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Keep Calm and Take Care of Your Feet!

Do you know which part of your body carries the weight of the whole body all throughout the day without any complaints? That’s your humble feet. Your feet do not demand much but it continues to be the most ignored part of the body. Your feet are your best friends from morning till night and they need their due care to keep you moving.

While we invest in expensive shoes and heels, cracked and unkempt feet can spoil your whole look and make you uncomfortable too. Thus, taking care of your feet is of utmost importance. A weekly foot care regime can do you wonders and bring up your beauty game.

We are sure your cosmetic bag is full of skincare products, but it is probably deficient in good quality footcare products. Investing in a single foot care cream and scrub goes a long way in replenishing the health of your feet.

We would like to list down the key benefits of foot care products that are essential for everyone to keep in mind.

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Nurture your feet

A good foot cream nourishes your feet and provides moisture to the dry skin found on your feet. It creates a protective layer that prevents future dryness and chapped & cracked heels. Regular application of foot cream can soften your feet skin over time and give your feet a flawless look.

1. Shield your feet

Frequent exposure to sun and harsh weather conditions can cause cuts, calluses and cracks in your feet. During winter too, most people suffer from the above-mentioned conditions. Timely care and attention to the health of your feet can help you avoid such discomfort and help you stay ever-ready.

2. Relaxation session

An amalgamation of foot scrub, foot cream and a warm bucket of water is a top-tier self-care regime. This relaxing session is therapy by itself and it can calm your stressed muscles, taking away the tiredness of the whole day. Foot scrubs help in improving blood circulation and promote good sleep.

3. Odourless feet

Foot creams help to keep bad smells and odour away from your feet. Often wearing shoes for long hours can lead to fungal infection and other foot conditions. Most foot creams have antifungal properties which help prevent the rise of such situations.

4.Smooth & silky feet

Foot creams help in preventing dry and itchy skin around the feet that is often aggravated by constant wear and tear. Most organic foot creams have natural ingredients such as peppermint, cinnamon, eucalyptus etc. that do not irritate the skin and calm the feet.

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Indulging in a regular foot care and skincare regime might seem tedious in the beginning but once incorporated, it will be something that you’d be looking forward to every week. The easiest and basic way to keep your lovely feet nourished is to moisturise your feet with a foot cream after showers that will attain the softness of the feet. Additionally, you can also use it as a massaging cream before you hit the bed.

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