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What To Watch This Weekend

What to Watch This Week? 9 Movies And Tv Shows

Who doesn’t like indulging in some nail-biting and exciting movies or binging on some epic TV shows? Well, the good part is that there are plenty of streaming services available, which makes it so convenient for all the movie and TV series buffs out there. The choice is overwhelming, from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to Hulu and Disney+Hotstar. And with each streaming service offering a unique set of things to watch, scrolling to find the perfect show can take forever!

best movies on netflix

We’re here to save the day if you’ve got trouble finding the right thing to watch. We curated a list of the latest movies and best series on Amazon Prime and Netflix. The list includes a variety of genres, so there’s something for everyone. 

Keep scrolling to see the new movies you must watch this week! 

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 #1 – The Big 4 

This Netflix movie is about a detective investigating the reason for her father’s death. She follows a clue to a remote island, and things take a turn when she finds out about his true identity.

The father was the main leader of a group of assassins. While on the island, she’s being hunted by them. But to get to the real reason behind his death, she has to be on their team. We won’t reveal more, just go check it out! 

#2 – Falling for Christmas

Christmas is right around the corner, and what better way to begin the Christmas celebrations than to watch a holiday movie?

hollywood movies

Netflix has innumerable options, but Falling for Christmas is certainly amongst the top few. Lindsay Lohan plays the main character and while skiing with her boyfriend has an accident.

She is diagnosed with amnesia in the movie and can’t remember who she is. A cabin owner and his daughter take good care of her and try their best help her find her family. [wp-shopify-product id=”7686756270331″]

#3 – Yashoda

This trending movie on Amazon Prime is a Telugu action thriller. It’s about a pregnant woman – Yashoda, who is advised to follow certain things to stay mentally and physically safe. However, when a series of events occur, she risks her well-being for the chance to live on the edge. Yes, it’s super interesting! Do check it out.

#4 – I believe in Santa

Netflix has a lot of Christmas Hollywood movies but this one is definitely a favourite of many. In this one, a couple – Lisa and Tom- have been dating for five months. But, when Lisa finds out Tom is pretty much obsessed when it comes to her most hated holiday, she has to reconsider the relationship.

best netflix series

However, as Christmas approaches, she changes her heart when she learns about the true meaning of Christmas and love.  [wp-shopify-product id=”7841974649083″]

#5 – Private Lesson

This Netflix movie is about a woman posing as a private tutor. She helps coach several students to achieve their life goals but has to get over a few hurdles. Though it’s in the Turkish language, you can watch the English dubbed version and enjoy it.

 #6 – Wednesday

best web series

One of the best Netflix series to watch this week has to include Wednesday. This show is entirely based on the Addams family. Wednesday Addams is a high school student with psychic visions of the past and future. When that gets her in trouble at school, her parents send her to a boarding school called Nevermore Academy.

Here, she is faced with several hardships and has to struggle to search for the truth. Watch to know more! 

#7 – The Recruit

Apart from watching the best movies on Netflix, you could opt for a longer show as well so you don’t have to be sad about its ending so soon! In this one, Noah Centineo is a CIA lawyer tasked to exonerate an asset just three days after joining the academy.

When he stumbles upon a conspiracy involving international politics, he has to navigate through several threats.

#8 – Four More Shots Please!

 new movies

This feel-good show on Amazon Prime is about four women who are best friends from various walks of life. Every season deals with romance, family, work conflicts, and anxieties in modern India. The show recently released its third season and it’s awesome! 

#9 – Half Pants Full Pants

The newest Amazon Prime show is here to make you nostalgic about your childhood. It is set in South India and is about a 7-year-old boy living in the days before technology. He goes on various fun adventures to chase his dreams. 

Which one are you checking out first?

Listed above are the top trending movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. With the start of the holiday season, you surely have some free time on your hands.

Since there are movies from all genres, the whole family can sit together and enjoy them. The little ones won’t get bored, and neither will the adults. For all skincare lovers, put on a face mask of Femica before you begin the movie and enjoy it wholeheartedly.

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