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Valentine’s Day: Celebration of a Feeling

As Valentine’s Day approaches, gift shops will have the most up-to-date and creative Valentine’s Day gifts on display. After all, this is the one time of year when gift-giving becomes trendy and Cupid takes a surge.

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You can certainly adopt a lot of V-day ideas this year to make it the most unforgettable day of your romantic love. Here, we’ll go through some of the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day suggestions that will fill your day with small beads of love. Don’t you want to find out the history behind Valentine’s day? We were intrigued, so we wrote down our excitement in this blog. We are sure you would find it interesting to know more about why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

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Femica now brings to you the history behind why Valentine’s Day is celebrated. Going by this blog, you could decide to think about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day from a different perspective as well.

1. An Ancient Valentine’s Day Tradition

why we celebrate valentine day

The custom of the celebration is supposed to have originated with the Roman festival of Lupercalia in the fifth century. An ancient Roman celebration known as Lupercalia is observed every year on February 15 and is overseen by a group of priests known as the Luperci. According to legend, the Lupercalia event commemorated the beginning of spring. This celebration also highlighted the time for a lottery that matched women and men, as well as fertility ceremonies.

However, towards the end of the fifth century, Lupercalia festivities were reportedly outlawed and replaced with St. Valentine’s Day. But there is no proof of this aspect of the story.

2. Who was Saint Valentine?

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Three Christian martyrs who all bore the name Saint Valentine are allegedly included in another account of the origins of Valentine’s Day. It is stated that Saint Valentine used the signature “From your Valentine” to address a letter to the jailer’s daughter, whom he had befriended and who he also purportedly restored from blindness.

According to a different version of the legend, Saint Valentine would defy the emperor of the time and marry couples in secret so that the spouses wouldn’t be allowed to fight. It is stated that this deed is the reason that St. Valentine’s Day is a day set aside for the romantic celebration of love.

Whatever the actual history of Valentine’s Day celebrations may be, we are enthusiastic about their existence. It is observed by some as a Christian festival. Some people observe it as a Pagan holiday. However, this feast day is a love festival that is observed globally.

3. How Love Letters Came Into Action

will you be my valentine ideas

Valentine’s Day love notes first became fashionable in the 1500s. Valentine’s Day started to become increasingly commercial by the 1700s, and printed cards started to be distributed. Notes written by hand were soon becoming obsolete.

The Roman god Cupid started his journey in this place. When promoting the yearly event in any way, hearts have become a must-have. A fascinating thing to remember is that February is also the time of year when birds mate, and as a result, birds are regarded as a highly popular emblem to honour the day.

Of course, sweets and flowers are the typical gift options in addition to exchanging passionate love letters. They are extremely well-liked expressions of love and admiration for others.

You can use this knowledge to your advantage and play it up for someone you admire! Write down some fascinating facts on the envelope that may catch their attention and have them read your wholesome love letter. 

The Beauty of Saying ‘I Love You’ In A Few Languages

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Valentine’s Day is now a widely celebrated event everywhere. And as a result, we’ll show you how to express “I love you” in some of the more widely spoken tongues. So let’s begin:

Spanish – In Spanish there are 2 possible translations for ‘I love you’, they are ‘Te quiero’ and ‘Te amo’. ‘Te quiero’ has a less passionate meaning for love than ‘Te amo’. When you say ‘Te amo’ it expresses a stronger feeling of love.

French – ‘Je t’aime’ is how to say ‘I love you’ in French. Of course, we know that they say French is the language of love. So when saying this, make sure you say it as you mean it.

Dutch –There are about 3 ways to say ‘I love you’ in Dutch. But if you want to express your romantic love for someone, then ‘Ik ben verliefd op je’ says it best.

Portuguese – ‘Eu amo você’’ or ‘Eu te amo’ are two of the more popular ways to express love in Portuguese.

If you admire someone and want to show them your gratitude through love, you could try using various languages to convey your warmth. This might make for a great “will you be my Valentine?” idea!

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1. Why do we still celebrate Valentine’s Day? 

 Valentine’s Day has historically been a celebration of romantic love, but it encourages the growth of its scope to include friendship, self-love, and bonds with pets.

2.  Do different cultures celebrate Valentine’s Day differently? 

That’s correct! Each country or culture has their unique way of celebrating Valentine’s Day. Some celebrate to celebrate love, some celebrate it purely by exchanging gifts, and others hold winery festivities and other joyful events. 

3. What gifts will you recommend for Valentine’s Week?

Femica has curated an exquisite range of Valentine’s Day Offers just for you. You can check out some Femica haircare products for all hair types. We also have skincare gift packs within an affordable range along with our very own Makeup Combo! 

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