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Here’s Why Local Is Better

Looking for reasons to switch to local or Indian brands for makeup & skincare? You’re in the right place!


Everybody wants to look the best. The real question is who doesn’t!? After all, it is rightly said that “Women have two weapons: cosmetics and Tears!” 😉

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But the times have changed and so has the mindset of people. Today, makeup is not just for women and skincare is not just washing your face three times a day with face wash. People in general, have become more aware and conscious about the needs of their skincare and hence, are out on the hunt for brands which are skin friendly and affordable!

“But international brands are obviously better than Indian brands!”

Honestly, this sentence is a belief of many people and is the equivalent of “Restaurant food is better than Mummy’s cooking!”

1. The Indian skin tone and its needs are  a lil’ extra special

Due to the difference in climate and weather conditions, the need to maintain healthy skincare differs from other ethnicities. Indian skincare is much thicker than that of people from other regions of the world. Compared to Caucasian skin, it is more prone to tanning. This gives local/Indian brands an opportunity to focus on the needs of Indian skin tones and types.

Try using Femica skincare products for your skincare steps to achieve tight and youthful skin.

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2. Nature’s love and Goodness

The best part about local or Indian brands is the use of organic & natural ingredients! The research, effort, ingredients and overall love which goes into the products made in India products unmatched factory-made products.

Because the brands put in the thought of providing safe and easy-to-use organic products, these home brands prefer to use natural and organic ingredients only which work like fairy godmothers for our skincare!

After all, good things come to those who shop locally!

3. Better Economy

With people switching to Indian brands and filling their vanities with organic products, the Indian economy is also bound to gain from such switches economically and would also aid to solve the majorly concerning problem of unemployment.

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4. International brands’ accessibility

Millennials Believe SkinCare Products Impact Their Health and they are looking for clean beauty products in beauty products.

They are increasingly buying natural skincare and hair care products – 40% of them say they prefer natural products because they help them to look and feel better.

5. A boost to our budding entrepreneurs

Surely, people buying from home and Indian brands would not only help get products better suited for their skincare but also help motivate and inspire more young entrepreneurs to come forward and show their talent and research to the world.

Similar to this is the Femica Ambassador Program wherein the Femica women exclusive community has joined the movement of creating awareness in their local communities about clean, organic and handpicked, vegan and cruelty-free products.

You can too, be a part of this movement and choose to make a difference in your own as well as the lives of many other people!

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There is no end to the list of why Indian brands are better. It always comes down to your own needs and conscience. Just advice, in life people and products, both are better when non-toxic! 😉

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