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Glow Brighter Than Diyas With Femica’s Diwali Sale

Cleaning the dust-filled attic, rummaging through old items to remove the least-used ones and running between corners for evening arrangements is how we prepare for Diwali. In the middle of cooking and cleaning rituals, dirt finds a convenient residence in your skin pores. That’s why paying extra attention during Diwali is extremely important to let your radiation skin combine well with the sparkling evening outfits. Glowing skin shouldn’t ever be seasonal. That’s why this festive season, Femica India has a range of exciting Diwali offers to keep your glow game on point. Here’s all you must include in your makeup routine from the festive sale to make the Dhamaka entry in the evening Diwali party!

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1. Prime your skin right! 

Cleaning is the most important precursor to radiating skin. Since your entire pre-Diwali duration is being spent with dirt and dust, cleansing your pores is a necessity now.

Ensure that just like the house, you put your skin undergo an elaborate process of cleansing, toning and moisturization before starting with the party makeup session. Also, remember to use only the skin-type compatible product in your cleansing schedule. You can use Tvam Naturally Your Face Wash if you haven’t figured out your skin type yet.[wp-shopify-product id=”6918362792133″]


Oh, and if you want to be a little generous with a hydration boost in your face, incorporate multi-masking with sheet masks before the moisturization layer.

2. Build the perfect base! 

No matter whether you’re going for a dewy look or celebrity style, laying a foundation with a suitable primer is the key to lasting makeup. A good primer will cover all your pores to create a smooth surface for your makeup products. It offers adequate hydration to make sure that your overall look is flawless.

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Keep in mind to pick an appropriate one that is suitable for your skin type and the longevity you’re looking for. Don’t forget to blend it well before applying anything else!

3. Step up with foundation! 

It’s obvious to apply a layer of foundation right after the primer, but only the true makeup pro can up their game with a unique touch. Instead of layering the face with the foundation, add a hint of liquid highlighter and blend it well before covering your face with the mix. Doing this will ensure the extra glistening of your face whenever light hits it from any corner.[wp-shopify-product id=”7669723857147″]


Note that you need to apply the foundation that matches your undertone as well. You can check the undertone by using the paper method next to the face. If the paper’s reflection on your face appears yellow, you have a warm tone, else you’re cool-toned.

4. Conceal the darkness away! 

In the festival of light and happiness, there is no place for negativity. That’s why you ought to create a flawless look that adds to the jubilance on the occasion without any stress causing dark circles or blemishes.

You can pick an excellent concealer like Iba Must-Have Makeup Set Medium Waterproof Concealer to cover the under-eye discolouration and skin patches. But, if you don’t have the Diwali gift makeup set yet, you can also use a colour corrector instead of concealer to mask the discolourations.[wp-shopify-product id=”7758032929019″]


5. Let the eyes sparkle! 

Metallic glitters or liquid eyeliners, you have to let your eyes do the talking in the Diwali bash. With an eyeshadow palette comprising highly pigmented finely milled pressed glitter, you can add the shimmer as per your preference. You can add different colours and the eyelid to make the blend intense and innovative depending on your outfit and overall look.[wp-shopify-product id=”7743911428347″]


In the End 

The illuminance of lamps and the radiance of happiness on everyone’s face define our all-time favourite festival, Diwali. The glimmering outfits couple really well with gleaming smiles and glowing skin during the Diwali celebration. But, the most important rule of any festival is to do the rituals right, and your radiating skin isn’t an exception.

Just follow the proper cleaning routine along with the correct skin-suitable layers of makeup and make every head turn! Just visit Femica and get the most out of its Diwali sale.

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1. What do you require for light makeup during the Diwali festival?

For light makeup, you can select different products comprising:

  • Face Wash and Toner
  • Primer and Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Eyeshadow and Eyeliner
  • Lipstick
  • Highlighter

2. What are the different categories of products one can include in Diwali gift hampers for makeup fans?  

The wholesome makeup gift hampers for festivals require catering to diverse aspects. You can pick each product from the wellness range, cleansing section, moisturization category, makeup essentials and after-makeup care segments.

3. Is cleansing essential for glowing skin? 

Absolutely. Proper cleansing helps with ridding the pores of dirt and debris. Through routine cleaning, you can ensure healthy and glowing skin capable of absorbing nourishing products effortlessly.

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