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The Most Romantic Outings in Delhi NCR to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Dreamy romance? The classic Indian capital with its perfect juxtaposition of old-world charm and avant-garde luxury has plenty of it to offer. And if you’re spending Valentine’s week in Delhi-NCR, you can fulfil your heart-eyed dreams with offbeat getaways and dates, of course sans the done-to-death chocolates and flowers.

 romantic getaway

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly V-date or you’re unafraid to go all extravagant and ornate, Delhi-NCR has something for every couple out there. As the full-binge wedding season gradually retires, the city prepares to meet the demands of its love birds.

Tired of running endless searches for “romantic hotels or Valentine’s events near me?” Fret not! This guide is all that you need to plan a romantic and unforgettable Valentine’s Day outing with your loved one in Delhi-NCR. Femica’s top picks will spoil you for choice!

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1. Dine at Alfresco Picturesque Al Lodhi Gardens  

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A traditional woven-wicker basket with delectable goodies, a classic checker picnic bedspread to stretch your limbs out, the sun smiling down at your love, and a breath-taking view featuring ancient tombs and lush greenery away from the city hustle—what else could one ask for on Valentine’s Day, right?

This is what your special V-date would look like if you enjoy a quiet morning at the lovely 90-acre Lodhi Gardens. It is a relaxing respite from city noise and offers you a heritage walk for plenty of heart-to-heart conversations.

While you’re at this romantic getaway, Femica suggests taking a stroll through the rose garden and the renowned Athpula Stone Bridge.

Rest assured that it will be a Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget!

2. Grab a Bite at the One-of-its-Kind Sevilla

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Craving for some Hispanic vibes and taste? Looking for “cheesy and romantic hotels near me?” Then Femica’s top pick for you is the dreamy Sevilla! This hotel ticks off all boxes in your Valentine’s Day food ideas checklist! With dim candle-lit dinner settings, private couple canopies, rose-splattered tables, excellent wine pairings, and customisable menu options, the Sevilla is undoubtedly the most romantic hotel in Delhi-NCR.

Quaint and little in name, Sevilla’s relaxed ambience, Cabana-style eating, and high-end options like the Mediterranean platter will teleport you to Spain. No wonder it is touted as the busiest restaurant, even on weekdays! So, do not forget to make your Valentine’s Day reservations in advance!

3. Explore the Authentic Street Food of Old Delhi

valentine day ideas

There’s scarcely a couple who can refute that food is an integral aspect of their relationship. And if you’re exhausted from the monotony of dining at romantic hotels with their exaggerated seven-course meals, step right into the heart of Old Delhi.

Here’s where the nation is gathering its Valentine’s Day food ideas from! The streets of Old Delhi scream for affordable, fresh, and lip-smacking food choices like stuffed kulchas, classic aloo tikki, and the crowd-favourite, butter chicken.

To end your V-Day on a sweet note, Femica recommends the popular kulfi or kheer, famous on the lanes surrounding the ancient Jama Masjid. There is no better payout than going to bed with a full heart and stomach!

4. Satisfy Your Cravings for Food and Culture at the Dharampura Haveli

Perhaps you’re all too familiar with the elite dining of romantic hotels around the capital as well as the desi food tour of the streets of Old Delhi. Then this V day, use food as a cultural meeting place as you relish the heritage-rich ambience of the Dharampura Haveli.

Femica believes this location can be the pinnacle of your Valentine’s week as you tread on the narrow alleys of Chandni Chowk leading up to this restored Mughal treasure, which dates back to 1887 AD. Your night is only set to become even more romantic as you dine amidst live jazz music, brightly-lit lanterns, and an exclusively curated platter based on the Delhi-6 theme.

5. Explore the Symbol of Romance Itself – The Taj Mahal! 

romantic getaway

Of course, this had to make the list. Cliché or not, the Taj Mahal is more than just one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is also the greatest symbol of love and romance. What better day to plan a romantic getaway to this majestic ivory mausoleum than the day dedicated to love?

Not only that, but the city of Agra also hosts events and parties for couples to celebrate love. So, you can stop searching for “Valentine’s Day events near me” and dive right in. And while you’re there, don’t forget to pay a visit to the shrine of Fatehpur Sikri and the enchanting gardens surrounding the historic monuments.

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“Love is in the air – do you feel it?”


1. What are some unique Valentine’s gift ideas for him?

Men are simple creatures. The answer to the best V-Day gift for your man lies in his interests and hobbies. Is he a coffee lover? Gift him a classic coffee maker. Is he into beard care? Gift him a beard grooming kit. Is he a wine connoisseur? Get him a wine-pairing crate—you get the drift.

2. What are some fun indoor activities to enjoy this Valentine’s?

After a fun outing, you might want to wind down with some Netflix and chill with some takeout. If not, other fun indoor Valentine’s Day activities include creating a relaxing home spa, planning a board game night, or cooking a favourite meal together.

3. What are some things to avoid doing on Valentine’s Day?

Some of the top things you should avoid doing on Valentine’s Day include buying gift vouchers or cards, recollecting memories of past relationships, overpromising to your partner, and visiting a place you’ve already been to before!

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