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How are Beauty Products Harming the Environment?

Did you know the cosmetics you use are polluting nature? Surprising, huh? While many industries harm our planet, the cosmetics industry is also not guilt-free. None can refuse that most people have at least one cosmetics product on their vanity.

Some people can’t go a single day without using a range of cosmetics.

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But have you ever wondered what ingredients are in your cute and cool product bottles? Cosmetics, skin, and hair care products use many toxic ingredients. Lipsticks, sunscreen, and even baby products contain toxins linked to cancer or other grave problems.

What’s more, a small percentage of all the chemicals in cosmetics get assessed for safety. So, you don’t know how they’re affecting you while using it. What can you do about it? At least you can learn about the beauty industry’s environmental impact. Or maybe infuse eco-friendly products that don’t harm you and nature. Let’s find out!

Beauty Product’s Packaging is a Menace

Hear us out! More than 120 billion packaging units are produced by the cosmetics industry annually. And a vast chunk of it isn’t recyclable, adding to the plastic pollution.

It takes 100 to 500 years to break down plastic bottles and containers. Moreover, it emits mucky greenhouse gases into the environment. Some brands do use glass and aluminium alternatives for packaging. But it doesn’t do good anyway. It takes more energy to produce such packaging.[wp-shopify-product id=”7637280162043″]

Microbeads in the Products

Not just plastic from the packaging, but the products contain microbeads. When using products containing microbeads, countless microbeads go down the sink mixing into oceans and streams. The oceans are already getting affected by plastic pollution directly. And the microplastics are making it worse.

Apart from sea life, humans also consume microplastics. Yearly, the typical person gulps around 70,000 microplastics. It means about 100 pieces of microplastic per meal.

Animal Cruelty is Heartbreaking

Isn’t it depressing that the products you use look good and feel pretty torturing the animals? Yes, animal testing is still a reality today. Would you believe 80% of countries still allow cosmetics to be tested on animals?

As a result, 100 million animals are allergens that often make them suffer and die. It is not only cruel and pointless but also pollutes the atmosphere.

Don’t you want to stop animal cruelty and leave them to live peacefully on earth? The simple way is to shun animal-tested cosmetics and switch to cruelty-free ones.[wp-shopify-product id=”7906971975931″]

Ocean Chemical Pollution

The fact that 70% of cosmetics end up in landfill unfinished is horrible. That’s about right. Think about the chemicals used in the products seeping into the ocean and killing the ocean life. Even the stunning coral reefs are getting affected.

The main culprits of damaging aquatic life are parabens and triclosan used in sunscreens, shampoos, and lotions. They even get marked as endocrine disruptors and linked with cancer. Further, removing these chemicals is tough once these chemicals enter our water bodies. Even the sewage treatment can’t get rid of these nasty buggers.

Creates Water Waste

Although water is a safe and natural component, the boastful use of natural resources is troubling. But the beauty industry uses water in massive amounts. Making the resources dwindle even more.

Everyone knows water is necessary for life on the planet. Are you aware of the water depletion? UN says that 52% of the world’s population will live in water-stressed regions by 2050. How sad is that?[wp-shopify-product id=”7883095834875″]

Parting Note

You look pretty with cosmetics. But there is also not so pretty side to cosmetics. Though, you can bring change. How? Shift to organic and natural beauty products. Luckily, the market and some companies are changing too. And Clean beauty is a thing now.

Start reading the labels. And the list includes ingredients filled with words you don’t know – stay away from them. Femica understands its responsibility too. And it doesn’t list stuff making the planet cry on Femica Beauty Products categories.

Explore the website and see for yourself.

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