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Bridal Hair Care 101: 8 Proven Steps for Long, Thicker Hair on Your Big Day

Your big day is right around the corner. A bad hair day on your wedding can be a deal-breaker.  So, it’s time to kick in some special care for the bride-to-beWhen it comes to brides, hair care is as critical as skin care because it’s your hair that will make you look picture-perfect and beautiful on your wedding day. This is why indulging in pre-bridal hair care treatments at home is necessary to ensure your hair and scalp are in perfect condition for your big day.

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Today, we will take a deeper look at eight steps to have longer, thicker and richer hair on your wedding day.

1. Get rid of dryness

One of the essential ingredients for hair care is oil. Regularly treating your hair with oil is important to be the most beautiful bride. 

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Femica haircare products offer the perfect kind of oil to help with dryness and frizz, the Myra Veda Milk Therapy Hair Oil. This bhringraj-infused hair oil will help you eliminate most of your hair problems. This product is infused with ancient ayurvedic materials with added coconut, cow, goat and buffalo milk nourishment.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7841974649083″]

Your hair and makeup on the big day should be perfect. What better way than to supplement it with a proper hair care routine? Try the therapy oil for more robust, shinier hair. 

2. Hair mask for conditioning 

Hair masks are the real deal when it comes to the moisturization and nourishment of the hair. It is essential if you are learning how to take care of your hair. They help with deep conditioning, promote hair growth, and are an indispensable item for upcoming brides.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7699764740347″]

Femica India has an excellent product for this, the Just Herbs castor + black onion seed hair mask. This anti-hair fall mask comes filled with the goodness of amla, bhringraj, and castor. It significantly helps with reducing hair fall and dandruff and promotes hair growth. Using this, you can get an excellent spa treatment at home and give your hair the necessary care. 

3. External nutrition

To have nice and beautiful hair, it is essential to keep feeding it some nutrients. Anyone following a strict hair care routine must add proper nutrients and vitamins. Supplements are an excellent way to keep your skin and hair healthy from the inside out.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7711854166267″]

Femica India provides you with the Neuherbs Hair care vitamin supplement, which will give your hair the proper nutrition. This unique formula is curated using nine vitamins and eight minerals for perfect-looking skin, hair, and nail. Its unique ingredients help with rejuvenation and deep healing, promoting radiance and hair regrowth. 

4. Shampoo, lotion and scrub 

Femica India has bought you the best hair care products combo, Myra Veda’s Radiance Lock. It is one of the most important and must-have items for any new bride-to-be. The combo consists of  [wp-shopify-product id=”7937281589499″]

  • Hawaiian mud and seaweed scrub
  • Mediterranean white sage hand and body lotion
  • Moroccan argan and blackseed restorative shampoo 

Using this combo, you can achieve the glow of your dreams. The scrub revitalizes your skin and recovers any damage to the pores and dermis. The lotion comes with the goodness of jojoba oil and shea butter for smooth and shining skin. The shampoo adds radiance and strength to your hair with its regenerative properties. 

5. Serum 

One of the essential items of winter hair care is hair serums. They can help add shine, reduce frizz and enhance the hair’s natural texture. [wp-shopify-product id=”7906972139771″]

A bride-to-be must use a good serum for her hair care routine. Serums protect the hair and keep them healthy. The Mamaearth onion hair serum is one of the best products in this segment. The goodness of onions in it will help your hair fight most of its problems, and just a few drops of it will do the job right. 

6. Juice for lusture 

Adding Auric’s Natural ayurvedic juice to your daily hair care routine might be your best decision. This plant-based natural product nourishes the roots and cleanses the scalp for long, bouncy hair. Add this juice to your daily routine and enjoy a healthier scalp and hair. [wp-shopify-product id=”7685792104699″]

7. Brush and detangle 

Before applying shampoo or conditioner, it’s essential to detangle your hair so that the product reaches every part. Massaging your hair while drying helps to add volume to your head.

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Brushing your hair while it’s wet or before you sleep at night might solve your hair fall problem. Use a wide-tooth comb to avoid unnecessary hair fall. 

8. Change your diet 

What goes inside your body says a lot about your physical appearance. Make sure to combine the right amount of protein, vitamin, and biotin to get thicker, longer hair and glowing skin. 

The Last Root

Taking care of your hair is essential. You must follow a suitable hair care routine and take the necessary steps to get lustrous hair throughout.

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1. How often should I massage my hair?

Massaging your hair twice a week using hair oil is an excellent way to strengthen your roots and promote hair regrowth. 

2. What are some organic brands I can try?

You can never go wrong with Just herbs and Disguise cosmetics. They’re made in India using 100% natural, organic ingredients. Disguise is a PETA-approved vegan brand that curates taste with safety. 

3. Which hair oil should I use for reducing frizz?

Hair oil helps to hydrate your hair, and Ginger and onion oil are the most effective when it comes to regrowth and frizz reduction. 

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