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valentine's day gift ideas

Cute Gifts that Would Make Anyone’s Heart Flutter

Valentine’s Day has finally arrived after that impatient countdown. However, it’s still not too late to start planning your gifts. We mean, between planning your glam date,  switching up your gears with that romantic dazzle, and having a cute Valentine’s Day quote queued up for your perfect one, there is a lot to prepare for.

Valentine's Day gifts

There is so much to plan that one could easily forget about those Valentine’s Day gifts. You need not worry, though—whether you are shopping for some romantic gifts for your bae, your best friend, or someone who is somewhat in the middle, Femica has got you all covered. 

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Femica brings you the top 5 affordable and cute gifts that would make anyone’s heart flutter! We bring you Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her within our Valentine’s Day offers. Browse through the lovely range of Femica’s makeup combo for all skin types. You may also want to hold on to Femica Men’s grooming products for your man. We promise to provide you with genuine, high-quality goods for both men and women at reasonable prices. Let us now dig into more such gift ideas! 

1. Customize Your Own “I Love You” Poster 

valentine's day gift ideas

What could be better than a personalized Valentine’s Day gift for your partner? If your sweetheart is a die-hard lover of posters, then this is the gift to go for. Moreover, the poster can be downloaded, and high-resolution printouts can be generated from the same. 

If you haven’t worked on a gift yet, this could be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her or him. The price is reasonable for a quality, personalized poster. 

2. Gift Them a Personalized Sweatshirt 

Valentine's Day gifts

A simple sweatshirt for your bae could do absolute wonders. If your partner is someone who loves collecting and wearing different sweatshirts, why wouldn’t they like this? We mean.. Duh (It’s your art)! Write, draw, or design something thoughtful that will stay imprinted in their mind forever. 

Also, if you are worried about drawing yourself. Leave that to the experts, as they will make sure to design it exactly as you want it. Send the seller a photo of the art, writing, or picture that you would like to have on the sweatshirt, and voila, there you have it. 

3. Scented Candles Never Get Old 

gifts for girls

Candlelight produces a romantic aura and vibe. A few conveniently placed candles will soften the room and instantly create a cosy, inviting atmosphere. Also, candles with scents can be placed everywhere and are a tremendous asset.

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A scented candle will always stay true to being a Valentine’s Day special, as they are super elegant and can be the finishing touch to any room in your home. This particular candle may look petite, but it does a fantastic job of keeping the ambience together. These are almost too lovely to burn, and they’d look stunning displayed on a shelf or arranged in a cluster on a table. You can also check out Femica’s scented candles, which are within an affordable range. 

 4. Take Up an Online Cooking Class 

Valentine's Day specials

You could be looking for a non-travel experience gift this year, and this online cooking class might be the ideal option. Classes feature a variety of techniques, foods, and flavours that you’ll love making together and start at just $29 per household.

Experience a low-key romantic evening to lighten up the mood. Moreover, cooking can be quite intimate. Also, it is not too overboard. If you and your partner are in the mood for something fun and intimate, this could be your go-to option. 

5. Shaving Essentials for Him 

valentines day ideas for him

Shaving essentials are never out of style. Your man will appreciate a quality shaving kit. Shaving cream and aftershaves are important to them as it helps them maintain their facial consistency. You would be making an awesome choice by purchasing the shaving essentials kit from Nordstrom. 

If you are feeling extra jolly today, you could head to Femica for Bombay Shaving Company’s Shaving Kit.  These products are made for all skin types and have everything that he needs, starting from shaving to keeping the skin moisturized. 

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Femica hopes that the top 5 adorable options have made your heart skip a beat. For more fluttering options, visit our curated range of Valentine’s Day offers. Moreover, if you are wanting to look at more options for Valentine’s Day gifts for girls, Femica has a lovely makeup combo to look out for. In addition, if your date is a man, he will not be let down, as we have this awesome range of Femica Men’s Grooming Products to scour through. 

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1. What other cute gift ideas will you suggest? 

You can get them as many cute gifts as you want. It depends on who the person is. You could consider a nice little pendant, various types of gift boxes, gadgets, personalized art, and beauty products. In addition, Femica has a ton of gift boxes and beauty products within the Valentine’s Day offers. 

2. What are the other Affordable E-commerce websites that I can refer to? 

 You can choose to browse through Amazon, Shopify, Flipkart, and Myntra. These websites have some of the best offers besides the ones mentioned in the blog. 

3. What unique gifts is Femica recommending for Valentine’s Week? 

Femica has curated an exquisite range of Valentine’s Day Offers just for you. You can check out some Femica Men’s Grooming Products for him. We also have skincare gift packs within an affordable range along with our very own Makeup Combo!

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