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Gift Ideas For The Makeup Junkie In Your Life

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s the perfect time for you to plan a memorable day with your girlfriend. Also, it’s finally time to showcase your love in the best of ways and win her heart all over again. But wait, you need an ideal gift too! And like every time, it takes blood, sweat and tears to find gifts for girlfriends. Worry not, because we’ve got you covered!

valentines day gifts for her

Makeup is the first choice for Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Getting makeup for your girlfriend is a great idea but you need to choose the products wisely. Here’s a tough question. Which product to buy among so many makeup products available in the market? Here, Femica has your back with its wonderful makeup product line. 

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Here is a list of makeup essentials ideas for Valentine’s day gifts for your girlfriend. 

1. Too Late To Go For All Natural? No, Not Yet

non cheesy valentines day gifts for her

Ayurvedic and organic makeup products are a common choice among many women nowadays. People are putting more thought behind what they put on their face and body. Also, women are loving the latest all-natural makeup. Therefore, you need to choose the best!

Before searching the Femica websites, you must know how to select a makeup product suitable for your girlfriend. Here is how you can choose a good ayurvedic or all-natural makeup product. 

  • Study the ingredients well before making the final purchase. Make sure your girlfriend is not allergic to any of them. 
  • For lipstick and eyeshadow palette, observe what kind of colours your girlfriend usually uses. A wrong choice of colour can ruin her mood!
  • Reading customer feedback could be of great help. With Femica makeup products, customers can never go wrong!
  • Many of the products show ratings from EWG (Environment Working Group). It’s a sign that the product is safe to use.

Natural beauty products can be excellent gifting items. You must check out the very best Ayurvedic Liquid Lipstick Set by Femica!

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2. A Makeup Set Is What You Need

 makeup gift sets

Are you confused about whether to buy eyeliner or a blush? Or what if your girlfriend doesn’t like either of them and was secretly hoping for lipstick? Well, you need not worry because makeup gift sets are at your rescue. 

These gift sets have many selective items for gifting purposes. You can also select items by yourself and convert them into a gift set. However, with so many Femica gift sets already available, you can surely count on them. 

Makeup sets have an additional benefit too. When products are clubbed, their overall cost is reduced. Also, especially on this very occasion, you can easily find Valentine’s day sale options. 

This Femica makeup set could be a good choice for your girlfriend. Subtle hues of lipsticks and cheek tints would melt any female’s heart!

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3. Go With The Trend: Stacked Makeup Products

makeup essentials

As a boyfriend, you may or may not know this but stacked products are quite a trend nowadays. If you are looking for thoughtful and non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts for her, then this might be a great option. 

Different sub-products can be purchased individually and stacked to create one single palette. This is most common in the case of eyeshadows, blushes or lip tints. Sometimes, girls prefer to have a blend of different shades and those are mostly not available in a single palette. That’s when a stacked product comes to your rescue. 

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Femica is known to offer some of the best-stacked product options. You can select a mix of dark and nude hues to make the palette multi-purpose for different occasions. Pro-tip, observe what colours your girlfriend loves to apply on her face!

To Sum Up… 

valentines day gifts for her

With Femica skincare products, you can select one of the best gifting options for your girlfriend. Valentine’s Day is a day of love and is meant to make some amazing memories. A great gift can be her day even way better. Hence, it’s best to put some thought behind selecting the right gift. 

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1. How to select the right shade of foundation for your girlfriend? 

For some women, the shade that blends exactly with their skin tone works well. However, beauty experts believe that one shade darker than the skin tone can be a good fit. 

2. Is it necessary to have all makeup products in a gift set? 

No, it is not necessary to have all makeup products in a set. You can opt for the one that has all the necessary items. A gift set with 3 to 4 items is also a great buy. 

3. Is it better to purchase one blush or a blush palette is preferred? 

If you are purchasing a gift set then one blush can do. However, if you’re purchasing a single item then a blush palette with 4 to 6 shades is preferred. 

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