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How To Start An Effective Hair Care Routine For Men

Top knot, need a man bun? How about a quiff or dreadlocks? Boxer braids should look the best! Do you wanna try these hairstyles, yet hold back due to the fear of hair fall? We got you! Hair problems are real but you can fight them with a proper routine. Just like Skincare, hair care also needs patience (well, a lot of patience!) and great commitment!

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You see, hair is the last organ that your body decides to nourish, so take care of your body from within to take care of your hair! Now that a good diet can be a great deal of good hair, the products you use also have a part to play. Wanna know a simple but effective hair care routine with perfect products? Let’s walk you through it!

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1. Oil to nourish:

Hair oils are the most underrated hair care product from tackling frizzy hair to nourishing your scalp, hair oils can do wonders! A good oil massage with nourishing oils like onion oil can relax your scalp and promote blood circulation. Onions are rich in sulfur which is the most needed nutrient to promote hair growth. So if you are focusing on regrowing your hair, give your scalp an oil massage with Onion Hair Oil With Black Seed every day for at least two mins, and you will see your results.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7972874879227″]

2. Unleash your magic:

Good hair shampoo is meant to cleanse the dirt and oil from your scalp, and not leave your hair and scalp dry. Your hair health depends on your scalp health and it is important to have a clean and nourished scalp.

While every shampoo can clean your scalp, only a few can nourish it, so check the ingredient list clearly to understand if the shampoo has nourishing ingredients in it. For instance, The  Biotin Hair Shampoo has biotin that repairs the damage to your hair, bhringaraj that helps you with hair fall, and rice water that nourishes your hair with rice protein and aids in hair regrowth! All these ingredients do the nourishing part in addition to cleansing your scalp making this shampoo one of the best shampoos for hair fall.

3. Shinier, silkier with hair conditioner:

Always, and always, follow your shampoo with a good conditioner. Even better if you can use the conditioner of the same brand and same formula. For example, the best hair conditioner to use after The Man Company Biotin Hair Shampoo can be Biotin Hair Conditioner. Hair Conditioners are formulated to moisturize the hair locks that have no natural oils left after shampooing! The Man Company Biotin Hair Conditioner adds moisture and extra goodness of biotin, rice water, and bhringaraj to your hair. [wp-shopify-product id=”7842240135419″]

4. Time to grow all the way:

Hair growth is not something you can achieve with one product. It takes a lot of effort, you gotta eat right, drink enough water, use gentler products, and things like that, these efforts can only be aided by hair growth serums. Why hair growth tonics? You ask! Here’s the thing, let’s take Hair Growth Tonic With 3% Redensyl, it has recently as a natural ingredient in it, which is responsible to regenerate hair cells and stimulate hair growth. While recently is not a very common ingredient, you can get the better of it by using hair growth serums or tonics that contain it.

5. Life can’t wait, add in some colour today!:

There is nothing wrong with adding some extra colour to your life — agree? Hair colouring is fun until the reality of the process hits you hard. You don’t want to end up with colour all over your hand and scalp but hair! Is the salon the only option to have a decent hair colour session? If you say yes, then you have not tried Hair Colour Dye Shampoo Black. This hair colour is formulated to be used just like a shampoo. All you gotta do is take the dye, mix it well and massage it onto your scalp just like a shampoo. Worry not, you will not see a trace of color on your scalp. [wp-shopify-product id=”7912935391483″]

Caring for your hair isn’t a gender role. Like skincare, haircare is common to everyone. You deserve to love your hair and wear it the way you like. Be kind to yourself and keep realistic goals in your hair care journey, because believe us, hair growth is neither a one-day job nor an easy task. So don’t get frustrated and trust in the process. Femica always wants to be the supportive product partner you deserve, we have got the best hair products for all hair types listed on the website. Now curate your routine with products that suit you! Happy hair care 🙂

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