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Matching Lip Colours and Lehenga Shades: Is It Important?

The wedding season is here. Yaaayy! For any bride-to-be, her wedding day is probably one of the biggest days of her life. It takes months of planning and preparation for everything to go smoothly on the big day. Any beautiful bride-to-be would want everything to turn out in the most fantastic way.

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Your wedding makeup look is one of the most important things because it affects your whole look. The right colours may make you look your best in a few easy steps, but many of the wrong ones can be disastrous.

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So, to decide whether or not you should match your lipstick colour to your lehenga, read on!

Yes, We Said it: Matching Lip Colour and Lehenga Shade is Not a Necessity

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Makeup has undergone a revolution and is no longer limited to the same old colours. Many brides dress increasingly wear off-white or pastel-coloured lehengas instead of the conventional red hue. They are choosing natural makeup and nude lipstick shades over anything glittery.

The bride’s lip colour should complement her clothing and jewellery while also harmonizing the rest of her makeup. [wp-shopify type=”collection” id=”401724047611″ limit=”4″ url-type=”shopify” thumb-size=”default” ]

The primary goal for any makeup artist should be to make the bride seem like their most stunning self. Instead of going with the colour of her bridal lehenga, it is preferable to match the bride’s dress lipstick colour to her complexion, undertone, and personal preferences. 

A bride should always choose to contrast the colours of her makeup and outfit. Some of the tips and examples are further discussed in this article.

1. Every Bride’s Go-To Option, A Red Lipstick

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Big fat Indian wedding ideas for last days. Each function signifies something and holds different importance, be it haldi or mehendi. 

With haldi or kumkum, the colours yellow and red will surely be all around you. Make your appearance glow even more with deep red lipstick if you are sporting a substantial red bridal  lehenga with gold jewellery or a yellow or golden bridal ensemble. [wp-shopify-product id=”7692690161915″]

Let the subdued yellow exude boldness in red tones. Choose a ruby red lipstick from Femica India for your lips if you want a more vivid hue of red. The colour perfectly complements pink, orange, and yellow clothing colours.

2. Play With Your Neutrals

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We adore modern brides choosing unconventionally solid colours for their lehengas, such as teal, aquamarine, and green. [wp-shopify-product id=”7674905919739″]

While choosing the perfect lip colour for such lehengas can be challenging, opting for the nude palette can help keep the entire appearance in check. Select lip colours that go well with all skin tones and have pink and brown undertones. 

Deep pink, red, and brown are the finest colours for a nude eye look.

3. The Most Unconventional of Them All: Peach

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Congratulations on being bold and choosing a colour for which very few brides go. If you wear a white lehenga with floral embroidery on your wedding day ideas, remember that white will always be a popular choice if you enjoy trying new looks.

Choose a vibrant fuchsia pink for your lips to give your appearance the much-needed explosion of colour. You can also choose a deep plum-coloured lipstick from Femica India to make your makeup look vintage.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7963672576251″]

 To Sum Up

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The times when everything had to match perfectly are long gone and buried. Today’s bridal wear and makeup is all about keeping opposing elements in harmony. Brides who have vibrant lips are always admired.

If you’re going to be a stunning bride soon, experiment with your lip colours while paying particular attention to how they complement your skin tone.

You can try choosing one from Femica India. Get all your bridal requirements fulfilled while looking for Femica beauty products.  [wp-shopify type=”collection” id=”401724047611″ limit=”4″ url-type=”shopify” thumb-size=”default” ]


1. How can I maintain an overall balance between all the components of my bridal makeup?

Finding the ideal balance between your lipstick and eye makeup is crucial if you are a bride-to-be. Choose a bold lipstick colour from Femica India, or go for a dramatic eye. It is ideal if either is from a more neutral colour scheme to ensure that your entire outfit is put together.

2. Is it important to match my lipstick shade to my lehenga?

Contrary to popular perception, we don’t think your lipstick colour should match your bridal lehenga. Select a complementary colour that may be a contrast from your clothes, as most lehengas have several colours in them. 

3. Liquid lipstick or Matte lipstick; which one should I choose?

Today, we have many different lipsticks finishes available. Pick matte lipstick if you want a dramatic statement lip. Use liquid lipstick for a softer, more natural look.

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