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hug day - Valentine week

Why is Hug Day the Best Day in Valentine’s Week

Hugs are one of the finest ways to show someone you care about them and can reassure them. It conveys the message invisibly that ‘You are significant to me.’ Give your loved one a tight hug and wish them a Happy Hug Day this Valentine week.

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As you and I both know, there aren’t many months in a year that can compare to February. It’s the month that immerses you in the depths of love and talks about enveloping you in joy. Hug Day, observed on February 12, offers a cosy, lovely way to show affection, so go ahead and say Happy Hug Day, my love to your beloved.

This Valentine Week enchants your loved one with a mesmerising essence. Known for offering a wide collection of perfume scents, Femica is running great Valentine’s Day offers. While you browse the Femica Valentine’s Day offers, we are listing a few reasons why we think hug day is the finest day of Valentine’s week.

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1. Express your Love in the Pure Way

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Since we are discussing reasons why hugs are the greatest, depending on who you are embracing, hugs are also the best way to communicate closeness. Hugging someone is an act of love and affection. It effectively conveys emotion. Hugs become a feature of a healthy relationship when you’re in one. Holding your loved one close to your heart and their rhythmic heartbeats are essences of romantic hugs. 

2. Boost your Happiness Levels

The hormone oxytocin is frequently referred to as the “cuddle hormone” due to its connection to crucial relationship components, including trust, fidelity, and bonding. Hugging is one of the behaviours that cause your brain to naturally release oxytocin, which promotes bonding and improves interpersonal connections.

3. Feel the Connection 

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For all those long-distance couples who have missed their significant other for a while, run to your love; hug them to your heart’s content. Isn’t this why we love to see airport hugs? People run to each other and hold the person close to their hearts. An embrace might help fight feelings of loneliness.

3. Stress Reliever

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Although it’s said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a hug could perhaps be more effective. Psychologists were asked how many hugs we need a day, and their response was, “We need four hugs each day to survive. Eight hugs are required for upkeep each day. We require 12 hugs each day to grow.” 

4. Tight Hugs Improve Physical Performance

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It is not always that you have to hug your girlfriend or boyfriend. Try giving a hug to a friend that you haven’t connected with in a while. Athletes perform better when they are embraced as encouragement. Hugs demonstrate physical camaraderie. 

5. Hugs Cure Nervousness

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According to research in Behavioral Medicine, participants who were giving public speeches—a normally stressful task—had lower heart rates when their spouses gave them a 20-second hug as opposed to people with no physical contact. This proves how romantic hugs from loved ones provide the courage to perform tough tasks.

6. Feel Less Alone

hug day - Valentine week

This Hug Day, share a hug with someone who might need it. It might be someone you know or who looks like they need it. Social media and technology have made us more linked to one another than ever before, although virtual is one of the great ironies of modern civilization. It is feasible to go long without speaking to a live person. This kind of seclusion is unhealthy since it can cause or exacerbate depressive symptoms.


hug day - valentine week

Today’s societal norms frequently encourage people to avoid physical contact with others who are not linked to them. It appears that humans, however, may benefit by touching others more. Giving and receiving more hugs seems an excellent place to start if you want to feel better about yourself, lessen your stress, enhance communication, and be happier and healthier.

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1. When is Hug Day Celebrated?

Hug day is celebrated in Valentine’s Week on February 12. 

2. Where should I order Valentine’s Gift for my girlfriend?

If you want to surprise your lady love, the usual approach is to give her a box of fine chocolates and a bouquet. But you may also check out the excellent Femica Valentine’s Day offers and choose a lovely gift! Maybe a perfume scent? Femica has a wide range of varieties, from flowery to musk scents. 

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