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valentine party ideas

How to Plan a Heartbreakingly Flawless Valentine’s Day Party

We know that the season of love is here! All the gift shops and restaurants are getting decked up in the colours of red and everything heart-shaped. 

Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic relationships, but you don’t need a significant other to enjoy the day. If you have a group of trustworthy friends or even coworkers, throw a fantastic Valentine’s Day party that is elegant and enjoyable for everyone. Who doesn’t like a night of party with singing and dancing with a glass of liquor in hand? 

 valentine's day party

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Looking for Valentine’s party ideas? Well, look no further as we have got a few ideas for a banger  Valentine’s Day theme party. Read along to find out the perfect Valentine’s Day party ideas to celebrate the day. 

1. Valentine’s Day Bake-off

Gather your friends or just your beloved and start on a baking spree. You can decorate the sweet treats with Valentine’s Day baking party supplies. You can even have everyone create the same dish so they can compare their masterpieces, or ask your guests to put their unique touch on a traditional dessert like brownies.

 house party

2. Fun with Party Games

Nothing gets a party going in full swing other than party games. And you need something off the book for the Valentine’s Day house party. For new acquaintances, introduce them to games which will help to break the ice. Their popularity will increase if you give them a Valentine’s Day twist.

valentine day games

3. Celebrate with your Girl Gang

If it is just a girl’s night in you can plan for a little DIY crafting party supplies and make little goodies for each other. And if you are going out for a party with your girl gang get ready with Femica beauty products and have fabulous hairstyles using Femica hair care products.

 house party valentine day

4. There’s Nothing like too much Chocolate

 party supplies

You can get assorted boxes of chocolate with fillings. Create a game where everyone has to guess the filling. Write down everyone’s predictions, then exchange papers to discover who was correct. 

5. Make a Charcuterie Board

A charcuterie board officially only refers to a variety of cooked cold meats, but in practice also includes a wide range of cheeses, spreads, crackers, nuts, and fruit. It acts as a foolproof appetizer for your Valentine’s Day Party idea.

Party Night Plan

6. Candy Covered Popcorn Assortment

A delicious spread of different candy-flavoured popcorn assortment is going to be the life of the party. Create a popcorn bar in one area of the space and fill each of the bowls with candies. A variety of tastes, including strawberry champagne and cookies and cream, are offered for everyone to sample.

 valentine party ideas

7. Spa Party

When was the last time your group had a relaxing day together? You can have a spa day as an after-party to Valentine’s Day. In addition to offering love to others on Valentine’s Day, it’s important to love yourself.

 valentine day after party

8. Have a Valentine’s Day costume party

Invite visitors to your party in red, pink, and white clothes as a simple way to liven things up. Consider huge heart costumes, Cupid outfits, or anything else that symbolises love. Glam up with Femica beauty products and Femica hair care products

 valentines day costume party

9. Memory Wall

Tell your friends to bring any little memento it might be a picture or a simple post-it note and collect all those little mementoes of your guests to create a memoir wall. It is a great idea for a Valentine’s day party as the wall will remind the couples how cherished and loved they are.

valentine day Party Plan

10. Valentine’s Day Cocktails

 life of the party

Pink or red cocktails depicting Valentine’s Day might liven up your menu. A collection of quick and enchanting drinks that are ideal for Valentine’s Day will inspire you. 


Femica hope these interesting ideas will be helpful while you plan your party. Be the star of your party using Femica beauty products and Femica hair care products.

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1. What is the purpose of Valentine’s day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day of love and is eagerly anticipated by all couples. It’s a day when lovers show their affection for one another, exchange presents, and spend quality time together.

2. Is Valentine’s Day only for couples?

Not at all, if you feel like gathering your girl gang and having a blast doing the things you enjoy, go ahead.

3. Do Valentine’s Day gifts need to be expensive?

All gifts just need to be thoughtful and given with love. This valentine’s day surprise your loved one with a gift related to a cherished memory that you both have. 

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