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Bridal hairstyle

Gorgeous Bridal Hairstyles to Rock Your Wedding Looks

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! You are going to be the most beautiful bride this shaadi season. Have you got all your wedding ideas set? 

bridal hairstyle

Usually, everyone is prepared with their outfits and makeup for the big day and other eventful functions. However, bridal hairstyle ideas often go amiss. Alongside that grand Lehenga, your hair is equally important to add that charm.

If you missed figuring out hairstyles, worry not because we at Femica have got you covered.

Here is a list of the best bridal hairstyles to choose from. Come, pick your looks for your locks.

10 Hairstyles to Try This Wedding Season

As a bride-to-be, you must look for Femica hair and makeup ideas. We have just the styles for you to rock your wedding.

1. Traditional Bun and Flowers

wedding hairstyles for long hair

The classic bun and flowers hairdo tops all bridal hairstyles and can never go wrong in any wedding season. What’s best about these floral accessorised buns? They remain intact and do not need frequent touch-ups, which is especially perfect for the main day.

2. Braid Crowns

simple wedding hairstyles

If you want to feel like a queen on your wedding day, a braid crown is the one for you. Here, the braid becomes the accessory itself, and you can make it more shaadi-appropriate with flowers or pearls. Braid crowns are also incredible if you’re looking for curly hair – styles.

3. A Long-Embellished Braid

If you’re fond of long bridal hairstyles, a decorative braid running down your back can be your go-to option. Wedding season is all about some gimmer, which can be added down your braid with a Naga Jadai. Well, there aren’t too many occasions to flaunt this accessory, right? This is the time.

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4. One-sided Fishtail Braid

hair and makeup

Undoubtedly, fishtails are elevated braids that can transform anything plain just with a few different twists of strands. With this, you can claim that beautiful bride from the royal patronage look. It reflects volume, and adding little flowers can make it the perfect option for your Mehendi. [wp-shopify-product id=”7637352644859″]

5. Minimalistic Open Hair

 wedding ideas

Classics unquestionably, take the higher stance, and so does the elegant and effortless open hair. If you are not high on accessories or bridal hairstyles, the minimal middle-parted flowing hair can be your pick for any wedding event. Be it long hair or short, add a maangteeka, and you’ve aced it.

6. Waterfall Braids

Wedding Hairstyles

Sometimes, your flowing hairstyle needs a little touch-up with a waterfall braid. This partially braided style allows you to flaunt the waves and curls while you sway during the Sangeet. Moreover, it is manageable and easily pairs well with all bridal makeup ideas.

7. Puffed Buns

Bridal Hairstyles

A puffed-up crown area followed by a floral bun is a fantastic combination. As a result of the puffed-up front, your hair looks more voluminous and highlights any added accessories. Puff buns with roses are a classic match, especially if you pick flowers to contrast and complement your bridal outfits.

8. The Bun and the Braid

Bridal Wedding Hairstyles

When it comes to the classic Indian bun with a flowing braid, it indeed is the best of both worlds. This is another unmatched traditional wedding day bridal hairstyle that anyone can easily pull off. Add a Matha Patti and fresh gajra, and you’re the perfect bride to be

9. One-sided Loose Curls

bridal makeup ideas

Here’s yet another elegant way to style and enhance an open-hair look. Curly hair styles at weddings are irresistible, all the more when it is ornamented with flowers and accessories on one side. This side-swept hairstyle can fit any function.

10. Voluminous and Accessorised Side-Braid

If you’re planning to show off that length with some accessories, opt for the voluminous side braid. This style, resting down your shoulder, can be changed with varying braiding styles. Use clip-on flowers or pearls to make the accessories stay put. [wp-shopify-product id=”7637352481019″]

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Tying Up the Ends

The wedding season is hectic, with endless plans around outfits, makeup, and hair. But with the range of Femica beauty products and hairstyling ideas, you can let your hair down. Or however you like, really. 

There are endless options – long hair, short, straight, curly, wavy, fringed; you name it. Additionally, all the sparkly hair accessories and flowers make it better.

Coming up with hairstyles every day and lining them with outfits and makeup is easy when you have all the available options. So, which trendy or classic bridal hairstyle are you picking for your special day? [wp-shopify-product id=”7637352546555″]

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1. Which hairstyle is most hassle-free with the veil?

A classic bun and flowers hairdo or a long braid is a safe and manageable pick. Keep it sleek and tucked in with minimal accessories for more comfort.

2. What are some traditional bridal hair accessories?

Accessorising hair styles with fresh flowers like roses, gajra, and baby’s breath are common. Besides, you can opt for clipped pearls, flower pins, matha pattis, naga jadai, and rhinestones. 

3. How to keep an updo in place?

Spraying with light hold products like hairsprays and styling with gel keeps your hair in place. It also keeps away frizz. 

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