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Galentine Day

10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Your BFFs This Galentine’s Day

Let’s face it – your gal pals know you in a way your partner can never! 

So, why not find another way to shower your love on your BFFs? It’s Galentine’s Day, babes!

While it’s worth celebrating mushy love on Valentine’s Day, when February 13 hits, it’s all about the girl gang. After all, it’s an ideal occasion to express affection to your best girl besties – thanks to Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) in Parks and Recs!

Galentine Day

Though a fictional holiday, don’t miss the chance to make the most of a day filled with “ladies celebrating ladies.”

Wondering what special you can do for this? Hang on! Here’s a curated list of Valentine’s Day gifts for friends for this one-of-a-kind occasion.

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1.  Gift of Glow! 

Galentine Day

Ain’t we all aware of how much women love skincare? Our ideal days have mandatory skincare routines, and we can never let go of a good product. Femica skincare products can be explored if you are planning to grab last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts. These Vitamin C face masks caught our attention!  

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2. Help Her Slay the Day!

Valentine day makeup

Makeup is a woman’s best friend. A new lipstick shade or a tinted blush can win your best friend’s heart. Hundreds of makeup products must have crossed your mind while reading this. Yes, it is the safest of options for Valentine’s Day gifts for friends. Switch to Femica and explore their gifting options today. 

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3. But First, Coffee! 

Valentine Day

If this is your girl’s fav line for anything and everything, then we may have an ideal gift for her. Instant coffee is trendy among the millennials but has earned people votes from all generations. At Femica, you can check out this Organic Turkish Hazelnut Premium Instant Coffee.  

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4. Chocolates for the Sweet Tooth!

chocolate day

Be it chocolates or cakes, you can never go wrong with Valentine’s Day desserts. Available in all shapes and sizes, chocolates and sweets can instantly bring a smile to the person’s face and make their day! No wonder these added calories are a great option to shower love on your Galentine.

5. Cool Something for Cool Moms!

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day gifts for mom? If yes, then a home decor item is a great fit. Mothers love to decorate their spaces. A thoughtful gift will remind them of the precious bond you share with them. Your cool mom deserves a special Galentine’s Day too!

6. Call it Cliche, but Matching Gifts are a Thing!

valentines day gifts for her

Don’t we like gifting each other matching jewellery and other items since high school? Well, this trend is still in fashion. You can now purchase unisex earrings, bracelets and watches. Additionally, you can have each other’s initials engraved on it. Moreover, be it skincare hampers or perfumes, you can opt for anything and everything identical.

7. Bond Over Books

Valentine Day gift for friends

Does your bestie love to read books or never leave a chase of purchasing new editions of magazines every month? It is one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for friends. 

Recall if they mentioned an author or a particular book to purchase in your conversations. Bonding over love for reading is The Best. 

8. Candles to Help Instantly Feel Right

Scented candles are yet another unique Galentine’s Day gift option. Does your girl pal prefer vanilla or rosemary? Or is she more of a lavender fan? This is a question you must ask before making a purchase. At Femica, you can explore scented candles at an affordable price. 

9. For the Fashionistas!

Galentine Day

Is your Galentine a fashion trendsetter? If yes, then there are multiple gifting options you can explore. A statement piece of jewellery or clothing would do well. In addition, you can try out cosy winter scarfs, exquisite gloves or stockings or quirky socks pairs, whatever goes well with your friend’s taste. 

10. Quirky Phone Cases to Match their Personalities

Who doesn’t like a beautiful phone case? Phone cases are a great gifting option available in pastels, neons and unique patterns. Along with a case, you can gift phone accessories like strings and designer holders. 

The Party is Not Over!

In times when the world is divided by politics, it’s refreshing to use a day to celebrate womanhood and all the sassiness together. 

Valentine Day Gifts

You must explore unique things to do for Galentine’s Day because it’s one of the many days to express your love to your pals. If you’re still overwhelmed with gifting ideas, worry not because Femica has your back. 

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Get ready to say cheers to friendship!


1. Is gifting face oils for Valentine’s Day a good option? 

Face Oils are great gifting options. You can prepare or purchase a hamper composed of different face oils. At Femica, there are multiple face oils available for Valentine’s Day. 

2. Do face masks work well with all skin types? 

If you buy face masks for gifting purposes, you must be aware of the person’s skin type and allergies, if any.  

3. Are hair product hampers suitable for gifting purposes? 

Yes. You can buy shampoo and other hair care items for Galentine’s Day. 

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