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Bridal Haldi Makeup Tips to Rock the Event

For a bride-to-be, Haldi is one of the most important and auspicious ceremonies in the entire wedding. It is the day you receive blessings from all your loved ones to enter a new phase of your life. Needless to say, everything needs to be perfect.

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With all the wedding frenzy and chaos, you may not have time to consult a professional makeup artist. However, you will still look gorgeous and have all eyes on you!

To survive the demands of the wedding season, you do not need extensive hair and makeup routines. Keeping it minimal yet alluring is the new normal, and all you have to know are a few tweaks and tricks to look fabulous for the photographs and make sweet memories. 

Here are some basic bridal makeup ideas for your Haldi ceremony:

Tips for a Haldi Glow

When searching for a Haldi bridal look, there are some steps that you must follow:

  • Choosing a base that can support your skin
  • Applying concealer on your blemishes
  • Bronzing it up to complement that perfect Haldi glow
  • Adding a spark to your eyes with a winged eyeliner
  • A slight blush for good luck!

In addition to these basic steps, here are some other tips to ensure you are good to go:

1. Sunscreen is Your Best Friend!

skincare routine

Sunscreen is essential regardless of the occasion. Haldi ceremonies usually occur during the daytime, and prolonged sunlight exposure can cause irreparable damage to your skin.

Therefore, applying a generous amount of sunscreen, preferably SPF50, on all the exposed body parts, including your face, is a must. [wp-shopify-product id=”7848780726523″]

2. Say Goodbye to Blemishes with Concealer

Most brides go for a natural look for the Haldi ceremony. One way to achieve this makeup tip that is to by using the right amount and shade of concealer to hide your dark circles, spots, and other blemishes. At the same time, ensure it does not look too cakey.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7758032371963″]

3. Neutral Eyeshadows to Keep it Simple

Avoid using bold or dark eyeshadows, and keep it limited to nude shades and light tones. Cream-based eyeshadow sticks are your best bet for that seamless blend. Remember to buy shades that go along with most colours, like champagne, rose gold or gold, as they look fresh and photograph well.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7674906018043″]

4. Blush Rush with Pink Hues

Your Haldi makeup look is incomplete without a bit of pink on your cheeks. Adding a pink blush on your cheek will enhance your natural glow. You may choose a powder blush, gel-based blush or a blush stick and for touch-ups, add some shimmer to highlight your cheekbones. [wp-shopify-product id=”7686756270331″]

5. Pucker up with Some Natural Smiles

The Haldi bridal look for ceremony calls for a light shade of lipstick so that your smile steals all the attention and wedding entertainment instead. Shades like blush nude, Sepia Brown, Toasted Almond, and Berry nude are some of the most common ones that complement any outfit. 

Final Thoughts

haldi makeup look

Colourful lehengas, bright dresses, savvy crop tops, and floral skirts complete a heartwarming Haldi look. Put on matching flower jewellery and a pair of shades to transform your look into a modern bride–to–be.

While you can choose any colour, yellow is an old pal of the Haldi ceremony. This wedding season, coordinate your yellow lehengas, skirts, and dresses with a minimal yet elegant makeup look.

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1. How important is applying sunscreen before starting the hair and makeup for the Haldi ceremony?

Sunscreen is one of the most necessary parts of your skincare routine. Not just for the Haldi ceremony, sunscreen daily protects your skin from sun damage. At the same time, Haldi ceremonies occur in the open during the daytime. Thus, wearing sunscreen or sun protection is not just advisable but mandatory!

2. How do you select the perfect nude shade?

Your skin tone is the most important thing to check before buying a nude shade. For Indian skin tones, shades with warmer undertones work best for brown nudes. Similarly, check for a dusty pink undertone for rosy nudes. However, look for a true nude for brownish undertones rather than corals.

3. What is the best way to do your eye makeup for Haldi?

Most brides-to-be prefer a natural look for the Haldi ceremony and avoid wearing heavy eye makeup. For the eyeshadow, use a nude, pink or pastel palette. You may also coordinate the eye makeup with your outfit and lip shade. Apply winged eyeliner to make your eyes pop.

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