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DIY Haircare Tips

Haircare Tips You Cannot Miss as a Winter Bride-to-Be!

Did anybody just say that winter weddings are off-season? Definitely not in India where it is the time when mist, joy, and love linger strongly in the air. It is the season to indulge in wedding charms without the added wedding fatigue. But most importantly, it is the soon-to-be Mrs. who straps on for a rollercoaster of emotions. 

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Among all apprehensions, none rage as strongly as that of looking picture-perfect. Besides the outfit and makeup, the bride’s long, thick, luscious hair signifies her virility and strength. For most brides, their million-dollar winter wedding question revolves around hair care tipsHow to grow hair faster? How to prep the hair before the big day? Which hairstyle should I choose? and so on. 

Plus, winter brides face additional challenges due to the harsh weather sucking all moisture from the hair shaft. Fret not! This guide has all the hair care tips you need to flaunt your heavenly locks on your big day, and they’re all easy and DIY! 

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1. Take All the Protein You Can Find

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Maybe not too much of it, but you get the drift. Since your hair is composed of 80 to 85% protein, eating foods rich in this compound naturally stimulates healthy hair growth. 

Among hair beauty tips, this will take time to work its wonders, so it’s best incorporated into your hair care routine well in advance. Do you have at least three months until your big day? Then, start consuming more eggs, soybeans, tofu, chicken, and other food items known to be good protein sources. [wp-shopify-product id=”8004880236795″]

Keep in mind that a healthy daily protein intake is at least 100 grams, so make it a vital part of your hair care routine. 

2. Switch Your Synthetic-Fabric Pillowcases

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Have you watched commercials where every bride-to-be is showcased in something luxurious like satin or silk? Well, that’s not just to indicate royalty (which she certainly is on her grand day!). 

Synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester tend to harm the body. They lead to skin irritation and inflammation and stunt hair growth, causing breakage and friction. The weather of the season is harsh enough, but sleeping on synthetic pillow cases will further aggravate the frizzy hair issue. 

You can easily steer clear of that by (permanently) investing in pillowcases made of natural fibres such as silk or satin. It is true even in the case of hair ties! They prevent dry hair condition from taking place and keep your scalp healthy. 

3. Tight Hairdos are a No-No!

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The classic high ponytail look borrowed from Mattel’s Barbie is an all-time favourite among many women, even many brides-to-be. However, the winter season and your upcoming winter wedding, in particular, are not the ideal times to style your hair in such tight hairdos. 

This also includes tight, super-high buns. Such strenuous conditions threaten to cause unnecessary hair fall, especially if you already have dry hair. Instead, braid your hair loosely before bedtime to keep the strands (gently) in place. [wp-shopify-product id=”6713328926917″]

You can also choose a chic, loose hairstyle for your winter wedding day with embedded jewels that will take it up a notch. Leave out the embellishments if in case of already frizzy hair

4. The Key is Not Just Oil, But the Right Oil 

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The legacy of oiling passed down from our mothers and grandmothers is still a sure shot solution to many hair problems. Massaging oil into the scalp increases blood circulation – the perfect answer to the question, “How to grow hair faster?”

But don’t opt for just any store-bought hair oil (no matter how larger the claim be). Proper hair growth undoubtedly takes time, but the right oil will improve hair texture and shine (at the very least). 

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You can go for natural oils such as olive oil (which strengthens follicles) or castor oil (famous for turbocharging hair growth). Alternatively, herb-infused oils are also suitable for reviving lacklustre hair. To maximise the benefits, lightly heat up the oil before applying. Oil your hair twice weekly to get all set for your winter wedding

Femica India Will Help You Set the Wedding Stage! 

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Yes, that was directed at hair care! Beauty tips only work when you use quality products, skincare, makeup, or hair care. 

Whether yours is long, straight hair cascading like a waterfall or you sport luscious and curly locks that exude playfulness, Femica hair care products will help take good care of your hair. When you stand all dolled up as a bride, ready to say your wedding vows, you can rest assured that you will need no hair extensions on your big day! 

Explore a wide range of Femica hair care, skincare, and makeup products for your upcoming winter wedding. You deserve to look picture-perfect on your big day and Femica haircare and skincare products will ensure you do so! 

Give your hair and face the glow-up they deserve with Femica today!

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1. What are some trendy wedding hairstyles for winter brides?

Hairstyles for a winter wedding will largely depend on the bride-to-be’s hair texture and length. Nevertheless, some trending hairstyles for winter wedding include natural waves, the timeless twist knot, a voluminous bun, or the traditional blooming beauty with flowers embedded into the hairdo (braids or a bun). 

2. Should I use a hair pack as pre-wedding hair care prep?

Yes! For occasions like these, your hair needs deep conditioning, especially since the winter season is at its peak. Choose a hair pack from a reliable brand or make one at home – mix just one tbsp. of aloe vera gel with one tbsp. of olive oil and one ripe banana. After applying the smooth paste to your hair, leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes, and wash it off with a mild shampoo. 

3. What are the three don’ts of pre-wedding hair care?

To keep hair problems at bay, follow these three don’ts of pre- Winter wedding hair care – don’t overbrush your hair, don’t dry your hair too aggressively post-wash, and don’t use metal combs or brushes. Instead, use wide-toothed wooden combs. 

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