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Valentine’s Day Pick Up Lines That Will Make Her Laugh Out Loud or Say Yes To You.

Valentine’s Day is anticipated by singles as well as couples because they recognise its value. One of the best days to approach your Mr. or Miss. Right is right around the corner.

valentines day sayings

With these smooth pick-up lines, success is certain. Valentine’s Day chat-up lines let you attract the person’s attention. 

Therefore, instead of asking Cupid for a list of sweet, corny, adorable, and romantic Valentine’s Day pick-up lines. We provide the very finest, so you have a funny, happy valentine’s.

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The Best Valentines Day Pick-Up Lines

Let us learn some of the best valentines day sayings to flatter your crush.

Funny Pickup Lines to Flirt with your Crush

1. Could I Use Your Phone? I Must Call God and Inform Him That I Have Located His Lost Angel.

valentines day words

Make a strong impression on your crush right away with this flirtatious enticement. It’s lovely without being weird in a bad way, making it ideal for your special someone. This pickup line is also fun to use as it will be pretty unexpected by your crush.

2. You’re the Only Ten I See, so you Must be from Tennessee!

PIckup lines

This one is one of the timeless Valentine’s day jokes that has been used throughout time. And what’s more? It still makes people happy and still works like a charm. It can be funny, but if you use it cleverly, it can be quite amusing. 

So use this pickup line to show your witty sense of humour and start a conversation with your crush.

3. Do You Have a GPS? Because I Keep Getting Lost In Your Eyes.

romantic love

This is another one of Valentine’s sayings that are quite clever and intriguing. This will catch her interest, just as Ron Weasley is certain to be Harry Potter’s best friend. 

This is another unexpected pickup line that will flatter her and possibly make her blush. 

4. Are you Accepting Membership Applications For Your Fan Club?

valentine week

If you put this kind of valentine’s day message on social media, your partner will adore it. As the expression goes, let your girl know you’re her biggest supporter. After all, your job is to make your girl feel supported as a boyfriend.

This pickup line will surely let you have a happy valentines day, and funny as well.

Cute Pickup Lines to make your Crush Smile


1. You Have Everything I’ve Been Seeking and Let Me Tell You, I’ve Looked for a Long Time.

valentines day

There are instances when you have to take the initiative and modify your approach. Just do it with humour if you have a crush, want to impress, or desire to convey your sentiments. Impress her with this smooth pick-up phrase.

This pickup line is a cute way to confess your deep feelings to your crush without sounding lame or cliche. 

  •  You are Stunningly Beautiful, Yet I Can Tell That is The Least Intriguing Aspect About You. “I’d Like to Learn More.”

valentines date ideas

This one is unlike any other pickup line as it is cute and perfect to use if you are in the beginning stages of your relationship. With this good pickup line, you can express your interest in your crush and your desire to know them better.

Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day that your Partner will Adore

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Another great idea is to give them a customised hamper containing Femica haircare products. Add a cute note to it to make it extra special, and they will definitely love it.

The Femica website also contains a wide variety of other products like skincare. So you can definitely gift them skincare kits on valentines day.

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1. When Are Pick-Up Lines Effective?

Pick-up lines are effective when they stress what is already true and are employed at the appropriate time. A pickup line can be a great kind of amusing conversation starter if you are naturally very witty but a little shy at introductions. 

2. How Do Pick-Up Lines Work?

A pickup line is a way to start a conversation typically designed to be humorous, flattering, and flirty.  The line is intended to convey your interest in someone and create a space for conversation, getting to know one another, and developing a closeness.

3. Why Do Pick-Up Lines Usually Fail

Guys frequently use generic pickup lines and expect the line to do all of the work. They believe that any old pick-up line should be enough to make a girl swoon. That is not going to work this way.

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