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Makeup ideas

Trendy Makeup Looks for Bridesmaids to Rock This Year

The bride and groom undoubtedly are the highlights of their wedding. And as much as bridal blues are a thing, her beloved bridesmaids are often swept under the rug. 

Makeup ideas

Bachelorette party planning and dress fittings are just some of the things concerning a bride’s best ladies. Bridesmaid makeup can be a tough art to master. After all, maintaining a stunning look without stealing the show calls for a delicate balance. 

Now, whether the bridesmaids decide to take charge of their party makeup look or delegate the task to the hands of the pros, it helps to have a photo reference or makeup idea to mimic. Listed below are the top bridesmaid makeup looks trending this wedding season.

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1. Light and Dewy – No More Waiting for the Golden Hour! 

Makeup look

Along the lines of the subtle no-makeup look, the light-illuminating, dewy makeup is all about the proper use of the highlighter. Who doesn’t envy the glass-skin effect that defies natural texture? 

This look will complement a pastel-colored outfit (one for Haldi, perhaps?). To ace this look, you must go light on the foundation and concealer but heavy on the highlighter and blush (pop that damask glow, girl!). 

As for the eye makeup, keep it basic with some mascara, kajal, and a little bit of shimmer eyeshadow. All that is needed is nude-shade lipstick, and you’re good to go! [wp-shopify-product id=”7743909626107″]

2. Glowy and Sultry – The Perfect Paradox

natural Makeup look

Another girls makeup look that is growing in popularity among bridesmaids is the blissful union of dewy and sultry. So, what would this look entail? A glowy face wherein smokey eyes and a bright red lip become the head-turners!

The best way to pair this look would be the iconic Indian bridesmaid dresseslehenga – preferably one with little to moderate embroidery work. You can even match the lip colour with the lehenga if red is outside your comfort zone. 

Set the stage with a matte foundation followed by loose powder to rock this makeup look. The aim is to create a snatched look by contouring the jawline and cheekbones. Finally, add the blush of your choice, highlight well, and set it all with a setting spray!  [wp-shopify-product id=”7995053768955″]

3. Bold Au Naturale – An Anomaly That Pleases the Eye 

Perhaps you’re risk-averse – unwilling to lean toward the extreme of nude makeup looksor go all out and bold. Then, your perfect bridesmaid look is the bold au naturale, where the eyes and the lips again become the main attractions (but with a twist!). 

Tara Sutaria

Think of an eccentric shimmery eyeshadow combination – gold and brown, silver and pink, among others. Similarly, stretch the eyeliner a little further than your regular wing. Define your eyes with a super black kajal and bring it together with waterproof mascara.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7743910379771″]

As for the lips, you can try stepping out of your comfort zone – brick orange, chocolate brown, etc. This makeup look is best suited for a grand wedding, especially as a daytime look. 

4. Fresh and Dramatic – It Doesn’t Get Dreamier Than This! 

Ideal for the final event of the season – the reception – this party makeup look is all about doing a little extra. Think of a long, flowy tulle gown highlighted through rose shimmery eyeshadow and well-highlighted cheeks with a mild blush. 

When it comes to the lips, choose a rich, vibrant colour such as wine red or bright magenta. This will perfectly tie the look, emanating dreamy vibes. [wp-shopify-product id=”6595400171717″]

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1. What are some expert tips for mastering the nude makeup look?

To ace the nude makeup looks, ensure your eyes are bare and apply a light (matte) foundation and a nude lipstick shade. The focus for this look will be the eyebrows, so make them stand out and be well-defined. You can apply a mild blush in a nude to orange shade to complete the look. 

2. What are some trending bridesmaid dresses ideas?

The lehenga choli has always been a favourite pick for bridesmaid dresses. As for the colours, opt for bold ones like wine red or choose subtle hues in warm pastels. You can even wear shararas or unconventional Indo-western outfits to be set apart. 

3. Do bridesmaids always need to colour-coordinate their outfits and makeup?

Not really. In the case of lehengas, you can colour-coordinate the gown while changing the top’s hue. In another case, the entire squad can opt for different outfits in muted tones – saree, lehenga, ethnic gowns, etc. You can even pick two complementary colours that contrast the bridal outfit and stick to them – the possibilities are truly endless! 

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