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Top 5 Reasons Why Switching to Organic and Natural Beauty Products is a Blessing

Have you noticed pimples popping up now and then? The same products you use to enhance your beauty might be the reason. Shocking, right? It’s true. It’s easy to get swayed by brands and their claims.

But the reality is that often brands mislead the consumer with flashy ads and claims. Most beauty products have chemicals that may not sit well on your skin. Especially people with sensitive skin know how easily such beauty products irritate the skin.

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Moreover, did you know that our skin absorbs most of what we apply to it into our bloodstream? It means traditional beauty products affect not only your skin but also your overall health. Isn’t this reason enough to shift from these chemical products to organic products? If not, here are five more reasons why switching to natural beauty products is a blessing.

Let us spell it out for you!

Made from Natural and Organic Ingredients

As the name suggests, natural beauty and organic products come from natural and organic ingredients. Further, natural ingredients grow without additives and chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, synthetic residues and genetically altered materials.

It’s a huge plus, as using natural products means not putting unwanted chemicals on your skin. Hence, ingredients can offer the same results as traditional ones without smothering the skin.

Doesn’t Harm Animals

Don’t we all love animals? Who doesn’t?

So why are we harming them in the name of beauty products? If you aren’t aware, most traditional beauty and skincare product companies run unethical tests on poor animals. You might have heard of animal testing.

Using cruelty-free natural and organic Indian products is your move toward ending animal testing in the beauty industry.

Keeps Allergies and Side-effects at Bay

Isn’t it evident that products made from natural and organic ingredients are safer? The absence of toxic ingredients allows natural beauty products to keep skin allergies, inflammations or irritations away from you.

Some natural ingredients might irritate your skin, but that’s rare and easily fixable. In short, natural beauty skincare products work for your skin and not against it.[wp-shopify-product id=”7637280162043″]

Long-term Benefits for Skin

You might find some short-term benefits in using conventional products. But when you look at the bigger picture, Organic India products are way ahead in the game. These products protect your skin barrier, make you look fabulous, and improve your skin’s natural texture.

You will never want to use traditional products once you switch to organic ones.

Try using Femica skincare products for your skincare steps to achieve tight and youthful skin.

Favours the Environment

All organic and natural ingredients grow in the natural environment, free from toxins, pesticides and insecticides. It contributes to the environment by lowering pollution and releasing harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. It also leads to less water usage and doesn’t leave toxic footprints on the earth.

Choosing to go organic and use natural products is making a conscious decision to support the safety and preservation of our planet.[wp-shopify-product id=”8039412695291″]

Switching to Organic and Natural Beauty Products

Go organic and switch to natural beauty products to look beautiful and glamorous. It’s easy to be ignorant and use beauty and simple skincare products because everyone else is. But when you look at the effects of traditional cosmetics, you might want to throw them in the trash.

Femica believes in the well-being and health of its customers. Hence, Femica lists hundreds of natural and organic brands on it. What’s stopping you from turning to natural cosmetics? Add organic beauty products to your Cart.


Are natural products effective?

Simply put – yes, they are. Your body doesn’t know whether the product is natural or not. The molecular structure of skincare or beauty products is what makes them work or not. Your body soaks up and uses different molecules in different ways.

How do you know if a product is natural?

Look at the label of your natural beauty products to know if they are natural. Don’t just go by the claims mentioned on the products. Instead, check the list of ingredients present in them. If you find names of natural ingredients like herbs and plants, then be assured it is a natural product.

Also, ensure to search the scientific terms on the internet to see if there are no hidden synthetic ingredients.

What’s the difference between organic ingredients and natural ingredients?

The natural ingredients should be present in raw form or taken from natural resources. They should not include toxic elements such as sulphate, silicone, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum by-products, etc.

Apart from that, organic products have natural ingredients. They also get grown using organic farming methods with no pesticides, genetic modification of organisms, or synthetic fertilisers.

Explore Femica India to find clean & organic products that suit your needs.

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