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valentines date ideas

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That You Both Can Actually Enjoy

If you are one of those who have been struck by the cupid’s bow, you know you have heaps of planning to do for the upcoming Valentine week. We understand that love doesn’t need a special day to be celebrated, but what’s wrong with having one extra special day to celebrate your love? Some starry-eyed lovers all over the world are just waiting for an excuse to treat their beloved especially. 

 valentines day ideas

However, there are plenty of kind, kind, and all-around good individuals who just cannot come up with even the most basic romantic date ideas, much less plan the perfect Valentine’s Day date for their partner. 

As we stand right by Roy A. Ngansop’s saying  “Valentine’s Day is just another day to love like there’s no tomorrow” – we cannot let you mess up the day with sloppy date ideas. Shower some love on yourself too on the fateful day, by pampering yourself with Femica makeup products. 

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We have curated the list, especially for all kinds of lovers there are– keep reading if you want some fantastic Valentine’s Day ideas that will melt your partner’s heart.

1. The Food Lovers

If you and your partner are epic food lovers then the following ideas are especially for you.

  • Have a Cook-off

 valentines date ideas

Start looking for tasty recipes, work your way through the meal from entrée to dessert, and think about having a fun “cook-off” where you each cook and then score each other. Alternatively, you might make Masterchef come to life. Give a mystery ingredient basket to each other and see what you can create.

2. Happy Valentine’s Day to the Home Buddies

A lot of people enjoy the special day by getting lost in each other. They are suckers for the perfect date nights that begin and end within the boundaries of their home. 

  • Valentine’s Day Movies Marathon

 fun date ideas

A lot of people might reject this idea as basic, but don’t you love the comfort basic gives out? It is up to the couple how they want to execute their fun date ideas. Aint nothing wrong with cuddling in front of the TV with a chilled bottle of wine and cheese. We suggest decorating the room with flowers and candles to set the ambience. What’s more? Spend the evening in front of the TV with the perfect Valentine’s Day movies.

  • Dance Party

 valentine week

Get each other’s hearts racing by having a dance party as one of the fun date ideas. Online dancing courses currently come in several forms: Ballroom Dance Chicago’s Zoom classes will teach you how to foxtrot, tango, and two-step; Dancio will show you how to plié.

Dance is the language of love, nothing is more sensual and more perfect as a Valentine’s Day date idea. 

3. Self Pampering Lovers

  • Spend the Day at a Massage Spa

 massage spa

Plan a romantic day to unwind and concentrate on each other if you have the time. Enjoy the day in a massage spa.  A  less expensive option is to have a couples bath in your bathtub while it is lined with candles and filled with aromatic oils. You can give each other a massage and enjoy each other’s company.

4. The Drunk on Love Couple


There are quirky Valentines’s Day ideas that scream Happy Valentine’s Day for couples who can’t live without alcohol. 

  • Visit a Brewery

 fun date ideas

One of the romantic date ideas would be visiting a neighbouring brewery and tasting a variety of regional brews. You may also go wine-bar hopping to a few bars in your area. 

The Oddballs

If all these ideas seem very generic to you we have a special idea for you that will melt your partner’s heart when you say Happy Valentine’s Day.

  • Post it Note Date Idea

 valentines date ideas

You can start in the morning by putting up little post-it notes for your beloved with little clues about the extravagant dinner date that will follow. Stage it as a treasure hunt and leave little gifts with each post-it note. 

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There you have it—a tonne of practical date suggestions for all you adoring couples out there. You may select any of them, make changes, or even mix several choices. When you get dolled up for any of your plans don’t forget to use Femica Makeup Products


1. What is the most important thing to keep track of while planning a date?

The most important factor for the date is that you both enjoy the time that you spend together.

2. What makes Valentine’s Day dates interesting?

You make it interesting by asking questions and listening to them attentively to every little thing which brings them joy.

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