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Best Skin- Care Routine For Acne-Prone Skin

Do you find it difficult to keep your painful pimples under control? Are you tired of going to the salon and exploring home cures that just don’t work to prevent breakouts? If you’re a regular customer of the above problems, then you might need potential guidance to keep your skincare healthy and let your confidence shine.

Before you read and scroll further, you first need to have light on- what is actually acne? When your skin’s pores become clogged with germs, dead skin, debris, and muck then little inflammatory zits appear and We call them acne. To your knowledge, acne-prone skin requires more care than non-acne-prone skin.

But wondering, what can be an ideal acne-prone skincare routine!!

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Here’s a brief tour, we have brought for you.

1. Cleanser

Clean the face deeply and do not let dirt particles do a tug of war within the pores.

Cleansing the skin thoroughly is the first step in any healthy natural skincare routine. Choose a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type and treats your specific concerns, such as acne and scars. To get deep into your pores, you may also use a light face brush – just be sure to employ smooth, circular motions that aren’t too abrasive. Examine the product’s components to verify it’s devoid of mineral oils which might worsen your acne. To not cause you great hustle to you, we are suggesting Earth Rhythm Energising Water Gel Face Cleanser.

  • Earth’s Marine Water minimizes skin oxidation and protects it from the detrimental impacts of the environment. As an outcome, your skin will be cleansed, brightened, and toned evenly. Fresh, energized, plumped, and stunningly revitalized skin is the result.
  • Sea salt helps to clear your pores while also controlling oil production and keeping moisture. Its antibacterial capabilities inhibit the growth of microorganisms that cause acne outbreaks.
  • The minerals in sea salt nourish the skin while exfoliating it naturally. Involving this cleanser in natural skincare products can be extremely fruitful for your oily or acne-prone skin.
  • Aloe vera juice aids in the reduction of acne frequency and appearance. Aloe vera is high in vitamins and antioxidants, which can help your skin stay healthy.

Try using Femica skincare products for your skincare steps to achieve tight and youthful skin.

2. Let’s have the lustre on your face back


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It helps to diminish spots, marks, and discolouration by keeping excess melanin in check and thus, promotes even skin tone. Kaolin Clay aids in the removal of dead skin cells and the removal of deep-seated pollutants.This face care product even improves skin firmness while also assisting in structure and stimulating collagen formation. UV light damage is also get repaired and results in every demanding even tone.

3. Tonic Mist

Toner is as essential as an umbrella in raining season. A toner is a fluid liquid that effectively cleanses your skin by removing any leftover particulates. To keep your face clean and bright, try an alcohol-free toner with chemicals like AHA and niacinamide if you have acne-prone skin. As a result, your skin’s texture will improve while breakouts are reduced. A great toner additionally helps to maintain the pH balance of your skin. Mint Cucumber Face Tonic Mist is the best toner for oily skin and you might not want to miss a chance on it.

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Femica India have made sure you get access to the clean products with ease.

4. Have you yet tried Mamaearth products for face?

Treat yourself Better with Mamaearth skin illuminate face serum for Radiant Skin With High Potency Vitamin C & Turmeric.

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Vitamin C is the most well-known skincare compound and has long been a go-to remedy for a variety of skin issues. With the power of Vitamin C and Turmeric, Mamaearth vitamin C illuminates Serum helps you attain a natural shine, minimises discolouration, and reduces wrinkles from your premature wrinkle-prone regions including crow’s feet, laugh lines, and more. For perfectly radiant skin, this serum is ought to in any and every skincare programme. Parabens, Silicones, Mineral Oil and other dangerous chemicals are not found in Mamaearth vitamin C Serum. This product is probably the best among all Mamaearth products for the face.

5. Moisturiser

Have a strong coat against your skin just like a turtle shell. If you have oily skin, don’t find an excuse to deal without using a moisturizer! Your best companion now should be a water-based moisturizer! In a market full of face care products, you can still find your best moisturizer for acne-prone skin in Phyto-Ceramide Deep Moisturiser. It is important to keep your skin protected and moisturized. That way, it can produce more skin cells because it isn’t struggling with the war for water.

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Phyto Ceramides are a lipid mixture obtained from plants that contain phospholipids and a minimum of 10% sphingolipids and can easily reach the skin. This prevents dryness and irritation by locking moisture into your skin.It also protects your skin from the outdoors and retains moisture. Hyaluronic Acid plumps the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, the skin cells become plumper and smoother. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that may help to protect the skin from UV damage. Indeed, this moisturizer is the best option available for acne-prone skincare. Glow and grow with “Femica”. As Skincare isn’t an option, it should be the only choice.

So, to explore the wide range of clean & organic products, visit Femica India.

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