Current Date:November 29, 2023

Say Goodbye to Bad Restroom Experiences!

Tired of holding on to your pee till you find a decent restroom? Not Anymore

Intimate Hygiene

As Emma Watson once said,

“Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive and Both men and women should feel free to be strong”, we believe that both men and women should also feel free to pee whenever they want!

Women are probably the only people who get highly disappointed if they have to go to pee in a public place!

Its not because it hinders their ongoing shenanigans, but the cleaning ritual they need to perform to make sure the restroom they are using is safe and clean.

And before you go to the biological impossibility of the above quote, we would like to present to you the remarkable invention made for women to finally pay last respects to their cleaning rituals and start having normal restroom experiences.

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Say hello to Pee Funnels!

Pee Funnel is about the time women started saying “ We could’ve never imagined the day when we could pee like men!”

We know, the anatomy is not correct…but it is the feelings which count right?

What actually is a Pee Funnel?

“Finding a washroom is easy but finding a clean one is a herculean task!”

These are easy-to-use devices, which are shaped like a funnel or a cup without a base and well…they enable women to stand and pee. Do you know what this means? No more adjustments or special positions just to be able to pee without the fear of catching any infections!

These are small, easy-to-carry devices, which means you can carry them in your purse where ever you go and quickly zip them out when needed. This must be done for maintaining intimate hygiene. [wp-shopify-product id=”6600682242245″]

Wait What? Do these really work!?

Apparently, they do! These cups are not only useful for unclean bathroom situations but also helpful in regular use by pregnant or elderly women who find it difficult to sit and stand repeatedly for the duration of the day.

So…no more bacteria and no longer the fear of catching UTIs!


Ironically, the Freedom to vote was not the only struggle women had to face.

A very common and normal task as being able to pee in public restrooms has also been an area of struggle for them! But now, this freedom is also achievable for them which not gonna lie, sounds liberating!

Intimate Hygiene is something to be very serious about. To know in detail about what key steps should be taken care of, read- Say Yes To Maintaining Intimate Hygiene.

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