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Top Skincare Products Everyone Should Know About

Everyone has a different skin type, and each skin type requires a different skincare regime for youthful and flawless skin. Regardless, there are a few essentials that you must incorporate into your skincare routine for healthy, beautiful skin.

Wondering what these are? Keep reading!

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1. Riyo Herbs Blackhead Eliminating Scrub

If you have stubborn blackheads, you probably feel like you’ve tried every skin care product under the sun, but nothing seems to work. Well, the Riyo Herbs Blackhead Eliminating Scrub might be the answer to your prayers. This powerful scrub comes with mild walnut beads and bamboo charcoal, which absorb excess oil and unclog pores. It tops the list of Femica skincare products for blackhead removal. Your skin will look fresher and more radiant. Are you ready to say goodbye to those pesky blackheads and whiteheads for good? Add Riyo Herbs to your skincare routine!

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2. Clensta Face Serum With 2% Alpha Arbutin & 1% Hyaluronic Acid

This acne repair and skin reviver face serum is quite the multitasker. Not only does it help correct acne marks, dark spots, and pigmentation, but it can also be used for makeup removal. It works like a skin care cream for oily skin, providing multi-level hydration and skin-repairing benefits. Plus, it’s infused with Alpha Arbutin, Hyaluronic Acid, and Red Aloe Vera. Grab yours from Femica India now!

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3. Lacuna Light Radiance Polish Clay Mask

Is your skin looking dull? Tired of feeling like your cheeks are as dry as the Sahara Desert? Your worries can rest! This 3-in-1 mask is here to save the day. In just a few minutes, the Lacuna Light Radiance Polish Clay Mask will have your skin looking brighter and feeling smoother. Glycolic acid, pineapple, and red algae work together to eliminate excess oil, fade blemishes, and even out skin tone.

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4. Riyo Herbs Water Cream

Moisturisers are probably the most essential skincare item. Try the RiyoHerbs Water Cream moisturiser – a powerhouse product enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamins E and C. It has sea minerals that help to refine skin texture, reduce fine lines and restore firmness. And because it’s suitable for all skin types, anyone can enjoy the benefits of this product. So why wait? Let your skin have the nourishment it deserves; add it to your morning skincare routine today.

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5. Riyo Herbs Aqua Restoration Hydrating Tonic Mist

The Aqua Restoration Hydrating Tonic Mist is not your average toner. Not only does it have a unique blend of natural ingredients, but it is also alcohol-free, which makes it an ideal choice for a daily skincare routine for glowing skin. The combination of grapefruit, mulberry, aloe vera, and green tea extract helps to hydrate the skin and give it a whitening effect. Additionally, lavender and liquorice help to soothe and calm the skin. Moreover, this toner is gentle enough to use daily and helps maintain the skin’s pH balance. As a result, it prevents breakouts and leaves the skin looking and feeling its best.

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4. Dot & Key Sunscreen Spray

Let’s face it – you know that sunscreen is a vital product if you want your skin to remain healthy for longer, and yet, you skip it. Dot & Key makes it easier by creating this sunscreen spray. It quickly penetrates the skin to prevent sun damage without the stickiness or unpleasant white residue on the face, making it a great beauty skincare product. Plus, it offers broad-spectrum protection against UV, IR, and blue light, making it perfect for outdoor and indoor use. And it has a refreshing green tea and orange mandarin fragrance that will leave your skin feeling and smelling great. However, the product is not recommended for oily, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.

5. Dot and key Retinol Night Cream

Introducing Dot & Key Retinol Night Cream, the perfect solution for all your anti-ageing woes! Formulated with the goodness of nature and the brilliance of science, this cream is made with Retinol and Vitamin C to remove pigmentation and dark spots. It also includes hydrating Hyaluronic acid and moisture-boosting ceramides, making it the perfect choice for those with dry skin. So why wait? Get your hands on this wonder cream today and say goodbye to your early signs of ageing! [wp-shopify-product id=”7722540400891″]

Try using Femica skincare products for your skincare steps to achieve tight and youthful skin.


1. Is this suitable for all skin types?

Yes, most of these products are suitable for all skin types. However, the Dot & Key Sunscreen Spray is not recommended for oily skin. Please read the product description before purchasing to ensure it is suitable for your skin type.

2. What is the best product for brightening skin?

The Lacuna Light Radiance Polish Clay Mask is a great option for brightening skin and evening out skin tone. It has glycolic acid, pineapple, and red algae to soothe your skin.

3. How often should I use these products?

Depending on your skin type, you can use some of these products daily and others as needed. Please refer to the product description for more information about how often each product should be used.


Skincare can get overwhelming, with the vast information and plethora of products available. Start with a few essential items if you’re new to skincare, like moisturiser, exfoliator, sunscreen and cleaner. Invest in a top-notch serum if you want to take your hydration game further. You can add a daily night cream or retinol serum 2-3 times per week to help with early signs of ageing. Grab your essentials and begin your skincare journey now!

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