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kiss day in feb

Create Magical Moments This V-Day – Kiss Your Partner in 7 Different Ways

If you have stumbled upon our blog after a “When is kiss day?” search, welcome! We are going to change your life! 

Kiss Day

Kiss day in Feb is celebrated on the 13th of February- a day before Valentine’s Day. You’ve built up an anticipation the whole of valentine’s week with chocolates, hugs and teddies. Wrap up this beautiful week with a celebratory kiss, one that conveys your love and affection for one another. 

Kissing is a simple and emotional act that can communicate so much without saying a word. A perfect kiss can set you up for the most-awaited question, “will you be my valentine?” 

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Read on to discover the different ways to kiss your partner. Do one or do it all!

1. Hand Kisses, Anyone?

Yes, It’s important!

Will you be my valentine

Hand kisses instantly make a woman feel like a princess! It’s the epitome of chivalry and signals the beginning of a fairy tale evening. If you are in the starting stages of a relationship and want to tell your partner that you find her special, a kiss on the hand is the way to go.

When a man kisses your hand, he is conveying an emotional attraction towards you, and that you are truly cherished and honoured by him. Where do you find men like these? Lucky you! 

2. Let’s Get Cheeky

No, it’s not just for your grandma!

Kiss Day

While most cheek kisses are platonic, they also have certain romantic connotations. A cheek kiss is a playful way of telling your partner that you like them and want to move forward in the relationship.

Love is in the air!

3. Seal Your Love With a Kiss On The Forehead

Awwww! We love it!

Valentine Day ideas

We suggest that your Valentines day ideas for gifts are better with a forehead kiss. These kisses signify sincerity, love and intimacy. A forehead kiss is all-enveloping and comforting and women generally love them.

Femica believes that every kiss day in Feb is incomplete without a forehead kiss!

4. Create Butterflies With A Butterfly Kiss

The cutest of all time!

Valentine Day

Symbolising trust, tenderness and emotional intimacy, butterfly kisses are perfect to get your partner in the mood. We suggest going in for a butterfly kiss before popping the all-important question, “will you be my valentine?”. 

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How to give a butterfly kiss you ask? Simply flutter your eyelashes against your partner’s or bring your faces and eyelashes together till they flutter. BRB, swooning!

5. Hit It Right On The Nose

This is adorable and she ‘nose’ it!

Kiss Day

Warmth, understanding and trust are conveyed aptly with a nose kiss or an Eskimo kiss. Stand close to your partner and press your nose against theirs to deliver a genuine Eskimo kiss. Stand back and watch them swoon!

6. One *French* Kiss Is All It Takes…

.. to fall in love with me!🎵

Valentine Day

When has Dua Lipa ever been wrong? A French kiss is the most passionate and romantic of all kisses and should be on your list of valentines day ideas. It’s a great way to express erotic passion and desire. 

A French kiss tells your partner,  “I love you so much I could devour you!” or “I want you so close that I need you inside of me.” Goosebumps!

7. A Neck And Neck Finish

Tempt and tantalise with a kiss on the neck!

Kiss day

It doesn’t take a genius to deduce that when a guy kisses your neck, there’s a romantic element at play. It’s erotic and screams, “I love you” at the same time. It’s time to place the DND card on the door! 

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Before you lean in for the perfect kiss, it’s important to set the mood right. This can be done through physical acts of affection or gifts, especially from Femica. Browse through the Femica makeup combo and give your partner the gift of good health and clean living! Shop now to enjoy our amazing valentines day offers!

Rose day kiss day valentine day – we’ve got you sorted all through the week!

Valentine Day ideas


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1. When is kiss day and how can we celebrate it?

Celebrated on 13th February, kiss day is when you can show your passion and love for your loved ones through kisses. But remember, consent is everything.

2. Are only kisses a good Valentine’s gift?

We see you lazy people, but no! Kisses signify attraction but physical gifts and acts of appreciation are important to make your partner feel loved. If your girl loves makeup, we suggest gifting her the Femica makeup combo. Femica is running valentines day offers as well!

3. What if I’m not a good kisser?

Relax! Nobody is born a great kisser. Communicate with your partner and let them help you become better. After all, practice makes perfect (*wink**wink*)!

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