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Valentine Gift

7 Days of Unrushed Gift Ideas for the One You Love

What is the best part of Valentine’s Day? It’s not so much about gift items we share or even the relationship. Yes, the beauty of Valentine’s Day is that you don’t really need a Valentine to celebrate it!

Valentine Gift

Have a spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend? That’s great news! But even if you don’t, dive deep into the festive mood of this day, knowing full well that it is all about celebrating love, not a specific relationship.

Femica believes your Valentine could be anyone you choose to have—a dear friend, a close family member, a beloved sibling? You name it. So, how can you make each day of Valentine’s Week special for them? Listed below are seven unrushed gift ideas to try this year.

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Day 1 – Let All Things Floral Express Your Love!

Love Gift

You don’t need your first day of gifting to specifically be the day of the rose, but whenever you choose to start, an apt love gift for Day 1 would be lots and lots of flowers (roses or otherwise!). After all, who doesn’t like to be gifted flowers? They are the safest and most refreshing gifts one can receive.

You can take this Valentine’s Day gift idea to the next level, especially if you’re gifting your boyfriend or girlfriend. Do you have any preserved roses or flowers you received previously (perhaps on your first date)? If yes, then take it out of your personal diary and gift the petals to your partner as a reminder of how much they mean to you.

You can even choose to curate a bouquet of scented flowers like jasmine and gardenia.

Day 2 – Choose Something Exotic and Out-of-the-Box (Plus the Flowers!)

Couple Gift Ideas

Yes, the flower saga continues because, why not? Femica believes one of the best gift hampers one can receive on the second day is something really exotic and unique. This day’s gift can be selected based on your loved one’s interests.

For instance, do they enjoy baking? You can gift them bakeware or a stand mixer. Are they into skin and beard care? Gift them a skincare or beard care kit, and so on. The same rule applies to couples’ gift ideas – you know your partner better than anybody else.

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Gift them something that already interests them. And as you do so, hand them a huge bouquet of flowers once again because one can never have too many flowers, right?

Day 3 – Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth (Preferably in a Healthy Way!)

Valentine Days

So we’re at Day 3 already? This day calls for quelling your special someone’s sweet tooth (a tooth every person has in them, albeit in varying degrees).

But you can add a twist by making this gift healthy for the body. Too much sugar is undoubtedly distasteful, so a good love gift would be ditching the traditional chocolates. Depending on your loved one’s likes and dislikes, you can gift them alternatives like chia pudding, keto ice cream, lots of fruits, or sugar-free choco-chip banana cake!

In case your idea of good Valentine’s gifts for this day does include chocolates, you can choose among the healthy kind – dark chocolates, stevia-sweetened bars, those sweetened with dates, etc.

Day 4 – ‘Tis the Day for Cutesy Toys!

Gift Items

Ah, it’s the day for cuddles, smiles, and hugs. And what better way to express that than gift items like soft, squishy toys (preferably a giant Teddy bear!)?

Well, you need not stick to a bear (you can gift a soft toy of Barney the Dinosaur!). Such cute gifts are appreciated by people of all ages and genders. However, if this is not among the appealing Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you can make this day special by offering to invite your beloved to brunch or dinner.

In case the loved one lives in another city, Femica recommends plans to pay them a surprise visit with a home-cooked meal – the joy on their face will say it all!

Day 5 – Time to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Couple Gift Ideas

Of all Valentine’s Day gift hampers, nothing beats something for which you’ve spent your toil and efforts. So make this day all about “doing it yourself.” It could be anything—from a simple, heartfelt gratitude card to an ambitious and fancy centrepiece or wall hanging.

You can also compile a list of reasons you love this special someone and want them in your life. Such couple gift ideas even work for close friendships and familial relationships. And after you’ve presented your gift, give them a tight hug and whilst in your embrace, promise to always be there for them no matter what – the cherry on the cake!

Day 6 – Get All Mushy, Saccharine, and Cheesy

Valentine Day Offers

They say true love ages like fine wine, and this holds true for all kinds of relationships. Day 6 is the day you need to make the most of your love through Valentine’s Day offers. Femica suggests investing in quirky yet fun gifts like a lip-shaped cushion or a romantic figurine if you’re gifting your spouse.

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In the case of other relationships, you can purchase a red velvet cake with candles that represent the number of years of that friendship or relationship. Other ideas include planning a fun outdoor picnic or a slow and relaxing dinner.

Day 7 – The Day to Leave No Stone Unturned!

Movie Night

Seven is indeed a special number, often signifying the number of completion and wholeness. So this also becomes the day when you should go all out with your Valentine’s gift ideas. If you wish to keep things simple, enjoy a marathon movie night and wind down with some tasty backyard grills.

In case you’re feeling more ambitious, recreate a spa-like experience at home and let your loved one enjoy a relaxed evening from their hectic routine. You can even imitate a fine-dining restaurant experience if cooking is what you enjoy.

But in any case, leave no stone unturned to make it a grand romantic finale!

Trust Femica India to Make Your Loved One Feel Special

Valentine Gifts

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You can browse through lifestyle goods like scented and beeswax candles and even body care products like those for skincare, beard care, hair care, makeup, and more. All the products are vegan and natural to ensure you make a healthy and eco-conscious gifting choice.

Give Femica a chance to light up your world this Valentine’s!

“Love begins by taking care of the ones closest to us.”

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1. What are some things to avoid doing on Valentine’s Day?

Some things you should avoid doing on Valentine’s Day include sending an anonymous Valentine’s gift, making last-minute plans, buying impersonal gifts, failing to prepare a budget, and forgetting to appreciate your loved one!

2. What are some top foods to avoid on Valentine’s Day?

Yes, there are certain foods you should especially avoid having during Valentine’s Week. These include spicy curries, onions, or garlic, too much alcohol, cheat meals like fried foods, and lots of carbonated beverages.

3. What are some good places in India to visit on Valentine’s occasion?

Some good places in India to spend quality time on Valentine’s Day include Srinagar, Jaipur, Goa, Pelling, Ziro, and Poovar. 

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