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Shaving – Myth Busters

Hair removal is very subjective – some women believe that they should learn to love every aspect of their bodies including their body hair while others like to be well groomed for their own satisfaction. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to hair removal – at the end of the day, all that matters is your happiness!

Hair removal can be an extremely painful, expensive and time-consuming process for many women. There are so many options available out there –

  • Waxing (the most common technique in India; a layer of wax is applied on the surface and then a strip is used to pull the hair out – straight from the root. Yes, cringe-worthy)
  • Laser (a laser beam zaps the hair follicles to prevent growth)
  • Electrolysis (which involves the insertion of a needle into the hair follicle and destroying regenerative cells through mild electrical currents – sounds creepy and painful)
  • Hair-removal creams (which are chemical compounds that help dissolve the hair popping out of the follicle – imagine how harsh that would be on the skin!)
  • Epilators (a device that has rotating disks that pull the hair out from the root- almost if not as painful as waxing)

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However, there is one more option available that is definitely cheap, painless and extremely convenient at the same time! Yes, we’re talking about the good old Razor.

However, this lifesaver does not get the credit that it deserves because of the various myths that surround it. We’re here to kill those myths and introduce you to a world of convenience! 

hair removal

Myth: Shaving makes your skin dry and flaky.

Reality: Shaving strips the top layer of your skin off – removing with it all that dead skin. This new layer of exposed skin is much softer and smoother and tender as compared to the top layer – it requires moisturisation. The reason for dry and flaky skin is the lack of moisturisation, not shaving. You can easily avoid this problem by making sure that you use shaving cream (or conditioner, as a quick fix) while shaving and never forget to moisturize after shaving!

Myth: The hair grows back thicker and faster after shaving and is more visible.

Reality: We’ve all heard this one at least once in our lives. Shaving does not hasten hair regrowth – your hair has its own natural pace of growth and this pace is determined by your genes and hormones. The reason why people may think the hair is growing back thicker and is more visible is that when you shave, the hair grows back slightly blunt from the end and this may make it seem thicker. However, only your genes and hormones decide the colour, thickness and pace of your hair growth.

Myth: Men’s razors are more effective than women’s razors

Reality: Many people think that men’s razors do a better job at removing hair than women’s razors – however, this is not true at all. All blades from Femica are made to do the same job i.e. to remove hair.

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Myth: A sharp, new blade can cause cuts and nicks

Reality: Many women are scared of using new blades as they think the blade might be too sharp and they might cut themselves. However, this is absolutely misunderstood. In fact, the older the blade, the more vulnerable you are to getting cut. This is so because, over time, a blade tends to become blunt and dull. This bluntness can be very deceptive with regard to the amount of pressure that needs to be applied while shaving and can eventually cause more damage.

Don’t let myths stop you from living an easier life! Just keep the following pointers in mind while shaving:

  • always use a sharp blade, ditch the old, blunt one
  • don’t use too much force (just a light touch should be sufficient)
  • never shave without applying Femica shaving cream or conditioner (in order to help the blade glide smoothly)
  • always exfoliate between shaves to ensure that you avoid in-grown hair

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