Current Date:September 22, 2023
Halloween look

Halloween, Urfi Javed and A Dress Made of Bandages

Love her or despise her, you cannot ignore her. Urfi Javed, whose eccentric and daring fashion choices have made her a recent online phenomenon.

The actress, most recently seen on Bigg Boss OTT, is a celebrity who regularly draws criticism for her eccentric fashion choices, including making garments out of chains, shells, rubbish bags, and even her own pics.

Her daring fashion statements have always riveted the public’s attention. She always chooses outfits that are both eye-catching and controversial because of their bizarreness.

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Welp, the eccentric fashion queen has returned! Continue reading about her new outfit that made people’s jaws drop on social media.

Every day is a Halloween Day with Urfi!

Urfi has returned to the news, this time with a whole new look. Halloween may be in the past, but Ms Javed isn’t done with her ‘spooky’ makeover just yet. A video of the Indian celebrity applying bandages to herself was posted on her Instagram account.

The video begins with the lifestyle dive Urfi, dressed casually in jeans and a white tank top, putting a bandage across her wrist when inspiration strikes. She gives the camera a bright grin, and then the scene shifts to show her in a bandage costume. She has draped it around her body to produce stylish attire.

She decided to finish off the appearance by putting on some black lipstick and tying her hair up in a bun. It seems like Halloween all the time for Uorfi! Would you ever have imagined that…Bandages? She captioned the pics with the question.

Have you ever considered the possibility? Bandages?”

Urfi Javed

What Did Urfi Followers Have to Say?

She enjoys dressing up and trying new styles, however, she is often mocked because of her bold choices. Internet users once again had a lot to add by way of commentary in the thread below.

Some people liked the costume and gave her credit for being creative, while others made fun of her style and called her names.

An individual said, “How original! Plus, I like this lip colour! However, I’m aware that that won’t work for me “, as someone else mocked her for the way she was looking. Another person praised her, saying, “No Match for your Boldness!![wp-shopify-product id=”7758032896251”]

Another individual said they expected her to show up in a mummy costume.

Here’s What Urfi Says About the Trolls

Some people admire her bravery and unique flair, while trolls have attacked her, claiming she is just interested in fame.

Nonetheless, Urfi is undeterred. She claims that “everyone enjoys being dolled up and looking their best.” I do everything I do for the simple reason that I, like everyone else, want to feel and look beautiful. And if a dress is enough to make people angry, it indicates a problem, and those people need help.

Curious Who Comes Up with Her Outfit Designs?

She explains, “I work with a team, and we get down and talk about the concepts. It’s not as simple as it seems; there’s a procedure involved.

Urfi claims that she had a passion for fashion and a desire to stand out even as a young child. She says, “When I was younger, I loved getting dressed up for an evening out. This is something that I continue to do to this day. I’ve always aimed to be exceptional.”

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Wrapping Up

Urfi Javed, a lifestyle celebrity, is here to wow the world with her designs. Love it or hate it, you have to acknowledge the innovation this fashion diva puts out there each day! What do you think about her looks?


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