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valentine day

Reviving the Romance: Tips for Long-Term Couples on Valentine’s Day

So you’ve been with your spouse for so long that it feels like valentines day is outdated and unnecessary. Yeah, sure, we totally know what that feels like. *sighs* 

valentine day

We are absolutely jealous that you have achieved the happiness that is loving stability. However, there is no envy in the fact that you still have to be creative with a holiday dedicated to love- a trying task, indeed! We mean, how many different kinds of flowers are out there?! Lucky for you, Femica has a few valentine’s day ideas to save the day!

This valentine week, rekindle your romantic love with these fantastic ideas. Pair them up with some Valentine’s Day specials from Femica and you are good to go! Femica beauty products are cruelty-free, non-toxic and wholesome, just like your love for each other. The best part? They make some of the best valentine’s day gifts! Shop now from Femica, we are running awesome valentines day offers!

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Read on to discover the secrets of acing the valentine’s day game! 

1. Break Away From The Routine

There’s nothing more dreary than monotony.

valentine week

To spice things up this valentines day, do something different. Go on an adventure trip, get dressed for a photo shoot or even try a digital detox! The goal is to spend time together that will refresh memories and keep the romance alive.

An even better idea? Do an activity that your SO has been wanting to do for quite some time. Remember the time your partner wanted to go glamping? Or take a mixology class and you said you were “busy”? There’s no better time than valentine week to surprise them with this!

You’re welcome!

2. Knock Knock! Who’s There?


Orange who?

Orange you glad we are doing this together?

romantic love

Believe us when we say that a good sense of humour is a turn-on. Studies show that laughing together releases dopamine- the happy hormone. Greater dopamine levels have even been linked to higher testosterone, the hormone that promotes sex drive in both men and women.

So play together, watch your favourite comedy movies, or even visit a comedy club! Anything that guaranteed a laugh. This will reignite your romantic love and help you feel connected and satisfied. 

3. Psstt…Yes, You Need To Ace The Gift-Giving!

One BIG advantage long-term couples have over new ones is that they know their partner well. 

valentine day gifts

One of the best valentine’s day gifts is one that your significant other truly wants (duh!). And who better to know that than their long-term partner? It could be a portable grill, a monthly coffee subscription, or even a cocktail maker!

Sweep your partner off their feet with something they really wanted but didn’t want to splurge on. You can complement your perfect gift with Valentine’s Day specials from Femica! We are now running valentines day offers on Femica Beauty Products!

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4. A Chill Staycation is the Way to Go!

A grand suite? Check.

Bottles of wine? Check.

Much-needed rejuvenation time? Check.

romantic couple

Going on a luxurious staycation or even just a quick getaway is one of the best valentine’s day ideas. Schedule some time alone and get lost in each other! There are many unique stays available, that fit every couple’s needs. 

This is just what the doctor ordered! 

5. Step Up Your Date Night Game

We don’t want to hear about another movie and a fancy dinner date!

cute couple

We are sure that you’ve had plenty of these “normal” dates. The evening is still young, and going dancing, roller skating or a couple’s Zumba class makes for a great night out!

A Femica tip: recreate your first date! It’s important to remember how the magic started and how far you’ve come as a couple. This is sure to evoke a lot of fond memories and makes for a great valentine’s day present. 

All of these Valentine’s Day specials are good, but what makes them great is gift hampers from Femica! With our valentines day offers, you can shop for clean, paraben-free Femica beauty products and step up your gift-giving skills!

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An important thing to understand when wowing your partner for oh-so-long is to focus on things that matter to them. Tap into all the experiences you have undergone together and you are sure to come up with something incredible! 

sweet couple


1. Is it hard to keep the romance alive in a long-term relationship?

Not at all! All it takes is a little effort! Simple gifts like Valentine’s Day specials from Femica are sure to seal the deal! Now, we are also running valentines day offers on Femica Beauty Products!

2. What are some unique at-home date ideas?

Some fun things to do at home include cooking together, a movie marathon, a puzzle or a spa night!

3. Does this mean I can’t give flowers on V-Day?

Of course not. But let’s not make flowers a V-Day thing! Flowers are always appreciated. 😉

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