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Here Are the Bridal Makeup Essentials That Should Be in Your Bag

The stress of wedding prep can harm your skin. Is some beauty sleep enough before your big day? Well, it helps, but it will not get you that glowing bride to be look. 

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Carrying your bridal makeup essentials in your bag will help you slay all day. With a solid list of essentials, you won’t have to scroll mindlessly through the wide range of Femica Beauty products. 

Read on to know the top 5 makeup essentials you must have in your wedding bag!

Lipstick That Lasts Longer Than the Wedding

What’s makeup without lipstick? Your wedding makeup will be incomplete if your lipstick keeps fading off. 

No bride can do without a backup lipstick in her bridal bag. You can focus on the happy moments by using lipstick that lasts hours. 

Skip the hassle of worrying whether your tint has worn off and pack that long-lasting lipstick right now! [wp-shopify-product id=”7745012531451″]

A Powder That Sets You Free

So many wedding makeup looks to choose from – but anything you select will look dull as you go through the day. [wp-shopify-product id=”7758032371963″]

It wouldn’t hurt to get a touch-up between the hugs and courtesies. Are you rushing from the ceremony to the reception? A setting powder is your best friend to touch up your wedding makeup effortlessly.

It’s best to get the same shade as the one your makeup artist uses for your base. 

Highlight Your Way Through the Day

It’s your big day. And as much as the wedding season is fun- it is exhausting. You can get the best makeup artists, but you will lose that shine after a few hours. A highlighter in your bridal pouch ensures you’re the brightest star in the room. [wp-shopify-product id=”7625110126843″]

Get that natural bridal makeup glow you need anytime with an easy-to-apply and blend pigmented highlighter. 

Choose a highlighter that’s right for your skin and won’t feel too heavy. You can check out the Femica Beauty products range to find the best one.

A pro tip is to use your highlighter to touch up your eye makeup too! It essentially does everything you need to make that wedding makeup stay. [wp-shopify-product id=”7745012629755″]

The Underrated Blotting Paper

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If you’re a bride-to-be, you’re probably already tired and sweating. Wedding preparations and shopping can take a toll on your daily routine.

Unfortunately, on your D-day, the heavy bridal attire and big wedding party will also exert you. With this, your wedding makeup looks might become cakey. 

A blotting paper is a key to matte-finished bridal makeup. Blotting papers are a savior whether you’re sweating heavily or need some touch-ups.

Screen Yourself from the Sun

Sunscreen is a must whether you’re having a ceremony in the morning or later at night. 

Sun rays are present round the clock, and the weather doesn’t matter either. The UVA and UVB rays will be there for the most part, making your skin appear dull and tired. Applying sunscreen is not a quick fix like some of the products above, but with consistent usage, you will notice an improvement in the texture of your skin in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

A sunscreen rich in SPF will help maintain that healthy and natural bridal makeup look. Ensure you use sunscreen every time you step out of your house – including on your wedding day. [wp-shopify-product id=”7758032142587″]

With long-lasting sunscreen, skip the sun and have some fun!

Final Take-away

The wedding season can be equal parts exciting and stressful. Amongst all other chaos, you wish to look like the diva you always dreamed you’d be. When you have 99 other problems to worry about, don’t let the hassle of ensuring a perfect makeup look be one! [wp-shopify-product id=”7695302459643″]

Just a few makeup essentials in your mini purse can keep the additional stress of looking good out of the way.

Now, you know all the top 5 essentials to elevate your bridal makeup looks by Femica India. Let the prep begin. Congratulations, and all the best for your big day!


What Should You Use for a Natural Bridal Makeup Look?

If you’re not a fan of makeup, stick to the basics. You can use long-lasting lipstick for your lips, eye makeup, and blush! [wp-shopify-product id=”7692691538171″]

What Should You Do Before Applying Your Wedding Makeup?

Healthy skin ensures that your bridal makeup looks flawless. For a solid foundation for your makeup, prepare your skin with a moisturizer, primer, face serums, and sunscreen.

How Do You Pick the Right Highlighter for Yourself?

The best way to pick the right highlighter is to consult your makeup artist. You can also check the product images on Femica India and select the perfect highlighter shade for yourself. [wp-shopify-product id=”7669723889915″]

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