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6 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Mom

Can giving gifts to your loved ones ever go out of trend? Some may argue, stating that sending and receiving gifts is like materializing love, a “cliche”, and whatnot, but, we believe there is nothing wrong in pampering your loved ones with some special things like skincare products on a special day!


Imagine receiving something you were eying on for a long time as a gift from your loved one, it would make you pretty excited right? To think that the other person is thinking about you and understanding your needs— that is all gifts are about, to show someone how much they mean to you! Speaking of showing your love, it’s that time of the year to pamper your mom! Yeah, mother’s day breakfast is on you, we get it, but wouldn’t it be better to notch up mom’s day with some exciting gifts this year? Our mothers often tend to forget themselves in the process of building their homes. We have praised them for being selfless instead of encouraging them to have their self-care time ! But it’s never too late to unlearn and grow. Start the process by gifting your mom some self-care products and remind her to acknowledge her needs in life as well.

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As much as the joy of gifting is unmatched, picking the perfect gift for the special people in your life can be a tricky task! The gift should clearly communicate your love towards them and should also say, “Hey! This made me think of you and I thought you should definitely have it ;)” Are you having hiccups in deciding your mother’s day gift? Don’t worry, we got you covered! We have put together some unique mother’s day gift ideas which might help you make your mom feel special <3  So, let’s dive in!

6 Mother’s Day Gifts to Consider This Year:

1. Love is in the hair:

Self-care can range from sitting on a couch involved in a book or going on an expensive spa session! It can also look like a simple oil massage for hair that de-stresses you. One potential gift for your mother is the Mom’s complete Haircare (Sova anti-hair fall Combo) to help her fight hair problems. The anti-hair fall combo pack consists of hair oil, shampoo, and a conditioner — a complete set for hair care. [wp-shopify-product id=”7629702070523″]

Hair loss is not a condition that can be treated just with a hair fall solution, it needs deep and consistent care. Now with this combo, hair care is going to be easier and more effective!

2. Spread the Fragrance of love with aroma candles:

To feel relaxed shouldn’t be a luxury, definitely not for mothers who spend an eternity thinking of others’ wellness. Booking a spa session is surely fancy, but what if we told you, you can get the spa at home? Check out House Of Aroma Scented Candle Lavender And Rosemary For Aromatherapy Scented Candle Lavender And Rosemary For Aromatherapy from Femica. It gives a soothing fragrance that lingers around for a long time. [wp-shopify-product id=”7605056602363″]

Lavender has healing properties that can relax stressed muscles and help with better sleep. Aromatherapy has a proven effect on relieving tension and stress. Your mom might have not thought of having a small spa session for herself at home but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give her that. Buy a set of aroma candles and tell your mother how much her wellness means to you!

3. The best care comes with the best moisturizer   :

Moisturizers are the most basic skincare element that every person should have. It helps the skin to stay hydrated. Sometimes skincare becomes the least priority to the ladies of your homes, with all the tasks on their plate, they almost forget about their skin or don’t care a lot about it. Why should it continue when you are there to care? Apart from helping out in their daily tasks, you can also buy them a face moisturizer and let their skin feel loved as much as you make them feel loved.

Try using Femica skincare products for your skincare steps to achieve tight and youthful skin.

Looking for the best face moisturizer to give to your mom? Earth rhythm has a few great products which work for people of various skin types. Check out the entire range on Femica and select the one which fits you! [wp-shopify-product id=”6663416447173″]

4. Help your mom age like a fine wine:

Ageing is an inevitable phenomenon of human life. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. The wrinkles and fine lines are the symbols of the years of experience one has gained. On the same hand, it is also not a crime to take care of your ageing skin. As you age, the skin tends to lose the collagen in it which causes a loose and saggy look. As much as this is normal, we can also deal with it with the right products.

Anti-ageing serum isn’t a magical potion that seals your youth but a product to help your skin with vital components. The  Suganda Antioxidant Serum ( Ageing) has a beginner-friendly formula that can even help someone without any idea of a skincare routine. Gift it to your mom this mother’s day and tell her it’s ok to feel young at heart and skin. [wp-shopify-product id=”7631027208443″]

5. Time to Pop some extra colour:

Lipsticks are a craze for women of all ages, and so are matte lipsticks. There are no limitations to exploring and indulging in any skincare or makeup from matte lipsticks to glossy nail colors.

Understand the importance of colour and give her the right shades which suit her personality and aura and express your love for her. Femica has a variety of brands, Disguise Cosmetics lipsticks, in particular, have the best results. We only want the best for you and we know you only want the best for your mother, so shower your mom with lots of love and some attractive lipsticks and add color to their mother’s day. [wp-shopify-product id=”6593878786245″]

6. Glow with all the flaws and some face scrubs :

Face scrubs are very important to bring back the glow in the skin. It scrubs away the dead cells from your skin and face scrubs for oily skin can be a game changer.  Skincare is therapy more than beauty. A good day with a good skincare routine can help one feel relaxed and loved.

Having said that, our next item on the list which you can buy for your mom is one of the best organic face scrubs from Greenberry Organics and help her get that extra glow on her face!

Femica believes that women all around the world should take time out of their busy days and dedicate it to themselves without any hesitations or guilt. And we, as supportive and responsible children, should spare no efforts in making our moms feel every ounce of love they deserve! This Mother’s Day, shower your mom with love and acquaint her with the beautiful and empowering thing called “self-love”. And to help you in the process, Femica, along with its exquisite range of skincare, beauty, cosmetics and wellness products, is here to help you out 😉 Visit Femica and start exploring!

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