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Yes, Shopping Hauls and Penny Pinching Can Go Hand-in-Hand!

Imagine you are all set for an upcoming trip, and you have plans of hoarding stuff from every city that you pass. While travelling can be costly, your shopping haul does not have to be. Street markets are every traveller’s paradise who does not want to spend a fortune on shopping.

shopping centers Markets

If you believe the same, then this curated list of shopping centres in India is for you. You don’t have to worry about your budget since these Indian market places offer it all— from designer brands to modest mementoes for your family and friends. 

So put on your shopper’s hat and save some room in your baggage – you will probably end up purchasing more than you planned. True shopaholics do not resist a good deal!

Let us look at some of these irresistible markets:

1. Can’t Keep Calm with Delhi’s Sarojini Nagar Charm!

Street shopping in india | Markets

Sarojini Nagar market in New Delhi is one of India’s most fun shopping centers. It is the greatest street market for apparel, handbags, accessories, and more. 

Because of its vast collection and attractive deals, the SN market, as it is affectionately known among Delhiites, is alluring. It is an incredibly fun spot to visit, especially if you are skilled at haggling.

2. Shopping Therapy from Janpath’s Variety 

janpath market

Janpath Market sells not only stylish items but also promotes Indian culture via its businesses. The capital city’s stylistic market features two unique shopping streets. One lane sells Indian handicrafts, handlooms, purses, and souvenirs, while the other is full of local sellers offering street-style clothing and accessories at prices that will make you grin. 

A pleasant surprise greets you at the rear of this market: a few booths set up by residents from various Indian states. Janpath market’s actual charm is these few kiosks selling wonderful handmade textiles, representing vivid sections of Indian culture

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3. Jammu and Kashmir is More Than its Natural Beauty

While Jammu and Kashmir remind you of lush greens and evokes the feeling of paradise, it is also home to metal crafts, pashmina, and jewellery. If crafts tickle your fancy, Sarnal Payeen Anantnag market, a place for metal crafts, will take you by surprise. 

However, you will need bargaining skills since the artifacts are usually costly. If you want to take back one of the traditional attires, Heritage is famous for scarves and traditional kurtis. In Jammu, Makka market is one of the cheapest and most popular destinations for apparel shopping.

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4. If Shopping is Your Kind of Party, Goa is for You

Shopping in india

If you believe Goa’s nightlife is limited to parties, here’s something that will prove you utterly incorrect. The Arpora Weekend Market, which begins after 6 p.m., is Goa’s most active and vibrant market. 

The renowned flea market is well-lit by magnificent lighting, and the music creates an ambience of wanderlust, making this venue a lot more than a shopping centers shopping centers. Everything from jewellery to stylish clothing, alcohol, handicrafts, lifestyle accessories, and home décor is available.

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5. Bangalore Pieces that Fit Like a Glove

If you prefer something a little more tasteful than running through crowds for the best deals, we have just the perfect place for you! Behold the Commercial Street market in Bangalore, which has reinvented the concept of street shopping. 

shopping street

This flea market’s colourful and jazzy streets provide the finest of style without any of the haphazardness of street shopping. The market is quite well organized, and has a certain class that sets it apart from the typical local Indian marketplaces. 

Look around, and you may get high-quality items at reasonable prices.

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6. Up your Fashion Game without Breaking your Bank in Mumbai

Markets in Mumbai


Colaba Causeway is Mumbai’s most popular street market, attracting not just locals but also fashionistas from across the city. 

You can rely on this high-fashion scene to score trendy outfits without breaking the bank. Colaba Causeway has everything— from clothing shops to elegant purses and shoes, as well as local delicacies and wayside jewellery sellers. Fill your bags with the finest materials at the most reasonable prices.

7. Run Out of Money at These Jaipur Bazaars

Both Baapu Bazaar and Johari Bazaar in Jaipur might very well make you want to spend all your money. From enticing handicrafts to stunning ethnic clothing, resisting the desire to buy everything at these Indian marketplaces may be an unforgettable adventure. 

indian culture street shopping

Jaipur is among the greatest cities in Rajasthan to go shopping, dine, and experience rich culture. Whether you are looking for silver jewellery, junk jewellery, ethnic clothing, lac bangles, bedspreads, puppets, lanterns, or anything else, these two bazaars will not disappoint.

8. Immerse in Shopping in the City of Joy – Kolkata

Shopping markets near me

Kolkata is a unique fusion of the past and the present, which reflects in its food, culture, and shops. Shopping enthusiasts love to visit this city because it offers some of the best street shopping deals.

One of the oldest shopping places in Kolkata, New Market is a bustling market located in Taltala. You will find a diverse collection of fashionable clothes to household items, all under a budget.

Another hot destination is Bara Bazar, famous for its collection of ethnic wear, imitation jewellery and electronics. You can have it all in Kolkata, even with a penny-pinching attitude.

Wrapping Up

Tempted to go out and load up on quality goods without your pocket taking a hit? The next time you go on a vacation, bear in mind that stunning views alone do not make the trip worthwhile. Your travel experience will not be complete until you bring back some mementoes from the Indian market of each city you visit.

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1. Is it worth it to buy from a shopping street market?

Absolutely! Street markets are the best way to get the bang for your buck while upkeeping your lavish lifestyle. Plus, if you are new to the city, you can go exploring with your friends and family and make a beautiful, fun-filled day out of it!

2. Can I get designer outfits at street markets?

Yes! Street markets like Sarojini Nagar market, Delhi, and Commercial Street, Bangalore have many designer outfit options at reasonable prices to satiate your inner shopaholic. Enjoy your shopping day with quality makeup products from Femica.

3. Does India have traditional shopping streets?

In abundance – places like Chandani Chowk in Delhi and Johari Bazaar in Jaipur are considered traditional markets in India.

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