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“That’s Too Expensive” Well, Is Your Skin Not Worth the Investment?

Yes, organic products are slightly higher up on the price ladder. However, does making your skin suffer from cheaper & familiar but toxic drugstore products make more sense? You may be thinking that you are choosing natural ingredients by using drugstore brands that market their product as natural. But the harsh truth is that only a minute trace of a particular ingredient is required by any brand to market their product as natural.


On the other hand, natural and organic brands go through multiple rounds of inspection to get FDA-approved organic certification which ensures that their products have a high concentration of beneficial ingredients which make every penny worth it.

We have summarised the 3 major reasons as to why organic and natural brands are a tad higher in pricing but stand as an investment that cannot be ignored.

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Superior Formulation

If you look at the ingredients section of most drugstore products, you will notice that these products have a high percentage of water and a minimal amount of essential ingredients that are actually beneficial for your skin. However, organic brands ensure that their products have a rich concentration of all the potent ingredients which ensure superior results. These products are chemical-free and contain a high percentage of antioxidants and non-toxic preservatives that are kinder to your skin as well.

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Clean Sourcing

Organic and natural brands ensure good quality when sourcing, making sure that adulterated ingredients aren’t included in the supply chain along the way. Production of organic crops takes more time and effort as they are grown without chemical fertilisers, pesticides and growth hormones. Organic farmers make their own natural fertilisers which are more expensive to create as compared to synthetic fertilisers which are widely available in the market. Moreover, organic farms require certification which subjects them to comply with various regulations and reports. These meticulous procedures require a lot of investment from their end which is why their product is sold at a higher price.

Method Manufacturing

Drugstore products are mass-produced i.e. they are manufactured in large batches thus the quality checks applied are not very efficient. Organic products are produced in small batches which drives up the cost of production but at the same time, it enables good quality control thus, leading to a high-end product. Organic brands also try to use sustainable packaging over plastic covers which adds extra steps to the production process and also adds to the cost.

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Making sustainable choices may require higher investment but, in return, it promises good health to us and a better future for the planet. Across the globe, people have started paying more attention to what they choose for their food consumption and personal care even if some of these options come at a higher price. We all love a good bargain but in the world of beauty, we have to shell out a few bucks to ensure that we don’t exploit our skin or our environment.

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