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Tips To Take Care of Your Baby’s Skin & Hair | Products To Use and More

Don’t we all love to play with babies especially make them giggle by tickling them? But, playing with their skin is a big no-no. Expecting parents or those with toddlers often go through many resources on the internet to keep their babies safe. But did you know that taking care of their skin and hair is as important as their health?

There is nothing soft like a baby’s delicate skin and hair. This explains why they are more prone to diaper rashes, and their skin cannot stand the sun for long.

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Let us walk you through an easy baby skincare routine so you can keep your baby’s skin soft and safe.

1. Keep them clean with vegan face and body wash

Baby skin care begins at home. Your baby’s skin is so delicate that vegan products will cause no harm. It is essential to clean the sweat and dirt that usually get stuck in the crevices of your baby’s skin.

You can easily find the vegan Curious Peach Herbal Face & Body Wash. This clinically tested product with aloe vera, orange and vitamin E extracts will result in soft and healthier skin.[wp-shopify-product id=”7610843169019″]

2. Your baby’s hair needs a mild kids’ shampoo

One of the vital baby care tips includes an investment in a paraben and chemical-free shampoo. It will ensure to keep the scalp is clean and moisturised.

You can easily find the vegan Waasana Kids shampoo under the Baby care products Femica section. It has aloe vera juice to maintain the pH of the scalp. It also consists of hydrolysed oast protein that protects the baby’s hair from forming a coat that leads to damage.[wp-shopify-product id=”7695611920635″]

3. Moisturise that little human’s body

Your list of baby skin care products must include a moisturising lotion. Lotions will help keep the moisture intact and heal the skin through hydration. It is essential to look out for paraben and sulphate-free lotions to ensure nothing terrible touches your baby’s skin.

One such product is Kiddums Oatmeal Body Lotion For Kids – 300ml, rich with flaxseeds to provide antioxidant and healing properties. This vegan and cruelty-free kid’s lotion will keep your baby soft and smooth.[wp-shopify-product id=”7818338271483″]

4. Get extra soft baby skin with a face cream

Are you worried about your baby’s dry skin? Your baby’s skin needs a face cream that will absorb quickly into the skin.

Femcare’s Riyo Baby Face Cream is mild for sensitive skin types. With the goodness of aloe vera and turmeric (a herb everyone swears by), your baby will be as happy as ever![wp-shopify-product id=”7822486864123″]

5. Keep sweat and dirt at bay with baby powder

If your baby sweats profusely, baby powder is your catch. A good baby powder will absorb all the moisture and keep the skin soft, dry and supple for a long time. This will reduce diaper rashes and pimples on the face and butt.

The TNW Baby Powder comprises aloe vera powder, B oat corn and vitamin E acetate. These work together to protect the baby’s body from inflammation and infections.[wp-shopify-product id=”7732143718651″]

6. Oil massages will keep the babies healthy

Oil massages are beneficial for babies for bone growth and blood circulation. One of the vital baby care tips includes an investment in baby oil for the skin. Ayurveda states that massaging a baby’s body and then covering them in warm clothing will promote wellness and development.

Baby Care Massage Oil has all the properties of Olive oil, Triphala and Kesar that boost immunity and improve temperature control, and gives a healthy glow.[wp-shopify-product id=”7766263496955″]

7. Hydrate your baby’s lips with the perfect balm

Organic lip balms will moisturise the baby’s lips, which often go unnoticed. Protecting the skin and lips is necessary to form a harsh environment that can leave them chapped and dry. The Aegte Baby Tinted Lip Balm is an organic natural lip balm with beetroot extract and tomato pulp to nourish their soft and tiny lips.[wp-shopify-product id=”7678492672251″]

8. Say bye-bye to rashes

Your baby’s skin rash can become a pressing problem. They will be irritated and in pain because of the diaper or exposure to any harsh environment. Rashes are preventable with the right rash cream that is allergy and irritant-free.

The Riyo Diaper rash cream has proven effective in healing rashes, redness and irritation due to diapers. You can put on the diaper after a few minutes of applying this cream.[wp-shopify-product id=”7822486962427″]

Wrapping Up

Your baby has the most sensitive skin and hair. It is, therefore, imperative to have a proper routine. We understand that it is difficult to trust anyone in times when adulterated products are sold right, left and centre. Femica makes sure you have access to the best baby and skin care products.

Our customers are very important to us. You can visit Femica, go through our ingredients, and make the right choice for your baby.


1. What are the essential products for baby skincare?

The essential products to keep your baby free of rashes and pimples include a face and body wash, baby powder, face cream and moisturiser.

2. What is the best lip care for a baby?

Babies have very soft and sensitive lips. Always go for organic and 100% vegan lip balms for soft and nourished lips.

3. How to pick the right moisturiser for my baby?

Go for moisturisers that are irritant and allergy-free moisturisers. Make sure to check whether it is baby-sensitive.

Explore Femica India to find clean & organic products that suit your needs.

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