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how to take care of hair

Are You Also Guilty of These 5 Hair Oiling Mistakes?

Did you know that in Sanskrit, the word “Sneha” literally means ‘to oil’. Is it then a coincidence that oiling and love go hand-in-hand? 

how to take care of hair

Not according to the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, which considers all kinds of oiling, especially the above-neck ritual of hair oiling, to be sacred. This form of self-care is usually practiced before hitting the pillow at night or an hour or two before getting into the shower. 

Do you oil your hair frequently? Then, you’re deriving the benefits of protection from hair damage, healthier hair growth, premature greying, and reduced scalp stiffness, among others. However, these benefits depend on avoiding the most common mistakes associated with hair oiling. This blog discusses 9 of them. 

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1. Overnight Oiling is a BIG No-No!

Yes, the practice that most people usually follow? Don’t do it! The human mind naturally clings to extremes. So, it’s commonplace to think, “The longer I keep my hair oiled, the more of the oil’s benefits I can derive.” [wp-shopify-product id=”7841974649083″]

Nothing could be further from the truth. Leaving hair oil overnight could clog the scalp’s pores and block hair follicles. So, unless the overnight oiling is among your Ayurvedic doctor’s hair care tips, wash off the oils within an hour or two of application, three to four hours at most. 

2. Oiling Oily Hair? Yes and No 

Is your scalp already rich, oozing out its oils despite shampooing? Then, you do not need to oil your hair….like you think you should. How to take care of hair, then? 

In your case, refrain from coating the hair strands directly in oil, as this will clog pores and stop growth. Treat your scalp first and then apply oil mildly – do not go all out with it. Also, oil once a week as opposed to twice in case of dry scalp. 

And how do you know if your scalp is oily? Frequent break-outs, dead skin cell build-up, dandruff, and hair getting oily just a few hours after washing are positive signs. [wp-shopify-product id=”7906972139771″]

3. Showing No Sensitivity to Your Hair’s Sensitive Moments

winter hair care 

Wondering what this could be about? To put it technically – combing your hair immediately after applying hair oil. This rule holds true even for wet hair.

Immediately after oiling (or when the hair is wet), the strands are sensitive. Even gentle combing during these times will lead to hair breakage. To avoid this, comb your hair before oiling. However, you can comb your hair with the hair conditioner on.  

4. Going Overboard with the Hair Massage 

 Does your daily hair care routine involve massaging the scalp? If yes, that’s great because the ancient practice of champi improves blood circulation and strengthens hair from the roots. 

But, you know the drill, right – too much of a good thing is not good? Going by this ancient wisdom, it’s best to not massage the scalp for extended periods. A daily (gentle) massage of 10 to 15 minutes is sufficient to derive its benefits. 

5. Being a Little Too Generous 

hair care tips

No one has ever become poor by giving? But, you might (in terms of hair loss) if you give your scalp more oil than it can handle.

Firstly, this makes the hair-washing process quite tedious. Then, it’s highly likely that all the oil is not washed off in a single session. The problem is the residual oil can dehydrate your scalp and clog its pores. Exceptions can be made for winter hair care tips as the cold steals the skin and scalp’s moisture. 

But, the general rule of thumb is – Extra Oil ≠ Extra Benefits. 

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1. What are some dos and don’ts of hair care?

 Besides the oiling mistakes, some additional tips for maintaining luscious hair include – not washing the hair with hot water, gentle scalp massage for blood circulation, not using shampoos with parabens and sulfates, and conditioning only the ends, not the roots. 

 2. Which foods to consume to maintain healthy hair?

 Your diet will directly impact hair health, so invest in healthy foods such as whole grains, nuts, eggs, spinach and other leafy greens, and superfood seeds such as sunflower and flaxseeds. 

 3. Does stress impact hair health?

 Yes, stress can lead to excessive hair loss. To recover hair loss from stress, apply tonic hair oil, eat a balanced diet rich in protein, massage your scalp daily, and get enough sleep. But most importantly, get to the root of the stress. 

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