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Repair damaged skin barrier

Uh-oh! Bad Skincare Habits Damaged My Skin Barrier. What to Do Now?

Not playing the blame game, but let’s face it! Most people are guilty of at least one bad skincare habit that makes their skin furious. Some may forget to apply sunscreen, or worse, not wear it when basking in the sun. Others may over-scrub the life out of it with harsh exfoliants, sponges and towels. 

damaged skin barrier

Continually repeating the same habit strip off your skin barrier and cause serious damage. Rest all the struggles, day-long juggles, pollution, and pesky sun take your glow away.

With all of it, achieving glowing skin like Cleopatra’s is such a nightmare. 

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What are the Tell-a-tale Signs of a Damaged Skin Barrier?

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If you’re experiencing itchy, irritated, or burning skin, it’s a clear sign of a damaged skin barrier. 

Does that mean when you have been rubbing the apricot scrub on, it ruined your skin barrier? Not essentially. However, if you experience any of the following visible signs, you may be the culprit of overdoing your skincare routine

  • Dryness or flakiness
  • Itching
  • Discoloured and ashy spots
  • Dull appearance
  • Acne breakouts
  • Inflammation and sensitivity of the skin

Identifying such symptoms is the first step to getting healthy-looking skin. The second step is understanding why and how they occur to stop further damage. 

Demystifying the Factors Behind Skin Barrier Damage


Wondering how to protect your skin barrier? The right way is to go backwards and find the root cause. Yup, that’s right! So, it’s time to ask yourself these humble questions.

What signs does your skin exhibit? Did you start a new skincare routine? What’s your skin type? In short, you’ll need to dive deep. Understand what you’ve been doing to your skin recently and who is the culprit behind your skin issues.

Let’s refresh your memory by looking at some typical miscreants and what you can do to banish them.

1. Nasty Acne Flare-Ups

natural skin care products

If your skin barrier has cracks, acne-causing bacteria may enter easily. Well, that causes additional skin barrier damage due to drying.

But don’t panic at the sight of it, and look for instant remedies. Those never worked and never will!

Everyone knows a go-to solution for acne is benzoyl peroxide, among other ingredients. But did you know that it can dry the skin out? Instead, try pimple patches.

If your zit starts to leak or bleed, stick a pimple patch over it rather than squeeze it. It will prevent yucky bacteria from spreading. The patch from Femica will absorb all of the goo from the inside and repair the compromised skin barrier.

2. Dryness and Itchy Skin

vegan products

When trans-epidermal water loss increases, the skin becomes dull, dry, tight, itchy and scaly. Hence, you need a boost of hydration and nourishment in your skin. 

A hydrating face mask is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your skin if you have dry or damaged skin. Wait, don’t forget your lips. You want them to look pouty and hydrated for endless selfies that will go on your Instagram feed. Don’t you?

Check natural skincare products from Femica to treat your dry and irritated skin.

3. Basked in the Sun for Too Long

sunscreen spf 50

Despite knowing that sun can damage your skin barrier, many people forget or don’t (deliberately, which is a sin) to wear sunscreen before going out in the sun. Prolonged exposure to sun rays can cause redness, inflammation, cracking and excessive skin dryness. It means that when you go out in the sun without sunblock, it sizzles and not in a good way.

You can’t stop the sun from flaring up UV rays, but you can block them away! 

Hence, never ditch your sunscreen. It’s your Bae! 

Sunscreen shields your skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays that damage your skin in the long run. You can check out Femica skincare products to find the best sunscreen. Your skin will thank you for it! 

Skin Barrier Damage – Wrapping Up

sunscreen for men

A damaged skin barrier can cause frustration. But you can repair and restore it to make your skin look healthy again. While there is no fast-track way to achieve it, with simple changes to your lifestyle and skincare routine, you can beat it in no time.

A little understanding of nasty issues, a willingness to change your skincare rituals and a whole lot of moisturising sunscreens can transform your skin. Femica offers the best sunscreen with other skincare ranges of chemical-free and antioxidant-rich products. Use Femica beauty products like sunscreen SPF 50 for maximum protection from UVA and UVB rays. 

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1. Apart from sunscreen, how else to treat skin barrier damage?

The best way to treat it is to pamper it and maintain good skincare habits, such as slathering sunscreen. Other than that, there are a few steps you can take to repair the damage quickly.

  • Use natural skin care products from Femica to keep toxins away
  • Start with a mild cleanser and exfoliator
  • Apply a face mask for radiating and supple skin
  • Apply toner and slather your face with a moisturiser

2. Are there different sunscreens for men and women?

Since men and women have different skin types, sunscreen for men from Femica is a suitable choice for them. Women usually have softer and supple skin, which necessitates using gentle ones from the Femica product range.

3. When to apply sunscreen, before or after moisturiser?

Always apply a mineral sunscreen after the moisturiser, as it should sit on top to shield your skin. However, for a chemical sunscreen, apply it before the moisturiser. It takes time to absorb into the skin to work. 

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