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Rashmika Mandanna

Rashmika Mandanna’s Virajpet is as beautiful as She is!

From an ultra-cosy makeup room to a gargantuan Christmas tree in the backyard, Rashmika Mandanna’s Virajpet home is what dreams are made of.

Known predominantly for her outstanding performance in movies like Geetha Govind and Pushpa: The Rise, Rashmika Mandanna is currently one of the biggest names in Telugu Cinema. However, the young celebrity’s fame is not limited to Southern India. [wp-shopify-product id=”7625086992635″]

Her debut into Bollywood with the movie Goodbye certainly has to do much with it. However, fans nationwide enjoy her bubbly personality behind the scenes as much as her convincing characters on-screen (Bollywood or otherwise). No wonder the actress was crowned India’s ‘National Crush’ by Google itself in 2020. 

And now to the good part – Rashmika’s Karnataka home is as pretty as she is. 

A Casablanca Oasis amidst Bustling Concrete Jungle  

“Love nature, study nature, and live close to nature” aptly sums up Rashmika’s lifestyle. The actress is an outspoken nature lover and has made it evident in several instances. Unsurprisingly, there’s a harmonious dialogue between the indoors and outdoors of her Virajpet home. 


// The home is a magnificent single-storeyed bungalow that greets nature lovingly from every corner. Balancing contemporary architecture with simple aesthetics, the bungalow is stylishly tranquil. The most tempting part is the massive patio that two wide French doors open up to.


All the steps are adorned with plants. On all four sides, the suburban house is enclosed with thick shrubs and greenery, making the space a true haven from the demands of everyday life. Oh, how can we not marvel at the numerous colorful flowerpots that welcome guests just as the metallic front gate opens! 

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Even the plaque on the gate reads “Serenity,” and the home offers nothing less. Rashmika Mandanna has shared numerous pictures on her Instagram indicating her love for the ecosystem through ‘Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle,’ where she wears a reused dress on her front lawn surrounded by lovely palm trees. 

Green Harbour on the Outside: Old-World Sensationalism on the Inside 

Compared to the city’s noisy and fleet-footed urban unrest, Rashmika’s home represents the perfect holiday retreat. When the front doors open, you can feel the vintage charm oozing from every nook and cranny. 


Eye-popping crystal chandeliers, ornate wooden frames, massive suede couches, and whatnot. Then there’s the actress’s ultra-cozy makeup room and expansive closet with its oversized mirror large enough for a ramp walk (or a spontaneous photoshoot!). 

Besides her love for nature, Rashmika also prefers a neutral palette. The same is evident through her outfits and her home’s interiors. The outer white Casablanca look only mildly contrasts with the (more or less) beige interiors. In any case, every room of the house embraces warm earthy tones that give the place an overall refined feel. 

Finally, how can one not mention the backyard sitting on the lap of nature with its tall and glorious Christmas tree! One tour of the house is enough to make you fall in love with the greens all over again. 

A Home as Appealing as Those Residing within It 

They say our homes should be a mouthpiece to our personalities; in Rashmika’s case, this holds true. From obliging fans for selfies at the airport to cutely apologizing to the paparazzi for speaking in English, she is among those Indian celebrities who consistently maintain a low profile (something which fans adore!). 

Her home (with its subtle, simplistic beauty) is merely an extension of her bubbly self. No wonder the actress idolizes ‘Big B’ or Amitabh Bachchan as her inspiration. She called him the “best teacher of all” while sharing the screen for the first time on the sets of Goodbye. Among all Rashmika Mandanna movies, Goodbye portrays a different side of the actress – keeping viewers hooked till the end with elements of drama, satire, and grief. 

As for her home, it’s a roller-coaster ride into the pristine and pared-down.

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