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Thrift stores

Online Thrifting: Gen Z- Approved Thrift Stores That Are Worth the Hype

Pre-loved clothing is not a new phenomenon in India. We all cherished the clothing, toys, books, and other belongings our older siblings passed down to us as children. The only distinction is that it was never referred to as “thrifting.” Let’s find out Gen Z- Approved Thrift Stores That Are Worth the Hype!

thrift stores

The narrative has changed over time, and the growing thrifting culture has undoubtedly revolutionized the Indian market. You can’t ignore this change that has swept the fashion world and social media, whether you love it or not.

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If you want to know more about thrifting and the most popular thrift stores, dive right into the article.

Thrifting at a Glance

Thrifting is buying previously owned, repurposed, or upcycled goods (mostly fashion) from thrift shops.

thrift stores

For all the right reasons, thrifting has emerged as the new cool among millennials and Gen Z in India. Because what’s not to like?

The acceptance of thrift stores was limited before. However, the fact that there are so many thrift store pages on Instagram is evidence that the practice is becoming very popular. Low prices are the main driver of the phenomenon, although attention to sustainability is also helping it.

If you want to buy upcycled, used, or vintage clothing, check out some of these Gen-Z-recommended thrift stores online.

#1 Panda Picked

If you love the current trend of corsets and bodices, then this store is for you. Panda Picked offers an intriguing format for selling lingerie, corsets, knits, tweed shorts, and skirts for women.

You must remark on the item and submit a claim before you may order a piece. If chosen, your name will appear in a reply as tagged. Each of you will then have 15 minutes to claim your item and make a payment. Alternately, observe it being offered to the next bidder—a real finders-keepers scenario, but one worth a try.


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#2 Bombay Closet Cleanse

Two sisters, Alfiya Khan, and Sana Khan started the Bombay Closet Cleanse as a modest garage sale. They now run it as a thrift store. 

From their physical store in the Indian market, website, and Instagram account, they bring you items from all over the world. Their efforts to lessen and stop trash from ending up in landfills include collaboration, organizing pop-up shops, fundraising, and producing repurposed apparel. Making circular fashion a way of life and enhancing the worth of your wardrobe are this store’s two primary goals.

In addition to selling vintage clothing that are gender neutral, they also hold 100% charity sales, where all proceeds benefit a cause. Sustainability and charity together in one place- isn’t that great?


#3 Bygone Echoes

For those who like the boho vibe, this Instagram shop is ideal. On social media, Bygones Echo maintains a simple design approach with a model-free presentation of its clothing. Various coordinated sets, flowy button-down shirts, antique tops, and dresses for women are available.

Additionally, they have a page specifically for guys where they provide used, printed men’s jackets and shirts.


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#4 Vintage Laundry

This vibrant thrift shop screams colour and striking designs. Keeping with the store’s name, the items for sale have a retro feel. The Vintage Laundry was started in February 2020 by a Mumbai-based stylist. 

The lockdown prevented her from physically seeing the suppliers, so she was forced to shut it down for two months.

thrift stores

She restricted the collection and only dropped five outfits each week, even after the government eased the limitations post-pandemic. She now releases about 30 items per week.

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To Sum Up

So, this was our top 4 of the most popular Gen- Z approved thrift stores on Instagram. 

Thrifting helps you save money and provides you with the newest styles and rarest finds. It is a more ethical lifestyle choice than making a new purchase. [wp-shopify type=”collection” id=”401672700155″ limit=”4″  url-type=”shopify” thumb-size=”default” ]

Investing in long-lasting, high-quality used apparel while shopping in India can also ensure that your contribution to the economy and the environment is genuine.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit these stores and start shopping for clothes before they become sold out. Happy shopping!

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