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A ‘Real Future’ Together in The Books for Zendaya And Tom

A ‘Real Future’ Together in The Books for Zendaya And Tom Holland

Audiences lost all hope when Spider man: No Way Home ended with MJ forgetting who Peter Parker was. But Tom Holland and Zendaya don’t seem to disappoint fans with their real-life romance. “I can’t wait to be a dad!”, said Tom in an interview with People. Ahem, is that a hint for Zendaya?

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Whether or not there is a future for Tom and Zendaya’s on-screen pair, there’s definitely something brewing for the long term in real life. With humble beginnings, Tom Holland and Zendaya age like fine wine. Who knew this was the Disney and Marvel cross-over we all needed?

Tom Holland & Zendaya Are Allegedly Planning A Future Together

While the couple started their journey as co-stars in Spider man: Homecoming, there was already love in the air. However, their producer Amy Pascal indeed warned them against it.

In a New York Times interview dated 17th December 2021, Pascal quotes her exact words to Tom and Zendaya, “Don’t go there. Just don’t.” But there must be a cupid’s touch on that Spider man set – every pair falls in love! Take the Tobey-Kirsten relationship or the Andrew-Emma era.

Zendaya and Tom Holland Share a Passionate Kiss Years After Denying Romance

The public eye finally caught the Euphoria actress and Unchartered actor sharing an intimate kiss in their car in Los Angeles in July 2021. Causing a stir among fans, all social media and newspaper fronts displayed their blooming love the next day.

But what’s next for this celebrity couple? It looks like they see a ‘real future’ together. Looks like this relationship is more romantic than the Tom Holland birthday wishes we saw on Instagram for his MJ.

Tom Holland and Zendaya prefer a private lifestyle. In an interview with GQ, Holland said, “We sort of felt robbed of our privacy.” when the paparazzi photo came out.

We know how much Tom loves Zendaya from how he respects her privacy and opinion. When probed about their relationship, Tom refused to take it on as ‘his’ story without Zendaya’s two cents. The Avengers Endgame actor said, “It’s not a conversation that I can have without her. You know, I respect her too much to say. This isn’t my story. It’s our story. And we’ll talk about what it is when we’re ready to talk about it together.”

Zendaya, on the other hand, shares a mutual opinion with Tom on this. However, the actress always appreciated Tom publicly whenever she got a chance. In 2017, the Shake It Up celebrity told Variety, “He’s (Tom) literally one of my best friends.” Well, this is one friends-to-lovers trope everyone’s rooting for!

Ever since their relationship went public, Tom Holland and Zendaya have been more candid with each other in their interviews. While spinning the wheel with Seriously, said, “You farted on my legs, good times.” Of course, fans respect their privacy, but these are the cheesy moments we’re all living for!

As for Tom Holland- he cannot focus during an interview whenever Zendaya is around. During the premiere of Spider Man No Way Home, Tom was distracted during an interview with ET. Why? Because his queen Zendaya had just arrived on the red carpet. He had the broadest smile as the audience hooted.

Tom Holland and Zendaya also appreciate each other’s impact on their growth. Tom told British GQ how Zendaya helped him elegantly deal with the spotlight. He shared, “Talking to Zendaya helped me a lot actually.” Well, we can all agree it did. And that’s not all. Zendaya was awarded with the Emmy for Lead Actress starring in a Drama Series.

As fans, we speculate Tom-Zendaya boyfriend and girlfriend era may soon turn into something more long-term. When you care about being there for each other’s big moments, you know it’s real. That’s why the Euphoria actress texted Tom Holland about winning the Emmy because he couldn’t make it!

It’s evident that both Tom and Zendaya make wise lifestyle and career choices. Fans are now only hoping they take their relationship one step ahead and imagine a real future together!

Tom Holland, Zendaya, And Jacob Batalon Take A "Spider-Man: No Way Home"

To end on a sweet note, here’s a fan comment under Tom and Zendaya’s video on BuzzFeed Celeb’s YouTube account.

“Zendaya holding Tom’s hand for a second and calling him sweetie is everything I’ve needed and more.” Well, we agree!

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