Current Date:September 25, 2023
Hair Care routine

The Most Popular Haircare Trends to Fire Up in 2023

What hairstyles will be popular in 2023 if 2022 was all about cutting hair short and experimenting with looks we’d never thought of before?

hair care routine

In December, Pinterest published its “Pinterest Predicts” study for 2023. It examined the beauty search phrases that have continued to expand this year to identify those that have the potential to do so in 2023. Instagram, on the other hand, collaborated with WGSN to poll Gen-Z users on their anticipated interests for the following year.

This article by Femica will discuss those top haircare trends that will blow up in 2023. 

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1. Scalp Care Above All!

scalp scrub

According to Pinterest data, 2023 will continue to be a significant year for scalp care and the ‘skinification’ of hair care. In 2022, searches for ‘clean scalp’ increased by 55% while those for ‘scalp massage techniques’ increased by 55%. Additionally, searches for ‘natural hair mask for growth’ increased by 80%, indicating interest in hair growth.

Other scalp issues included dry scalp, which saw a 70% increase in treatment searches, and build-up, which saw a 45% increase in searches. By 2023, we can anticipate a significant increase in the number of repair-focused treatment-based goods. The use of scalp scrub and chemical exfoliation is becoming more popular.

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You can use a scalp scrub from Femica haircare products. It will not only help in making your scalp clean but also aid in hair growth. Scalp care will ultimately solve your problem of ‘how to take care of hair’.

2. Let’s Introduce the Tools!

hair scalp massager

We already know that for a healthy hair care routine, you must put in the extra effort than just using shampoo and conditioner.

Many tools, including face tools like Derma Rollers and Gua Sha, will shift to the head in 2023. The use of a hair scalp massager is anticipated to increase in popularity. This year, there will be a greater focus on scalp care because it will result in healthier, stronger strands and, eventually, more hair growth.

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A haircare routine including a hair scalp massager and Femica hair care products will stimulate hair growth by promoting blood circulation.

3. Shifting Focus Toward the Ingredients

rosemerry essential oils

Consumers today keep ahead of the curve by learning about their skin and hair care routines and looking for ingredients that precisely address their concerns. Many experts concur that some components, like rosemary essential oils, might help with particular hair issues, but since not everyone is the same, this may seem different for each individual.

Whereas brands may have previously been able to concentrate more on building strong brand awareness and marketing, the focus will move in 2023 to product efficacy, outcomes, and performance.

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People are now more knowledgeable about and talking about paraben and sulfate-free haircare solutions. They now place a greater emphasis on natural ingredients, therefore 2023 will see continued growth in the market for ingredient-specific hair care.

Femica beauty products focus especially on the ingredients list. Because we know what damage chemicals and harmful ingredients can do to your hair and skin.

4. Healthy Hair- Girl Look for the Win!

hair growth

Consider reducing your over-styling, product use, and harsh coloring this year. The year 2023 will undoubtedly have a less is more feel with a big emphasis on natural designs that seem incredibly moisturized and healthy.

The trend will move away from over-styling and processing and toward healthy, hydrated hair. In 2023, the ‘done’ look will give way to true textures and patterns; this is the no-makeup-makeup era of haircare. People will place more emphasis on the notion of caring for hair first rather than purchasing a product that “repairs/rebounds” fast but doesn’t address the underlying cause of the damage.

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To Sum Up

The popularity of these haircare techniques and products guarantees that fashionable healthy trends will always be in vogue. This is expected to continue in 2023 as we turn to more conventional methods of maintaining the health of our scalp and hair.

Expect more lineups to maintain the vibrancy of your hair or to encourage hair growth in the days to come.


1. How to take care of hair?

By focusing more on scalp care and reducing the use of excessively harsh products on your scalp, you can take care of your hair. Wash your hair with a good quality sulfate and paraben-free hair shampoo from Femica beauty products. Try introducing ingredients such as rosemary essential oils in your hair care routine.

2. How to maintain long hair?

To maintain long hair, you must put in extra effort and go beyond just shampooing and conditioning your hair. Use a scalp scrub from Femica and introduce chemical exfoliation in your haircare routine.  Have a healthy diet rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

3. How to avoid a greasy scalp?

Sometimes the oils secreted from the scalp lead the hair to become excessively greasy over time. Oil production varies across individuals. Utilizing oily hair care products may also contribute to it. To reduce the oil buildup, you can try chemical exfoliation and a scalp scrub from Femica.

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