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valentine's day home decor ideas

V-Day Décor to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Home

“Love me tender, love me sweet, already time for you and Cupid to meet?” Yes, it’s that time of the year again when even those who aren’t the mushy type get the holy jitters of love.

 valentine's day home decor

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches (even at the doors), the canvas of this world is gradually turning from its greys to bright reds, pinks, and whites. Everywhere you turn, all that the eyes can see are roses, chocolates, and teddies.

But this special day also calls for special decorations, right? Whether you plan a decadent luncheon with delectable wine pairings or wish to relax and stretch out at home, love should be in the air. Fret not! Femica India has got you covered!

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Keep reading to discover totally adorable, a little cheesy, and a whole lot of romantic Valentine’s Day home décor ideas to let your beloved know how much they mean to you.

 1. Let it Rain Wreaths Baby!

valentine's day home decor

What’s that one Valentine’s Day statement piece with which you can never go wrong? All things hearts! So, how can this symbol of love be incorporated into a room décor?

Build a classic heart-shaped wreath! They are fun and easy to make, and there is more than one way to create one. For instance – Floral wreaths featuring (primarily) roses and other fragrant flowers like jasmine and gardenia are among the top Valentine’s Day décor ideas.

If that’s too basic for your taste, you can try out other cool wreath ideas like colourful fabric ones, those with bunting, or even a playful pom-pom wreath. The scope is endless! Have it hanged on your bedroom wall or the living room wall or door.

 2. What’s a Valentine’s Day without Some Love Balloons?

valentine day ideas

Balloon, balloon on the wall, why are you the most classic Valentine’s Day home décor of all? Yes, there’s just something about these fun rubber and latex polymers that inspire celebrations, festivity, playfulness, and (you guessed it right!) love!

They may be the most typical Valentine’s decorations but you can always play around with them. How? That depends on your décor space and theme. If you intend on decorating a small space, Femica suggests covering it with red and white heart-shaped balloons with some even floating by the walls.

In case of an intimate dinner, let a mini balloon bouquet be the centrepiece on the table. Want to go all extravagant and ornate? Build a balloon-shaped arch that leads to the bedroom or has goodies inside each balloon and ask your beloved to discover them by you know how!

 3.  Let Those Walls Declare Your Love!

 living room decorating ideas

This is among classic bedroom or living room decorating ideas for Valentine’s. While every day is a day to remind your beloved what they mean to you, more so on a day dedicated exclusively to celebrating them and your love.

So, let it loose and have the walls declare your love saga. Femica recommends building a touching wall hanging, preferably with memorable photos. You can use fairy lights as the rope. This is more than a classic room décor for Valentine’s.

It will evoke sentiments of days long gone but never to be forgotten. Alternatively, you can create a simple wall hanging with cardstock hearts that becomes the architectural focal point of the day! Femica home care products are a range of aesthetic pieces that can light up your home every day, especially on Valentine’s Day.  

4. Love is in the Air? Amen!

bedroom decor ideas

If your loved one can see your love through Valentine’s Day décor ideas, should they also not be able to feel it or better yet, whiff it? Yes, let the air that you two breathe proclaim your amour tale. You can use an aroma diffuser to relax the senses with your favourite essential oils or take the vintage route of scented candles.

With all other lights off, the candles will create the just right light-dim combo needed to inspire romanticism. Femica home care products include a range of candles made using natural beeswax and essential oils (Hint – there’s the classic rose fragrance to match the theme of the day!).

You can also opt for a floral potpourri mix if that is more to your taste.

 5. Let the Bedroom be Full of Life with a Canopy, Flowers, and All Things Nice 

 room decor - valentine day

With your loved one still at work, it is your golden hour to turn your bedroom into a personal love den. Start with the typical Valentine’s decorations of rose petals (in red and white!). You can have them scattered over the bed or better yet, create a love trail that leads up to a bed wildly decorated with heart-shaped pillows, a satin fabric, and maybe a few balloons.

Still not getting that ultimate romantic feel with these bedroom décor ideas? Why have a delicate, chiffon canopy hang over the cot! You can even line the petals to form a heart framed with tea-light candles for a dim, romantic vibe. If you want to take it up a notch still, attach some endearing photos (preferably Polaroid!) to the balloon strings and watch your bed chamber come to life!

What’s more; just play some feel-good soothing music as your beloved enters blindfolded for their surprise.

Femica India Will Help You Make This Valentine’s Super Special

 valentine's day home decor

Already experiencing the love bumps? Rightfully so! Valentine’s Day is a day when you not only want to put your best foot forward in terms of the décor but also your personal self. Femica India will help you look and feel your best on this special day.

Femica beauty products span a range of items that offer your skin, hair, and body the nourishment they need. Explore an exclusive collection of skincare and makeup products that will make every head turn in your direction, especially your beloved’s.

Also, browse through a wide variety of Femica home care products that will support your Valentine’s home décor needs. Make this day as special as it can be with Femica India!

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1. What are some go-to beauty products this Valentine’s?

Since your beauty products help you express yourself without words, choose only the best. This Valentine’s, opt for the cult-favourite classic red lipstick, a damask blush stick, a deeply nourishing mascara, and a long-lasting Eau de Parfum, and you’re good to go.

 2. What are some thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him?

Besides the heart-melting Valentine’s Day decorations, you can further brighten up your partner’s day with a custom couple portrait, a personalised docking station, a fun date night dice with fun activities to do, or cook your beloved’s favourite meals with a candle-lit dinner setting.

 3. What are some top getaway places in India to visit this Valentine’s Day?

Some top places in India you can escape with your love include Havelock Islands, Jaisalmer, Mumbai’s marine drive, South Goa, and the lush backwaters of Kerala.

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