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6 Skincare Myths You Should Stop Believing

“Filters are great, but great skin is better!” In the era of Snapchat and Instagram, we somehow have managed our ways with filters and beauty apps. Further, there has been hype about a lot of skincare processes and regimens that it is confusing what to believe and what not to. It is easy to fall prey to many skincare myths and damage our skin.

The beauty world is a blend of facts and fiction. While a few beauty tips are wonders for women, rests are worse than wolf bane. You can use Femica Skincare Products to protect and nourish your skin.

However, it’s vital to know how to use these products and bust some of the common skincare myths.

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1. Hard exfoliation is good for the skin

Daily face washing will maintain the skin clean. For a cleaner face, many people scrub their face hard and fast. You must stop right away! Scrubs are quite abrasive and may result in acne and sporadic outbreaks.

Always go gentle with scrubbing to protect you skin from redness and inflammation. Femica Beauty Products provide an array of skincare products. Try out their beauty skincare Pulpy Papaya and Rose face scrub for a healthy and naturally glowing skin. [wp-shopify-product id=”7703639687419″]

Further, you can use the brown beauty face wash regularly for soft and supple skin.

2. You can skip toners

In a skin care routine for acne, toner is a fundamental and crucial component. Toners are considered a means to remove extra oil from the skin after and maintain pH balance after washing, according to natural skincare tips.

Toners can visibly minimise pores and avoid breakouts. Hence, there is no way that you must skip this skincare step.

You can try out the Rose Skin Toner for shinier skin from Femica India. The perfect glow is guaranteed by the perfect toner. [wp-shopify-product id=”7717307416827″]

3. No moisturisers for oily skin

One of the most common myths that is doing the rounds is oily skin doesn’t require moisturising. It stems from the logic that the skin will get too oily and aggravate the acne, if any. However, when you stop applying moisturiser, the skin releases excessive oil due to dehydration.

Oily skin will produce more oil if you don’t moisturise.  Regular skin care creams will help keep the oil production in check and might eventually result in less oily skin.

Try out the Watermelon Superglow Moisturiser from Femica Skincare Products. They not only induce shine to your smooth skin but also keep them protected.

4. No Sunscreen for winters

We often skip our sunscreens when we have a stay at home job or when it’s a cloudy. It may seem that the sun rays cannot reach us. However, the damaging UV rays can hurt skin with or without clouds since they can penetrate clouds. Also, sunscreens can help prevent skin cancer.

Your face skin care needs a powerful sunscreen on your dressing table. Check out the fantastic GTG moisturiser cum sunscreen lotion for healthy and perfect skin.

5. Serums are for all

Serums with a blend of moisturiser is like sparkle to skin, especially if you have a dry skin texture. Applying a layer of moisturiser on top of the serum locks the nutrients within the pores. However, not all types of serums are meant for all skin types.

Some people may be hypersensitive to retinol or vitamin A as they can degrade or oxidize before absorption. In such cases, you must consult with your dermatologist. Further, everyone must do a patch test before applying serums as they contain active ingredients.

Moreover, always apply a moisturiser at the end of your skincare routine. These skin care steps are brilliant ideas if it’s chilly outside or if you have naturally dry skin. Femica Beauty Products boasts the Serum Better Brightening for its delicate composition, which suits all skin types and provides a lustrous glow.

You can use lip masks like the Lip masque daily for maximum hydration. [wp-shopify-product id=”7625115992315″]

6. If it burns, it’s working

Skincare experts say that a little tingling sensation is normal when you are introducing a new skincare product. But, stinging or burning is clearly a sign of inflammation. If you feel a burning sensation after applying a product, you could have sensitive skin or be allergy-prone to one or multiple ingredients in the product.

If the sensation does not go away, consult a dermatologist immediately.

Wrapping up

One of the most popular subjects in the realm of beauty is skincare. Sadly, many skincare myths are frequently repeated, and people learn to believe them even though they are untrue. These facts and products from Femica India are a must-have in your skincare regimen since they will make your skin shine and sparkle as you’ve always wanted it to!

It’s time to put your knowledge about how to take care of skin to work. Pace up and create a skin care regimen to help you maintain a flawless complexion.

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1. Should I change my skincare routine regularly?

There is o need to alter your skin care regimen if it works for your skin texture. You might need to adjust to new items with active components, though.

2. My skin feels tight after cleansing. Is that a warning sign?

When the skin constricts, it is surface dry and is in need of moisture to re-establish equilibrium. Prefer using a toner or a moisturiser to soften your skin.

3. Do chocolates cause acne?

There is no evidence that eating fast food or chocolate causes acne. However, excessive sugar (found in fast food and chocolate) can cause bodily inflammation that can exacerbate acne.

Explore Femica India to find clean & organic products that suit your needs.

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