictable when it comes to these two Valentine’s Day gifts.

However, Femica suggests that you treat these goodies as the appetiser of V-Day, saving the meatier stuff for later. This means playing by the old-time rules and adding a unique twist to it (something we’ll discuss down the line).

Let your beloved’s day start with all things floral and sweet – don’t forget to pick out her favourite flowers and flavours.

2. Gift a Treat for her Best Accessory (Skin!)

Valentine’s Day gifts

While the most beautiful thing your beloved can ever wear is the smile you gave them, rest assured that they want to look her best for you. So, why not make her Valentine’s extra special with a curated skincare kit?

With all kinds of good stuff like moisturiser, cleanser, toner, face mask, and whatnot, this kit will tell your darling that you care about what matters to them. Also, spoiler alert on the shock such a gift will produce!

What’s next; you better be prepared for a major glow-up during that ritualistic FaceTime! You can even explore Femica skincare products and build a customised skincare kit just for your best beloved.

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3. Keep the Bond Going Strong with Couple Jewellery

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Timeless matching jewellery that reminds you two of your devotion to each other – that’s not cheesy at all! If it worked for the Victorians, rest assured you won’t go wrong with it. Among other Valentine’s Day gifts, this one is perhaps the most personal and close to heart.

Plus, there are several ways to go about this – you both can each wear a love locket with the vintage pendant featuring the other half’s photo. Alternatively, you can keep things simple and sweet with matching clean-cut rings.

Every time you or your loved one happens to glance at the jewellery, it will surely evoke warm fuzzy feelings of togetherness!

4. When in Doubt, Choose Makeup!

Makeup sets

Here’s another gift idea for your FaceTime routine. Makeup sets are not only among women’s favourite gifts to give and receive – they seldom expect men to get this gift right. So, you can also position yourself as a hero-of-sorts by picking out the right makeup products.

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Need help with that? Femica India has a wide range of makeup sets and products that will make it to your darling’s good books. Choose items like eye shadow palettes, foundations, blush, mascara, highlighter, and concealer, or opt for packages that come with all the essentials.

Pamper them from afar and watch them light up just for you!

5. Breathe New Life into Her Olfactory Senses

Fragrance Gift sets

Famous perfumer Jean-Paul Guerlain once said, “If love is a sin, a good perfume is what drives you to commit it.” A signature fragrance acts as a scented message to the world. So, why not make them feel extra-special with a long-lasting Eau de Parfum this Valentine’s Day?

To pick the perfect perfume, you need not know your partner’s personal favorites. Play it safe and secure with fragrances where the aroma of vanilla, jasmine, bergamot or anything sweet and floral-dominant. Another way to relax her olfactory nerves is to gift them a fragrance candle made of natural beeswax and essential oils.

You can explore a wide range of fragrance gift sets & fragrance candles in Femica India’s collection. These goodies are memorable as they make for unique aromatherapy sessions.

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6. Help Her Channelize Her Inner Feminine Diva

Valentine's Day

In the rut of her run-of-the-mill existence, women often adopt roles that require them to be tough and assertive. While the business suit may be indispensable to climb the corporate ladder, it is not a becoming sight on the Day of Love.

Even while you’re afar, help your beloved let loose by channelizing her inner femininity. How? There are many ways to go about this – pamper her with a home spa relaxation kit or better yet, let that slice of luxury come home in the form of home spa services.

You can also gift a feminine dress (perhaps one you like) and watch her twirl like the adorable princess she is!

7. Invest in Her Crown and Glory

Valentine's Day

It’s said that a woman’s glory is in her hair, and with the right hairstyle, she can conquer the world. But for that to happen, your beloved needs the right haircare kit that nourishes and strengthens her strands from the roots.

So, don’t treat shampoos and conditioners are boring hair basics and utilise this Valentine’s as a day to shower love on your woman’s hair (albeit from a distance!). A typical haircare kit from Femica India would consist of shampoo, hair oil, and conditioner.

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You can also include other essentials like hair serum, dry shampoo, hair mask, and even a few satin hair ties or scrunchies!

8. Offer a Relaxing Full-Body Cuddle

Valentine's Day

Spending V-Day apart can take a toll on your beloved’s mind and body. While you may not be physically present to offer the warmth, a cosy napper or blanket (preferably in red or pink) can meet that need on your behalf.

You do not have to play by the theme of the day when it comes to the blanket’s look. Gift one according to your beloved’s taste for colour or even fabric.

9. Be the Reason for her Sweet Dreams

Valentine's Day

Life is too short for your beloved to be resting her head on anything other than pure silk. Is it only because silk is a royal fabric? Yes and no. Meaning there are numerous benefits of sleeping on a silk pillow.

These include reduced skin inflammation, no hair fall, and greater cellular regeneration. Plus, you can even personalize the pillow with an imprinted couple photo or anything personal to add that extra-special feel.

Isn’t this a great way to stay connected despite the distance?

10. Do Something Yourself! 

Valentine's Day Ideas

Among the best Valentine’s Day ideas is to create a thoughtful gift yourself. There are a plethora of ways you can make this happen. Femica recommends keeping things simple if you’re not too good with crafting. 

For instance – you can easily create a wall string art or prepare a huge collage with your most memorable pictures. In case you’re feeling a little ambitious, build a cute mason jar string light photo gift or frame a picture with Valentine’s theme evident from its backdrop. 

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Make Valentine’s Special Despite being Miles Apart 

We understand how challenging it can be to have a beloved and not see them on that one day when love is celebrated countrywide. But with the above-mentioned ideas, you can still make her day super special. 

Explore a vast range of gifting options among Femica skincare products, haircare kits, and fragrance sets. Present a customised gift that will fill in the gaps of time and miles till you both meet again. 

Shop for Valentine’s with Femica India today! 


1. What are some rules of a long-distance relationship?

Some top rules of a long-distance relationship include – setting clear boundaries on time, relying on technology and staying in touch, focusing on quality communication, building trust, and doing stuff together even when apart (like watching movies, playing games, and making Valentine’s extra-special!). 

2. What makes long-distance relationships fail?

Some common reasons long-distance relationships fail include an unwillingness to travel, constant arguments, and a lack of trust and communication. 

3. What are some fun activities to do together despite spending Valentine’s apart?

Some fun activities you can take part in despite being apart on Valentine’s include playing an online game, planning a video cook-off, watching a romantic movie, enjoying a Zoom cocktail party, and planning a fun trip for the next rendezvous. 

“Love will travel as far as you let it. It has no limits!.”

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