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Valentine's Day specials

Valentine’s Day Activities You Should Do With Your Family

Valentine’s Day is finally here and it’s time to celebrate love! While it’s usually centred on spending time with your significant other, why not make it enjoyable for the whole family? So, get together with them and plan out activities for the day. 

valentines day

If you’re looking for ideas, Femica is here with a list of fun activities that will entertain the entire family.  

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1. Out of the Blue Red

Valentines cookies

Everybody likes surprises! This Valentine’s Day, spoil your family with surprises. It could be Valentine’s Day cards, or Valentine’s chocolate-covered strawberries, or you could do up the whole house with banners and streamers – whatever would bring a smile to their faces. 

Pro tip – Femica has a combo pack specifically for gifting on Valentine’s Day! You can also go through the wide range of Femica skincare products to pick a gift. Bonus points if you get the kids to help you out with surprising your spouse. 

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2. Sprinkle it with a Bit of Love

Valentine Day

We all know that good food can make everything better. So, get together with your family and try out fun recipes! Make heart-shaped pizzas, cookies, waffles, and whatnot. The kids will certainly love helping out. 

You also go out on a date as a family to your favourite restaurant. Or, you can choose to have a picnic right at home. Get out your picnic blanket and spread it on the floor of the living room for a change of scenery. This is sure to make the meal more exciting. What’s more, paper plates mean easy clean-up. Additionally, you can set the mood by playing songs like ‘My Funny Valentine’ and ‘Be My Valentine’ in the background.

3. Mo V Night!

Valentine day movie

Have a night with the family watching a Valentine’s day movie like The Princess Bride, Be My Valentine, Beauty and the Beast, or A Cinderella Story. Of course, don’t forget the popcorn! You can also make sweets and snacks to share with the family. 

Go the extra mile by printing out family movie night posters, tickets, etc, just because you can! Additionally, you can let the kids pick a Valentine’s day movie

4.(Show)er your Love

Valentines day cards

Communicating love is so simple, and yet, many of us overlook it. So, this Valentine’s Day, make sure to let your family members know how much you love them. To do this, you can make each other Valentine’s day cards. You can also share your stories of meeting and falling in love with your spouse. 

You can be extra considerate and attentive throughout Valentine Week. Also, use this opportunity to express your gratitude towards your family members. Try finding three things to thank each other for.

5. Fun Time with Games

valentines day ideas

Puzzles are fun, aren’t they? And what better way to ensure a fun time than to play games? You can disconnect from technology by playing classic games like monopoly, Catan, or charades. Spice it up by having prizes like Valentine’s candy or Valentine’s chocolate-covered strawberries for the winners.

Bingo is an evergreen game, but in keeping with the spirit of Valentine’s Day, you can make it thematic. Another kid-friendly activity is a candy-themed relay race, where you get to eat the Valentine’s candy at the end.

6. Dress to the Nines for Valentine’s

valentines day

Who wouldn’t like to feel pretty once in a while? After all, even if you are not going out to a fancy dinner, nothing is stopping you from dressing like you are! So, get the fam to bring out their fanciest clothes and make the day as festive as possible. 

To look your best, do your makeup using Femica makeup products. Also, Femica haircare products will make your hair shine and bounce throughout the day. Psst! Femica has a free gift as part of its Valentine’s Day offers.

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As everybody is all dressed up, why not do a photoshoot? If you are in the mood to get crafty, you can set up a whole Valentine’s Day-themed backdrop. It will be entertaining to look back on. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you have inspiration for planning the day, go ahead and start meaningful traditions with your family. You can also choose to spread the activities over Valentine’s Week. Make the most of this opportunity to express your love for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some symbols of Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day symbols include hearts, love birds, roses, Cupid, love knots, and Valentine’s Day cards. Make sure your house is full of these!

2. What can I do on Valentine’s day for a low budget?

Besides the above ideas, you can go on road trips, hiking trips, and visit the museum with your family.

3. What are some songs to play on Valentine’s Day?

Some songs that would be perfect background music for Valentine’s Day include Thinking Out Loud, Endless Love, My Funny Valentine, and Love Story.

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