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5 Biggest Makeup Mistakes Everyone Makes on Their Wedding Day

No other occasion in a man and woman’s life comes close in terms of its grandeur to the blessed wedding union. If you’re also a bride-to-be, you undoubtedly wish to put your best foot forward for this event, whether it’s a big fat destination wedding or a document signing at the courthouse. 

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However, choosing the right bridal makeup can be as tricky (if not more) as finding the right outfit. The challenge is to look your best and maintain that look throughout the day with hundreds of photo shoot sessions lined up. 

To help you avoid the common bridal makeup woes, listed below are the top five mistakes to steer clear of. 

1. New Look Experimentation 

There are typically 365 days a year to experiment with new makeup looks, but your wedding day should never be one of them! This is because a lot is at stake on your big day, and experimentation can go wrong.

Bridal makeup

The aim is not to follow the latest beauty trends but to rock a look you’re confident in. Ensure you look and feel yourself, just a bit more glamorous version of it. Have clear conversations with your makeup artist regarding the look you wish to go for.

Play it a little safe, and don’t go overboard with the makeup application. If your makeup artist insists upon an overtly bold look that you’re unsure about, define clear boundaries and stick to it – it’s your day, after all!

2. Foregoing Makeup Trials 

The wedding season is rushed and often chaotic. Naturally, your makeup artist will also have several appointments and clients to attend. Would you dare bypass the bridal outfit trial?  [wp-shopify-product id=”8006982009083″]

Then, follow the same rule for your makeup! Yes, it will cost more, but that is oh-so-absolutely worth it. It will save you many (negative) surprises and heartache on that big day. Make sure to get a proper makeup trial done at least three months before the event. 

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This will leave sufficient room to make changes to the final look should the need arise. 

3. Not Investing in Waterproof Makeup 

Weddings are as much occasions to shed tears as they are events to share broad smiles and love. And the former process is notorious for smudging the beautiful bride’s makeup, especially the eye makeup.  

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Also, you’re likely to feel hot and sweaty under the heavy bridal outfit and pounds of jewellery. This is especially true of summer outdoor weddings. So, plan and invest in waterproof makeup, or you might need your sister to run after you, frantically wiping off the blotchy foundation or runny mascara!

4. Paying No Heed to Body Makeup  

Even the best makeup products for the face cannot “make up” for the lack of touch-ups to other body parts such as the neck, chest, and arms. Ever cringed at celebrities with their faces all white and dolled-up whilst their neck and arms are a stark contrast (sometimes three shades darker!?

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You don’t want such a makeup malfunction on your big day! Discuss this with your makeup artist and ensure they are skilled at touching up the chest area, neck, and back to match the skin tones. 

Finally, let’s reiterate the importance of that makeup trial which will help cement the details that ensure you glow like you should on your wedding day. 

5. Putting on the Wrong Lashes 

If false eyelashes are a part of your bridal makeup (and they are in most cases), ensure you do not opt for the most convenient or cheapest option available. The last thing you want is your fake lashes coming off mid-ceremony or having hair clumps sitting not-so-gracefully atop the lids!

So, ensure the lashes you pick are high-quality material and so is their glue. Finally, the lashes should be suitable for your eye shape, so don’t forget to take your makeup artist’s help.

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1. What is the eyebrow makeup disaster many brides face?

Eyebrows play a crucial role in shaping the face. Overdoing them will make your face appear unshapely, thereby throwing off the look entirely. It is best to professionally have your brows done at least a week before the main day.

2. What is the ultimate bridal skincare routine?

As per experts, the ultimate bridal skincare routine would involve using a soap-free face cleanser followed by a face serum. Brides-to-be are also advised to apply moisturiser at least two to three times a day and exfoliate the skin at least once a week. Follow this regime at least three months before the wedding, and don’t make any changes midway. [wp-shopify type=”collection” id=”403230490875″ limit=”4″  url-type=”shopify” thumb-size=”default” ]

3. Is it necessary to carry an emergency kit to the main event?

Yes, and most responsible makeup artists will do that. Regardless of how smudge-proof or long-lasting the makeup is, carrying essentials to the events is a must. Touch-up needs are common, and if it’s a hot summer day, all the more. So, at least carry a small kit that includes blotting paper, lipstick, translucent powder, lash glue, and some soft tissues.

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